The manual impact driver is a quick and trusted solution for corroded or frozen fixings, for example, over-torqued wheel nuts. The newly introduced Impact Power Bar (part number 6946) from Laser Tools offers advantages over the traditional impact driver.

While keeping your hand well away from the hammer, the 370mm bar places increased leverage on the fastener. Much more leverage than can be applied with a standard impact driver. This keeps the socket or driver bit snug against the fastener and stops rebound so that the full force of the hammer impact is transmitted.

It’s especially useful with smaller fasteners — you More >


New from Better Car Lighting are these compact high-power LED dual colour bulbs that will help alleviate the problems of dull white front indicators.

As Better Car Lighting boss, Gil Keane says: “We all know that cars that signal their intention to slow down and then turn across your path with a white flashing light are dangerous on modern roads and many a swear-box has been filled because of them.

“I brought out my first dual colour white/orange upgrade LED bulb to deal with this problem around four years ago, and asked customers to tell me what they liked and didn’t like, More >


New from Rally Design are these new ‘stepper’ gauges.  The 80mm stepper tacho (0-10,000 rpm) and 80mm speedo (0-180 mph) are uniquely available from Rally Design although like the others in the range offer competitive value for money.

All of the gauges feature Stepmaster electronics, while the edge has a very smart gunmetal finish, with fetching switchable white or orange LED illumination.

The range will be on show on the Rally Design stand (number 4-610) in Hall 4 at the NEC Classic Show, November 10-12, 2017 or visit www.rally design.co.uk or call them on 01227 792 792 ENDS.

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Few styles of wheel have been as popular in recent years as those with ‘bladed’ spokes, with a certain, Ingolstadt-based car maker probably able to take much of the credit for popularising the style. Wolfrace has always been adept at spotting changes in the market and developing related products to suit, which is why the UK’s longest-standing wheel manufacturer can supply the Genesis, a stunning, ‘bladed’ alloy in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and fitments.

The Genesis is dominated by its five-spoke face, with each sporting a prominent twist partway along their length. This twist becomes more pronounced as the More >


ANC Sportscars of Ivybridge, Devon, run by Andy Carwithin is the new home for the MEV Replicar kit package.

Andy, an electrical engineer by trade has built several kitcars including a Tiger Avon and Pilgrim Sumo, as has turned his passion into a career by purchasing the Replicar project.

Based on Mazda MX-5 mechanicals, the Replicar takes its inspiration from the incredibly exotic (£20m if you could buy one) Aston Martin DBR1 and was originally devised by Stuart Mills of MEV.

Andy has no plans to change a winning formula but rather will build on the concept and develop it further as time More >


Handpresso has plenty of gift ideas for coffee loving specialist car enthusiasts.

The Handpresso Pump set is an ideal Christmas present for espresso on-the-go! The Handpresso Pump Set is available in white, silver or black. The case includes the portable espresso machine, a matching thermos-insulated bottle, keeping the water hot for up to four hours and four unbreakable cups.

It is the perfect equipment for an espresso break outdoors with fellow travelers when at a car meet, a car show, trekking, picnicking or mountaineering, you name it. Expect to pay around £150.

More from www.handpresso.co.uk ENDS.


If you take care of your car you will also take care of your alloy wheels, and that means using proper alloy wheel nut sockets when removing or tightening the wheel nuts. However, sometimes clearance can be a bit tight and we certainly don’t want to scrape the edge of the wing with the torque wrench!

These extra-long, alloy wheel nut sockets from Laser Tools (part number 6866) solve this problem. Their 150mm length keeps the torque wrench safely out of the way of the bodywork, and their thin-walled design and protective nylon sleeve looks after both the alloy wheel and More >


Sealey’s LED360 Range promotion is out now and lasts until February 28, 2018, so don’t stay in the dark this winter! The latest additions form part of the Lithium-ion-powered range, which are becoming increasingly popular because of their excellent performance, longevity, universal appeal and ease of rechargeability.

The newest additions will shine brightly, starting with the LED3604 series. These 360° 16-SMD LED + 1W LED Slimline Rechargeable Lithium-ion Inspection lamps are ideal for those difficult to illuminate confined spaces, providing up to 600-lumens through the adjustable rotary switch, and a 1W SMD LED directional torch.

The exclusive patented design is owned by, More >


The new Halfords ‘Up To 150% Bulb’ range is the brightest halogen-type bulb on the market, with a beam pattern 80-metres longer than a standard-type item.

Improved performance is achieved through 100 per cent xenon gas and micro-filament technology and means drivers can see further, react faster and drive more safely. In addition, the colour temperature is up to 3700K for a whiter light than a standard bulb.

The Halfords ‘Up To 150% Bulb 477’ is £39 for a single unit and for £8 they’ll fit your headlight bulb, with no appointment necessary.

More from www.halfords.com ENDS.


With many Classic Mini owners contemplating a winter rebuild, it’s good to know that Mini Spares has introduced a complete block, gearbox gasket and seal kit suitable for all engine sizes and both A+ and Pre A+ engines.

The comprehensive kit even comes complete with a Mini Spares Evolution clutch oil seal, differential oil seals and rigid half-moon seal. Order as part number AJM100MS at just £27.60 inc VAT. (If being used for Cooper S, S diff seals will need purchasing separately as AHU1082).

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit www.minispares.com ENDS.