Edelbrock is excited to announce the AVS2 Series as the next generation of their carburetor product line. The AVS2 carburetor features annular flow primary boosters with a new calibration for improved off-idle and cruising performance.

The annular flow booster design delivers improved fuel atomization to eliminate flat spots that may be encountered when the carburetor transitions from idle to full throttle. Each annular booster features eight, equally-spaced orifices to improve fuel metering from idle to the main. The improved flow metering makes this carburetor ideal for use with a wide variety of small-block and big-block engines with either dual- or single-plane More >


Summit Racing reckons you should dump your belt-driven mechanical water pump because it’s costing horsepower and cooling efficiency.

The power used by a mechanical pump increases by the cube of its speed. When the pump speed doubles, the power it robs from the engine increases by the power of eight, all the way to maximum engine RPM. At idle or very low engine RPM, especially in hot conditions, the mechanical pump is turning over slowly too, so it can’t provide the extra coolant flow required to keep the engine cool. 

A Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump solves both issues. It doesn’t run More >


New from Mills Extreme Vehicles is this new take on their thousand-selling Exocet is the G-type.

Described by MEV-boss, Stuart Mills as being more aggressive, chiselled, contemporary, with the ‘G’ denoting the geometric approach.

The G-type will be officially launched on MEV’s stand at this weekend’s NEC Classic Motor Show (November 10-12) on stand 3-543.

As with the standard Exocet, the G-type is also based on Mazda MX-5 donor and comprehensive kit prices start at £3355 inc VAT.

More from www.mevltd.co.uk or 01623 655 522 ENDS.


Blink, the ultra-affordable, wire-free home security and HD video monitoring system, has just launched its highly-anticipated outdoor camera, the Blink XT, in the UK.

Blink is the wire-free, home security and HD video monitoring system that’s simple to install and runs on two standard AA lithium batteries for up to two-years. Blink video security provides a watchful eye and one-click connection to the home through the free Blink Home Monitor app for iOS and Android devices, allowing customers the ultimate peace of mind when they are away.

In response to customer demand for a weatherproof model, Blink has launched the Blink XT, More >


Wheel nuts and air impact wrenches – strictly speaking an impact wrench is designed to loosen fixings rather than tighten them but with wheel nuts it is very tempting to speed things up by using the impact wrench to refit them, and of course this can lead to over-tightening.

Wheel nuts are safety critical items and should always be tightened with a torque wrench, and aside from the obvious problem that over-tightened nuts (ooer-missus) may be difficult (or impossible) to undo, there is always the danger of stripped threads, or wheel studs and bolts stretching and becoming brittle.

These wheel nut torsion sockets More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this classic-style paper-covered aluminium ducting with 70mm i/d.

This type of product was regularly found on induction and ventilation systems on countless classic cars and can be bent to shape and is easily cut with a sharp knife. It has a maximum operating temperature of 120°c. Six different sizes are available.

More from www.carbuildersolutions.co.uk or 01580 891 309 or 01580 448 007 ENDS.


If you are in need of some Goodridge hoses, brake or oil lines and associated paraphernalia, then Merlin Motorsport, based at Castle Combe circuit, can help.

They are an official Goodridge G-Tec workshop and as a result can tailor-make anything of this nature to your specification as well as one-off adaptors for more unusual applications.

For more information contact www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk or 01249 782 101 ENDS.



Celebrate the birth of VW’s iconic Bus in style with this striking retro-design unisex apron. Made from quality cotton, the neck loop features an adjusting buckle with a matching blue waist-tie so it can be made to fit all shapes and sizes.

There’s even a deep, double-sized front pocket to keep all those kitchen utensils close at hand. In a nutshell, it would be ideal for any VW lover (or any car fan really) that loves to cook or BBQ.

As a fully licensed VW product, the apron carries the VW logo and would make the perfect Christmas gift. Order now for More >


Owners of MG TFs and cars using the same key fob remote transmitter be interested to hear that XPart has addressed the issue of buying new replacements, which are now scarce by finding a supplier with the expertise to manufacture the plastic casing, rubber switch moulding and printed circuit board.

Once they’d found the right partner, XPart invested in new tooling for the assembly of the component parts resulting in a UK-made replacement with an updated circuit board that uses less power.

The fob comes with both Rover (25 and ZR) and MG badges for the owner to unpeel and apply. Part More >


New from Summit Racing are these Zex Nitrous kits.

Add one to your engine and enjoy extra horsepower upwards of 450bhp depending on the system.

ZEX Perimeter Plate nitrous systems provide optimum spray efficiency by placing nitrous and fuel outlets at twelve injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold opening.

A more efficient system means more horsepower. Or have some nitrous-injected fun with a ZEX Safe Shot system. It installs in less than an hour and adds 15-35bhp to most EFI-powered vehicles via a nitrous nozzle fitted into the air intake tube. 

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