A great addition to your tool collection is this set of mini-ratcheting spanners. I’ve been trying out this set from Proxxon with pleasing results.

Seven spanners are included in the powdercoated dark green box ranging from 8mm-19mm.

I like their feel in the hand and they have a steel shaft with durable nickel-plating and a matt finish.

The ratchet mechanism features 72-teeth and has worked well for me in our workshop thus far. Recommended

The set is priced at £53.96 inc VAT and to find your nearest Proxxon retailer call 03332 406 967 or visit ENDS.


In response to customer demand Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of Air Horns fitted with a coo, mesh element, which will help keep stones and other crud out of your engine as well as looking cool! The horns are beautifully-machined from lightweight aluminium to ensure a perfect fit and the mesh guarantees an authentic ‘period’ look while ensuring that larger pieces of debris are prevented from entering the carburettor.

The new Webcon mesh airhorns are available as follows:

For 40 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies AH4016G 16mm AH4030G 30mm AH4060G 60mm

For 45 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies AH4516G 16mm More >


New EXO Sleeve from DEI offers your wiring, hoses and oil, brake and transmission lines not one but three, levels of protection.

At the centre, sitting next to the loom, line or hose to be protected, is a layer of high temperature resistant braided glass material woven into a sleeve. This protects from continuous, direct heat up to 500°F and up to 2000°F intermittent heat. It also provides a soft cushion that protects the line from impact, abrasion and shrap objects.

The inner braided glass core is surrounded by a 100 per cent silicone rubber coating that protects against water and damage More >


AB Performance and Aries Motorsport were at Stoneleigh with a combined stand and what a stand it was too. It featured representations of their ranges including the Flying Vicar, Reverend Gary Gotham’s road-legal AB Arion (in Greek mythology, an immortal horse) and Aries Loco and Sabre.

AB Typhon – coolio

New on the stand was the AB Typhon (a giant and most deadly creature in Greek mythology), which uses the underpinnings of the full-bodied Arion and was shown in rolling chassis form. It represents the top of the shop as far as components and quality are concerned with power coming from the More >


Pilgrim Motorsports had a large stand at Stoneleigh this year featuring some superb cars. They’ve teamed up with motoring journalist and co-presenter of TV show, CAR SOS, Fuzz Townshend and Dave Tassell of TO-TA on a limited-edition Speedster SSS model, of which just ten will be built.

Featuring a lot of special touches and available in either silver grey or dark blue, the SSS will cost from £39,995.

Pilgrim boss Paul Bennett (left, with Fuzz Townshend (centre) and Dave Tassell of CAR SOS

More information from or 01273 493 860 ENDS.


MK Indy back in production

Great to see the return of MK Sportscars last weekend now part of Essex-based Kit Car Direct. The Ford-based Indy RR remains available with kit prices starting at £2999 for Module 1 (offering a hefty saving of £780 if you bought the parts individually). The RR uses the spaceframe chassis designed by Dave Flavell several years ago and features inboard dampers.  By being diligent DIY builders can be on-the-road from around £8000, which represents superb value for money.

Debuting at the show was a new Mazda MX-5 variant of the Indy called RX-5, which again features a More >


I was very impressed with the show debut of Bathos Sportscars run by Martin Batho. On the company’s stand was a very tidy-looking Lotus Seven-inspired roadster, called the MB Roadster, although there was more to it than that. Much more.

Martin is a skilled sheet metalworker and his car features glorious-looking aluminium body panels, which I have to say looked stunning. Martin’s background includes spells at Abbey Panels, Martin Robey and XK Engineering.

The kit is priced extremely competitively at £5500 for body and TIG-welded spaceframe chassis unit and the car uses Ford Mondeo Mk3 (2000-2007) donor components. Order one today and More >


Speed3 Automotive debuted their new Metro 6R4 replica at Stoneleigh and very impressive it looked too, even though a last-minute hitch meant that the car had to stay on a trailer all weekend inside the hall.

This didn’t make any difference though as I heard lots of complimentary and positive comments about the new model, known as ‘The Rep’. It features a steel Rover Metro bodyshell, welded-in integral frame, rear mounted Audi V6 engine, Audi transaxle and independent suspension all-round.

We’ll have more information on this exciting new arrival very soon.

More information from or 01388 205 152 ENDS.

More >


I heard from erstwhile RJH Sportscars and Phoenix Automotive Developments boss, Rob Hancock at Stoneleigh that he’s acquired Quantum Sportscars and Quantum Heritage and is bringing them back under one roof and plans to bring the Xtreme model back into production in the very near future.

The GRP specialist will also be able to supply spares for other, older Quantum models like the H4 and 2+2.

We’ll keep you posted as this one develops. In the meantime contact Rob via 07565 956 138 ENDS.


Ex-Sammio founder and hot rodder, Gary Janes, is back with a new operation called Mid Century Re-Creations, with his first project the mid-fifties-inspired Formosa 120 GR.

Find an old Triumph Herald or Vitesse, get rid of the bodyshell, add Gary’s metal support perimeter frame (circa £1000) and his one-piece bodyshell (plus boot, doors and flip-front) for £2450 (intro price) and you have a period-looking budget two-seater that is IVA exempt as it utilises an un-modified Triumph chassis.

More from 07970 636 986 ENDS.