As part of their fiftieth anniversary celebrations, Burton Power has come up with a limited edition run of breather caps to suit a variety of classic Ford engines including Pinto, Kent Crossflow, Essex V6 and Cologne V6.

Two types available, both with the ‘Burton Power’ legend on the top, while one has a breather pipe connection. Priced at £42.95 and £47.95 respectively.

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Webcon has announced the rollout of the very latest version of their market-leading range of Weber air horns.

The entire range is now billet CNC-manufactured in the UK to ensure the very highest level of accuracy and lightness, which is so critical when trying to extract every BHP from your engine.

The new range is suitable for Weber 40 and 45 DCOE applications and are available in the following lengths – 16mm, 26mm, 39mm, 55mm and 75mm.

Prices are as follows:

40DCOE all sizes each £21.54 inc VAT

45DCOE all sizes each £22.74 inc VAT

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or More >


Viper Performance can now offer lengths of aluminium fuel rail extrusion, ideal for kitcar builders, modifiers, tuners, race teams or anyone carrying out a conversion from carbs to EFi.

The top grade 6061 aluminium extruded rail has a 16.1mm bore, and is one metre ready for the customer to cut, drill and/or modify to suit their required application.

The fuel rail extrusion is available in gloss black or mirror-polished surface and retails at £35 inc VAT per one metre length.

Order from 0845 0953 423 or visit www.viper-performance.co.uk ENDS.


Classic Mini meisters, Mini Spares has just released their C-ARA5000, alloy radiator to fit any year/model of classic Mini.

Earlier versions by other manufacturers used a header tank that was 10mm wider, and biased towards the inner wing, which would foul 1990-2000 cars where the engine was ½in farther forward.

No such problems with the Mini Spares version, though.

This alloy lightweight high-efficiency radiator designed exclusively by Mini Spares with a hole for a screw-in sender unit as fitted from 1990 on.

The hole is fitted with a plug so it doubles up as a drain plug if no sender unit required. The top More >


Titan Motorsport, based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, has announced their new Throttle Body kit for the Ford Duratec Engine.

The throttle bodies come as a complete ready assembled package that can be bolted in place right away. The precision CNC-machined kit features roller bearings throughout for smooth-operation and unrivalled durability.

Port profiles are optimised for improved air flow and have individual bleeds for idle control, which allows full adjustability for a perfect set-up.

Titan’s billet aluminium cable quadrant eliminates any linkage issues, a fail-safe second spring shuts off the throttle in the event of a problem and a trumpet-mounted plate ensures that filter More >


Boom Mat, the acoustic and thermal division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), has now introduced an easy and cost effective way to reduce road noise while protecting your vehicle against moisture build-up.

Noise can interfere with the quality of your ride, especially in older classic vehicles, modified cars, kitcars and street rods. Moisture from condensation, snow mixed with road salt from your boots – or in the case of convertibles and sportscars, rain from a sudden shower – can work down into the carpet underfelt and eventually cause rust in the steel floorpan.

Boom Mat’s Heat Moldable Sound and Moisture Barrier addresses these problems. More >


Powervamp Racing has launched its new clothing line with a range of top-quality t-shirts.

The t-shirts are available in four attractive colours, (cherry red, black, sand and indigo blue), and will be available to buy from the company’s online store at www.powervampracing.com OR from any exhibitions they attend, including Autosport International show, NEC, 10th-13th January.

The design was created by Dan Rooms at Slick Attire in conjunction with Powervamp’s Ed Roller and portrays the PVR logo in a ‘retro’ style with new strapline.

Sizes range from small to XXL and are priced at £12.99, so, won’t break the bank!

More from www.powervamp.com or 01934 643 000 ENDS.

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Bit of a scoop from our mate, contributor and beach buggy guru, James Hale, who also formerly ran GT Mouldings for many years.

Among the many buggy designs he had under his control over the years, one of the best was one of his own, the GT Buggy, and news this week is that it will soon be back in production with another buggy meister, Dave Fisher, via his Kingfisher Kustoms operation

Full details are yet to be announced but Dave will be offering both long and short wheelbase versions with more details via www.kingfisherkustoms.co.uk ENDS.


Have you ever dropped milk in your car? The smell after a few days can be un-bearable and won’t go away. Likewise, other nasty niffs that can get in the way of our motoring enjoyment.

A new product from Transco Blanx claims to be the best odour eliminator on the market.

The Odor Rescue vehicle interior deodorising kit is a new bio-degradable chlorine dioxide technology that can be used to deodorise cars, boats, trucks and any un-occupied enclosed space.

Odor Rescue is designed to easily and effectively remove all organic and chemicals odours caused by cigarettes, pets, urine, vomit, food, mould, mildew, petrol, More >


Faulty or flat batteries are one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns, especially during the colder months of the year. Aimed at roadside assistance professionals attending breakdowns and garage-based mechanics who may have several cars parked at their premises awaiting repair, Facom’s new range of boosters offers a powerful and convenient solution to flat battery problems. The 12 volt B12.1AUK is the smallest booster offered by Facom and is suitable for starting light vehicles with petrol engines up to 4-litres and diesel engines up to 3-litres. The booster weighs less than 10.5kg, making it easy to carry and More >