When replacing the starter on a Mini that was built before the change to pre-engaged starters in 1984/5 it’s vital to obtain the right parts.

The inertia starter needs to have the correct nine-tooth pinion and this is rarer than the ten-tooth type used on other British Leyland cars such as the Sprite, Spitfire and Mini Metro; these often get fitted to Minis as they’re cheaper, but doing so can ruin the ring gear or the bendix teeth.

It is also important to obtain the correct solenoid. Early Minis had the type with a push-button, which was useful for turning the engine More >


The kitcar-mad vet, and all-round good bloke, Ed Morton, he of Pie Valley Buggies has just got his MGF-based Minx beach buggy through the IVA test and is now working on his next project, a similarly-based Nova.

Everyone loves the Richard Oakes-designed Volkswagen Beetle-based stalwart and like me Ed rates the MGF as a donor highly, while we also share the view that the Nova itself still has plenty of mileage left in it. Put the two together and he could have a winner on his hands!

Unsurprisingly, Ed is using a version of his Minx chassis and the MGF donor as More >


Centaur Industries has introduced their first insulating coatings for heat and sound aimed at the specialist vehicle market. The products are intended for both the professional installer and people who enjoy working on their own vehicles.

‘We’re really excited about these products,” said Martin McDermott, Centaur managing director.

“Not only do we believe that they have some significant advantages over other products currently available, such as ease and speed of application and weight, but they’re also water-based and non-toxic,” he continued.

Hushcoat is an elastic coating that reduces noise in vehicles by damping vibration and includes additives that turn it into barely detectable heat. More >


New from Edelbrock and available at Summit Racing are these new Cross-Ram LS3 Intake Manifolds, which have a unique dual-plenum design with 13in runners with flanges that accept two 90mm GM LS3 throttle bodies.

Thist makes them ideal for a twin turbo or a dual-plate nitrous oxide system. A 416 cubic inch LS3 with OEM cylinder heads, dual 90mm throttle bodies, and an LS3-Cross-Ram intake made a very healthy 620bhp with and 584lb/ft of torque in recent Edelbrock dyno-tests.

Other features include:

  • 1500-7000rpm powerband
  • Designed for use with LS3, L92, and L76 rectangular port cylinder heads
  • Choice of red or black powdercoated plenums
  • Silver powdercoated manifold
  • Fuel rail More >


Whether sparkling new or falling apart, drivers can now give their motor a makeover and ensure they get noticed with new sky blue alloy wheel protectors from AlloyGator.

The latest addition to the AlloyGator range allows drivers to stylise their vehicle to their personal taste while also protecting their valuable alloys from unsightly and costly scuffs and scrapes.

“Like your home or outfit you want your car to express your individual style and show off your personality, with our new sky blue AlloyGators you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd”, said Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator.

“AlloyGators are the perfect More >


Designed to fit within the robust Blackline seven drawer roller cabinet, these new tool trays will be a cool way to help keep your tools together. Each tray (545mm x 395mm) occupies one third of each roller drawer, allowing the user to select those tools most useful and then position those tools in the selected ideal position.

New from Rally Design are these new tool modules, which include ¼in, ¾in and ½in drive sockets, Hex keys, screwdrivers, ring and combination spanners, pliers, hammers, flexi-line clamps and measuring/cutting tools.

All the tools are part of the Blackline concept of professional quality tools at More >


The traditional workshop trolley jack can be cumbersome and very heavy, but it also takes time to jack up a vehicle. Introducing the new pneumatic jacks from Lasers Tools — light weight, easily manageable and super-fast! Two versions available, the two-chamber model (part number 6530) has a maximum height of 430mm, and the three-chamber model (part number 6531) goes up to 550mm, both with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes.

Connect to the workshop air supply and you will have even the lowest vehicle lifted in seconds. Saves all that strain of pumping away at a trolley jack — the pneumatic More >


Original JBA Falcon Sports was lower, smaller and sportier-looking

JBA Motors arrived on the scene several years ago with their new take on the Falcon theme, with BMW donors and a beautifully built demonstrator that impressed me greatly when I drove it for a feature in TKC Mag in 2012.

Since then they’ve kept things low-key, mainly due to Bill Willcock being busy with his recycling machine business, although a steady flow of Falcon kits has kept the moulds ticking over.

In case you are unaware the original JBA Engineering operation was based in Lancashire and run by a wonderful pair of characters More >


Latest superb Cobra parts to added to Hawk Cars’ inventory are these glorious original-type cast iron exhaust manifolds as used on the original 260/289 Cobras.

Hawk boss Gerry Hawkridge has been tooling-up for a growing number of obsolete or rare as hens teeth components, adding in improvements and upgrades along the way.

His new manifolds cost £188.10 inc VAT with more information from or 01892 750 341 ENDS.


Suitable for all automotive applications but especially useful for classic car owners and kitcar builders, this new cable tie and accessory kit from Gunson Tools (part number 77140), offers a versatile selection of cable ties and mounting tabs that will ensure neat and professional looking cable and harness installation.

The selection includes fifty of each size of cable tie: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 230mm; ten each of panel fixing cable ties, 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm (these are simply plugged into a suitable hole in the panel); ten each of the 4.8mm x 200mm More >