For all its many plus-points the world of motorsport can at times feel at little po-faced, staid, and whisper it, serious.

The good news is that Speedline Corse (the company’s specialist motorsport division) has set out to make the paddock and service area that bit more vibrant through its latest innovation, a Custom Colour Programme, one which can be applied to any one of the alloys, which make up its expansive motorsport range.

It’s worth taking a little time to inspect Speedline’s motorsport range in greater detail as the likes of the Speedline Type 2120 (the ‘Turini’ to its friends), Type 2118 More >


A brand that I’ve always watched closely is Rage Motorsport. Founded back in the year 2000 by twin brothers, Steve and Adam Gentil, their beautifully-made off-road orientated buggies became the mainstay for many driving experience companies up and down the land – and beyond.

Originally based in Bedfordshire, the company changed hands in 2016 and is now to be found in Wombwell near Barnsley. Although primarily to be found being used on muddy surfaces they have a roadgoing range, too.

In addition, after many years supplying their cars in kit form for the North American market they have decided to dip their toe More >


We’ve all seen these little trailers that can be towed behind your kitcar. Quite frankly most of them leave me cold. However, when Michael Hough’s email pinged into my inbox recently I sat up and took notice.

A pattern maker by trade, with a lot of time spent working and living in The Netherlands, Michael identified a need for a small trailer that could be practical and lightweight and easily towed behind a kitcar or any car, for that matter.

Spend any time driving around in Europe and you’ll regularly see small box type trailers or if you’ve spent any time in More >


Wax Addict is another of the many small car care manufacturers springing up around the UK – all over the country, in fact, although Yorkshire and Scotland seem to be big hotspots.

Wax Addict is one of the Yorkshire-based operations and conceives and produce their own elixirs and potions in-house, with a tip of the hat to pleasing colours if not the exotic smells, often used by others, preferring to let the products quality do the talking.

Beloved by many professional detailers their Fo’Show Spray Wax is brilliant and right up there with the very best of the many available.

Leaving a beautiful More >


Seals + Direct, a leading UK supplier to the automotive industry of rubber and PVC seals and trims, has introduced a new enhanced catalogue, which now includes CAD drawings for most items.

In addition, the technical help section has been updated, improved and expanded, while a material specification table has also been added.

Many new items have been added to expand their already extensive range of seals. These include additions to the ‘Claytonrite’ window rubbers, clip-on edge trims with seals, non-setting butyl glazing tape and sponge seals.

To get your hands on one of the company’s new catalogues either download it from or More >


If you have to get access to a hose clip, or other fixing buried deep in the engine bay, long-reach pliers can be very useful. However, by their very nature, the handles open a greater distance than the jaws. This can be very cumbersome, and for something like a large hose clip, it means using both hands to grip the pliers.

This new range of double-jointed, long-reach pliers from Laser Tools solves the problem. The double-jointed range comprises long nose pliers (part number 6967); flat nose pliers (part number 6968) and a set of side cutters (part number 6969).

In a really More >


Collinite is an American car care brand that has been around for over seventy years and their automotive paste waxes are proven winners.

Their 476S Super Double Coat paste wax has a definite beeswax furniture polish smell to it like the parquet floor in my old junior school, but, by crikey, it leaves a superb level of shine that resists subsequent washing for several months and is a longstanding, reliable winner.

A 9oz tin costs £26.90 and is available from ENDS.


The latest Aeroflow surge tank with twin fuel pumps is capable of handling surge-free fuel for high performance 1000+bhp vehicles.

The 2.5-litre spun alloy Surge Tank Kit has an anodised black finish that will resist corrosive fuels such as alcohol, ethanol (E85) and methanol. The surge tank kit comes with all the necessary adapters to connect the two Bosch fuel pumps (0580254044) to the dual bottom outlets on the tank.

Both pumps are held in a dual EFi aluminium fuel pump bracket that comes with rubber inserts that surround the pumps and dampen any vibrations.

Two CNC-machined EFi fuel pump check valves come More >


Featured on the cover of Sealey’s current Storage & Workstations promotion are the NEW Superline Pro Toolchest & Rollcab Combos.

The Special Black Edition is available in both 27in and 41in widths and is constructed from heavy-gauge steel and manufactured with steel inner walls for extra strength and durability they have a rust and solvent resistant black crinkle effect finish.

Heavy-duty 45mm ball-bearing drawer slides provide superior performance and are suitable for heavier loads. The full height rear locking mechanism locks smooth running soft close drawers in place.

Both topchests and rollcabs are supplied with two folding keys, while the clamshell style topchests More >


Among the various sub-brands under the Car Plan banner is the Wonder Wheels range and a more recent addition to the line-up is Colour Active Wheel Cleaner.

It’s an acid-free product that is suitable for all wheel types including those that are rather sensitive requiring special attention.

I used it on some very dirty wheels and it managed to remove the caked-on mud and baked-on brake dust and didn’t require any manual input. The advanced cleaning process occurs with the aid of an active indicator, which turns the wheel red as it reacts with and dissolves the crud.

Best results occur if you More >