New battery chargers from Merlin Motorsport are sure to be of appeal.

However, it’s important to use a battery charger with the correct characteristics for your installation. Some chargers, however, are not suitable for UK voltages.

Merlin Motorsport recommends the NUMAX 10 AMP 3 STAGE BATTERY CHARGER, which will perform perfectly if you have an Odyssey battery in the UK.

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The B-G Racing Scale Pad Levelling Trays are a key component of the B-G Racing modular scale system.

The trays are produced from mild steel with a durable powdercoated finish and feature four high-quality steel swivel feet with 75mm of adjustment to ensure complete accuracy. The feet can also be removed for ease of storage and transportation.

They are suitable for use with 2.5in to 3in scale pads and have been designed specifically for the B-G Racing Modular Scale Pad Roll Off Platforms to attach to part number BGR353 (although other scale pads can be used). The trays retail at £509.99 inc More >


Armor All was THE exotic car care brand in the eighties when T-Cut, Simoniz and Turtle Wax were the kings of the hill. If you knew someone who used Armor All he was the man!

The car care market has changed and expanded massively in recent years and just like there are loads of micro-breweries, there are hundreds of boutique polishes, waxes and sealants available in the UK.

In recent years, Armor All has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the UK and their Shield product is helping to lead the charge. It’s basically a liquid wax that is easy to More >


Clarke Heavy Duty Submersible Sewage Cutter Pumps are perfect for clearing sewage, dirty or clean water from floods, sump pits and waste water drainage this winter

Models in this range, such as the HSEC650A include sharpened tungsten carbide cutter plates to chop and reduce any solids in suspension of up to 40mm in diameter.

Models are available in 230v and 110v and come coated in stainless steel for a truly long-term effective pump.

The automatic floating on/off switch will switch on when the water rises and will switch off when the desired water level has been reached.

This model is built with a robust More >


Finding a quality header gasket can be a challenge. There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing the tell-tale ticking of a gasket gone awry before its time. The experts at SCE Gaskets made that a non-issue with their new Graph-Form Premium Header Gaskets. Made from an exclusive high-density graphite material, these gaskets resist high temperatures—outperforming competing brands for high-temperature sealing.

The gaskets’ flexible material is extra-thick so it can conform to irregular surfaces like header flange sealing beads and cylinder head ridges; a 1/8in thick gasket can be compressed up to 1/16in.

The superior seal provides a flush fit even on warped or More >


Rusty, tight or seized nuts? To gain some extra leverage it can be tempting to use two spanners, hooking one over the end of the other — the so-called ‘two-spanner trick’.

However, that can be a dangerous idea, as spanners are not shaped or designed to grip another spanner, and when they slip, the result can be heavily skinned knuckles, or worse!

A much better idea is to use a proper spanner extension wrench like this new example from Laser Tools (part number 6745).

It turns your spanner into a power bar. The extension wrench firmly grips the shaft of the spanner and More >


Plexus® was developed for use in the aviation industry – specifically, for cleaning and protecting aircraft windscreens. As Plexus became more and more popular, people quickly discovered it could be used on a limitless variety of plastic surfaces.

There are plenty of products that claim to clean plastic, Perspex, Lexan and Macrolan and many others but most of them are rubbish. Close to being useless. Indeed, many of them cause plastics to dry out, discolour and become brittle.

Having tried Plexus though, it really does a great job and is extremely easy to use. Just spray and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth and More >


Webcon is well-known for its Weber DCOE conversion kit for the Mercedes 190 SL. However, for those owners who prefer to retain the original Solex 44PHH carburettors, Webcon can now supply a superb quality, comprehensive overhaul kit to allow a complete renovation to be carried out on the Solex units.

The kit contains gaskets, diaphragms, washers, seals and a needle valve and may be ordered as part number 9611737000. It is extremely competitively priced at just £41.86 inc VAT.

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Even in today’s digital world, there are times when a pen and paper is the best solution and that’s why B-G Racing has just produced these useful pit record sheets.

BG Racing Chassis Set-Up Sheets The B-G Racing Chassis Set-Up Sheets are a vital component of any event. They allow the racer to maximise the amount of information recorded in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. There are boxes to record all the important aspects of the chassis set up thus providing invaluable information that can be drawn upon at future events. • Supplied as a pad of 50 sheets • 2x hole-punched More >



Edelbrock has announced its annual ‘Big Carb Deal’ promotion, back for the ninth successive year, which runs until April 2018.

Eligible purchases include any new AVS2 Series carburettor and Pro-Flow air filters.

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