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Tribute Automotive agents, NuBodi  Automotive, has appointed an agent of their own, in the shape of Malcolm Badger’s Automotive Nostalgia operation based in the North East in Thornaby-on-Tees who will provide builds, part builds and kit packages for the BMW Z3=-based, California drophead and Coupe. 

Malcolm is also Northern agent for Healy Designs and will provide the same services for NuBodi. Kit packages cost £3995 for the soft top version with the Coupe at £4995 with ful builds from £18,995.

More information from www.automotivenostalgia.com or 07498 458 331 ENDS.


Keep your car, caravan or motorbike topped up with the new range of Solar Power Battery Maintainers by Halfords.

This clean, green energy solution keeps your battery levels topped-up and helps reduce power drain from onboard electronics.

All you need to do is put the solar panel somewhere where it’ll get some light and connect the lead to your car’s 12v cigarette lighter plug or directly to your battery with the clips provided.

The Halfords range of Solar Power Battery Maintainers retail from £15 to £39 and are available at all Halfords stores and via Halfords.com ENDS.


Australian chassis specialists, SuperPro has released a versatile new range of fully adjustable anti-roll bar (ARB) links in varying lengths and fitments. This portfolio fits most tuner, road and race cars, offering owners and builders the chance to optimise the operation, efficiency and appearance of either OEM or uprated anti-roll bars.

This product solves several problems for tuners and enthusiasts. Firstly, due to the links being stiffer and having greater integrity than most OEM parts, they ensure that the forces of load transfer created during cornering are transmitted into the bar itself, rather than being lost by bending the links. The More >


On the track, where function is as important as form, the Wolfram Pro-Lite performs on all levels. The wheel is already in use on vehicles competing in various race formulae throughout the UK and Europe including the Italian Time Attack series and the Hyundai Coupe Cup.

The multi-spoke Wolfrace TrackReady Pro-Lite is now available in a race-friendly 9.0x17in weighing just 9.5kg. Thanks to Wolfram’s own in-house engineering capabilities, this wheel can be machined to customer requirements.

PCD can be adjusted from 98mm to 120mm and offset range is 15 to 45, great news for those requiring a bespoke fitment.

Pro-Lite is supplied with two More >


Need more leg-room in your kit, classic or race car? Want a better view of the instrument panel? The new B-G Racing Eccentric Steering Wheel Spacer provides both by either raising or lowering the steering wheel to improve driver comfort and/or provide clear line of sight to the instrument panel.

The spacer comes pre-drilled with a 6x70mm PCD bolt pattern, which is suitable for most aftermarket hub kits and is produced from high quality aluminium with an elegant black anodised finish and features a laser etched ‘B-G’ logo. It is simple to fit using the screws provided and comes with a More >


Webcon has introduced a Universal Throttle Wheel kit to suit the ever-popular Weber 32/36 DGV/DGAV and 38 DGAS/DGMS carburettors.

Part number LP4026 is superbly made in the UK to Webcon’s extremely high quality standards and will allow the installer to connect a car’s throttle cable to the Weber carburettor regardless of the installation.

LP4026 includes throttle wheel, cable clamp, return spring and outer cable support and is priced at £33.01 inc VAT.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world with more details from 01932 787 100 or www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.


Alongside Stuart Mills at MEV, one of the most prolific kitcar designers around at the moment is Chris Welch of Tribute Automotive and he really doesn’t hang around when it comes to creating innovative, original and ‘inspired-by’ designs cleverly using donors that are affordable and suit the projects perfectly.

Not one of his current NINE models (eleven really if you include two soft-top derivatives of fixed-heads) should cost you more than £7000 to build including purchase of the donor car. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Chris is a real character and has a superb and razor sharp sense of More >


Every week brings new products, it seems, from Car Builder Solutions, with every one a winner. They’ve just released a new range of smart, flush-fitting machined alloy push-button warning switches that are incredible value at just £6 each inc VAT.

Branded equivalents, that CBS also stock in volume cost three times as much as these but if you want that certain look but are on a budget these are the switches for you.

Available in stealthy black or aluminium-look they will service most functionality requirements including ‘neutral’, oil warning, brake fluid warning, fan warning and even seat belt warning. They are all More >


New from Merlin Motorsport are these aluminium hose-joiners specially created for marrying-up silicone hoses.

A wide range of aluminium tubes with a bead on each end to join lengths of silicone radiator or turbo hose are available with no fewer than seventeen outside diameters and five standard lengths available.

Merlin has an on-site pipe-bending room and are equipped to bend and bead hoses into elbows or whatever angles you require. Tube can also be supplied in one-metre lengths and if you cut and return them to Merlin with details on faces and beads required they’ll do the job for you. Very helpful More >