Viper Performance has just introduced a new service. They will now make bespoke stainless steel braided hydraulic lines to exact customer specifications.

The lines use the best quality stainless steel fittings as standard, not as a high price optional extra. The stainless steel braiding is encapsulated in a thick PVC cover which is available in a number of colours.

Stainless Steel brake hoses will not swell like rubber hoses and will improve pedal feel, and are extremely reliable lasting up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

Ordering is simple –

1. Specify the length

2. Specify the end fitting for each end

3. Select the colour More >


All classic Mini oil pumps are not created equal! Almost all Mini pumps available today have the same design capacity, but the problem is the lack of precise manufacturing.

Most factories in their quest for production volume have sacrificed precision, but Mini Spares has now restored that precision with their range of special oil pumps. They are CNC-machined from alloy billets with sintered internals and assembled to very exacting standards.

These close tolerance pumps produce consistently high oil pressure even at high rpms (10-litre per minute at 1000rpm). Spare parts are available for this pump and the back plate has an ‘O’ More >


The Ford Cyclone 3.5 is the new Ford V6 engine, which is used by Ford USA in the Ford Edge, the Ford Mustang and the Lincoln MKX – and is now used in the UK in the Ginetta G50 and G55.

Jenvey Dynamics is now producing an SF45 ITB Throttle Body Kit for the Ford Cyclone 3.5-litre V6 that includes six SF45/0/1 throttle bodies with an operating wheel linkage, two cross-over EFI inlet manifolds, two fuel rails and six curved airhorns.

Jenvey throttle bodies and all their accessories are engineered for motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. This kit is More >


Dedicated to improving comfort and safety in the workshop, Mac Tools adds a trapper hat and a training shoe to its growing clothing range.

With the colder months fast approaching, mechanics will soon be reaching for warmer work attire that has been stored away since the spring. For those planning to replace their winter head-wear, Mac Tools now offers a new trapper-style hat to complement its recently introduced cold-weather glove. The new hat, called the Trapper Hat II, adopts the traditional trapper design with tie-down ear flaps and a flexible peak, and features enhanced warmth and comfort via a generous layer More >


Italian brake company Tarox has released a beautifully-engineered bespoke braking kit to enhance the stopping performance of all Mk2 Lotus Elise models and their associated derivatives, like the Exige.

The kit has been designed and manufactured in Tarox’s state-of-the-art Italian factory and has been created from a ‘clean sheet’ brief to allow the firm’s engineers to develop the balance of enhanced dynamics with superb aesthetics. Based around a 310mm billet-machined disc and aluminium bell combination.

That pursuit of light weight has also clearly been at the forefront during the construction of the kit, too. Despite being considerably larger than the OEM set-up More >


The MGB was originally fitted with an extremely heavy and ponderous inertia starter motor.

Things have moved on quite a bit since those days and now Edge can offer a 1.4kw gear reduction starter that combines light weight (3.2kg) with high torque, faster cranking and lower current draw.

The Edge starter will fit MGBs with three synchro gearboxes and all MGAs and has a retail price of £239.40 inc VAT.

More details from 01462 684 300 or visit ENDS.


Wolfrace, the UK’s best known alloy wheel brand, offers alloy wheels to suit all vehicles and budgets. Simple, high quality alloy wheels at highly affordable prices complete with a comprehensive twelve month warranty.

LH306 is a mock split-rim effect wheel available in either silver with a polished lip or matt black with silver rivets. The LH306 is perfect for larger vehicles and vehicles that required ‘staggered’ setups with a size range of 8x18in 8½ x19in 9½ x19in 8½ x20in and 10x20in.  LH306 prices start at £115.95.

RC1 combines deep-dish, ‘cross thatch’ design with a range of attractive finishes including Silver, Black, Gun More >


The big problem with owning any classic car is what to do when certain parts become unobtainable.

Well, thankfully Burton Power is dedicated to keeping classic British Fords on the road and on the track and whenever parts become unavailable they try to source or re-manufacture replacements.

The latest part to join the inventory is the oil pick-up pipe for all classic Ford Crossflow (Kent) engine blocks, which wears part number FP645 and retails at £36 inc VAT.

More from 0208 554 2281 or via ENDS.


Replicar's pastiche of the Aston Martin DBR1 will be sympathetically-styled after this glorious-looking original...

It possibly won’t surprise you to hear that Stuart Mills of MEV has come-up with another new design, as he harks back to the kitcar days of yore and follows the path of innovation paved by the likes of Neville Trickett, Barry Stimson, Tim Dutton and Richard Stewart people never afraid to push boundaries but whom kept sight of the ‘fun, affordable, value for money’ ethic.

Stuart’s new model differs slightly in that it is his first replica and he admits slightly self-indulgent, being a paean to his More >


The Ford Rocket gearbox is one of the core motorsport and kitcar transmissions and is still very popular.

Straight cut close ratio kits and ‘boxes are available in a range of ratios for whatever your needs from 3J Driveline and their main shaft gears are designed with unique oil pockets on the face and scroll running throughout the bore to increase oil flow. Add this to the fact all main shaft gears having a performance coating that aids oil absorption.

All 3J Rocket gear kits come with gaskets, main shaft and input shaft bearings and front and rear oil seals and the More >