Destined for Stoneleigh 2019, but definitely due for launch this year, is this new Ford RS200 replica from Essex-based RS Retro.

The company’s aim is to build the best RS200 ever made. The car has been designed using CAD and although there will is no donor vehicle per se customers will be able to DIY-build one using off-the-shelf parts.s

Power comes from Ford Zetec and on the demo car that means a fully forged bottom end along with a hybrid turbo, custom inlet and BDA rocker covers.

Kit packages are extremely comprehensive and come in at £19,000 and include the fully powdercoated chassis with More >


This new range of Clarke boltless shelving combines tough steel construction with quick and easy set up for any garage, office, home or more.

Only a hammer is required to assemble these boltless shelving units, allowing for quick and easy assembly. These units feature adjustable shelf heights and can be assembled as a bench or corner unit to making them suitable for any room size.

When assembled, depending on the shelving model weight capacity, the high-quality 6mm chipboard shelves will hold up to 150kg or even 300kg per shelf.

The units come in a choice of colours (red, galvanised, blue, grey or silver) More >


Looking at the latest offerings from Laser Tools, versatility, innovation and unique product development is at the company’s core, and here’s an excellent example: these new Button Connector Pliers (part number 7407) are equipped with an extended flexible cable – and what a difference that makes!

They are designed to quickly remove the button-type quick-connectors found on fuel lines, power steering pipes and other vehicle systems, but the 650mm extended cable means that you can access connectors buried deep in the engine bay, underneath or obscured by other engine-bay components, or otherwise inaccessible to ordinary pliers.

The tool’s specially designed fingers open More >


A new range of 100 per cent brighter xenon HID upgrade bulbs from Ring, the automotive lighting experts, offers drivers with xenon HID technology fitted on their vehicles a better, safer night time driving experience.

Compared to a standard xenon HID, they put up to 100 per cent extra light on the road, to get more illumination exactly where the driver needs it. This improved visibility makes it easier to see hazards, reduces eye strain, and, when combined with the high colour temperature of xenon HIDs, gives excellent reflections from signs and road markings.

Carl Harrison, Xenon HID Bulb Product Manager at More >


Mini Spares has noticed that most of the standard rubber coolant hoses that are available seem to have a much shorter life expectancy than you would want. If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know you don’t want to fit radiator hoses to a classic Mini engine that often! The solution was for Mini Spares to develop its own brand and reinforce it with KevlarÒ- the same material that is used in the army’s ballistic vests and helmets. You can see the KevlarÒfor yourself – it’s the white strands visible at the ends of the hoses.

This has extended the life of More >


Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of anodised aluminium EFi regulators, in a quality anodised finish that complement the blue and red versions already available.

The regulators are technically the same as the existing versions but are visually more appropriate for a ‘business-like’ natural-metal engine-bay theme. They are supplied complete with a mounting bracket and 8mm push-on unions.

Prices as follows:

Pressure Part number 2.5 bar WFR225 £87.49 inc VAT

3.0 bar WFR230 £87.49 inc VAT 3.5 bar WFR235 £87.49 inc VAT 4.0 bar WFR240 £121.47 inc VAT 4.3 bar WFR243 £97.37 inc VAT 4.5 bar WFR245 £121.73 inc VAT 0-5 bar More >


Joining the Comet and Hurricane from Rage Motorsport is an as yet un-named new model, which will follow the Barnsley company’s tried and tested formula of a lightweight buggy with a powerful engine.

Like the Comet R, which is available in kit form the new one also features a Kawasaki ZZR-1400 engine delivering a cool 200bhp meaning that performance will be blistering. I’m told that it will have a name and that pricing will be set within a few weeks.

More from ENDS.


One of my favourite car care brands is CarPro UK and their range features some supreme products covering most aspects of car detailing. Stuff like Iron X, Perl, Hydro2 and Cquartz.

One area that they didn’t have a product was a quick detailer but they’ve just filled that with the introduction of EliXir, easy-to-use, high gloss spray that came about thanks to devout CarPro enthusiasts, budding chemists, who wondered ‘what if’ when they would often mix Ech2o and Cquartz together to create their own hybrid ceramic detailer.

The manufacturer listened and refreshingly came up with a specific product for the purpose in More >


US wheel brand Fifteen52 has gathered a cult following in their homeland ever since being established in 1996. For UK enthusiasts attracted to their styles, it was always a bit tricky to get hold of them, until now.

There’s now a UK outlet based in Crediton, Devon but shipping all over the UK and Europe. Six styles are currently available in a variety of sizes and offsets and the thing about them is, you’ll swear you’re familiar with them, but actually, they are pretty original.

They take some of the best wheel designs ever committed to alloy and mix them up a bit. More >


Cable-Tec is a worldwide control cable manufacturer and cable supplier, providing a wide range of control cables for an even wider range of applications.

Automotive use plays a big part in their activities being suitable for road and motorsport use. Cables are often required quickly, to a bespoke design and therefore produced in small batches. Cable-Tec is geared-up to work within such conditions and requirements.

Their inventory includes cables for clutch, handbrake, gear-linkage, push/pull, throttle and clutch while they also produce gear-shifters and related hardware like clevis pins, ball-joints, clamps and a host of other parts. Most parts can be turned around More >