Big news from Tiger Racing is that they have now taken over the rights and marketing to the Alpha ECU systems and throttle bodies, created by Webcon UK and sold by them.

At last weekend’s National Kit Car Motor Show, Tiger was promoting their Alpha Pro5 engine management kit, which includes everything you need to make a Ford Zetec not only work but work more efficiently at the very competitive price of £1995 inc VAT.

For more information visit www.tigerracing.comor 01945 461 423 ENDS.


Of the car care companies in the UK producing products that are heavily-scented often more akin to Lush or Body Shop, the kings must be Immaculate Reflections who manage to combine novelty with proper sweet-shop smells.

However, although a good laugh, the company makes seriously impressive products that really work.

Take this, their highly-concentrated Jellybean shampoo that for all the world smells like a box of Jellybeans. What’s more, it is Ph neutral so is good for your skin and your car’s bodywork.

Highly concentrated, you only need a couple of capfuls to create a monster amount of suds and soapy deliciousness.

I used More >


Don’t shout it too loudly, but apparently, Summer is just around the corner! This is great news for drivers as they get to enjoy longer, warmer nights and fabulous, sunny road trips. It’s not always great news for your air-conditioning, though. As you punch that snowflake button for the first time in months in a bid to keep the cabin cool, you’re often greeted by a most unpleasant smell…

You can blame it on the dog or the kids, of course, but there’s a very good chance that it’s actually coming from your air conditioning system itself. Having sat for a More >


Quick Detailer is a quick-application dust and fingerprint remover offered by Power Maxed, vehicle care brand, as part of their detailing range.

Applied by spraying directly onto the surface to be cleaned or onto a microfibre cloth and wiped across a reasonably dirt-free surface, Quick Detailer is ideal for removing dust, fingerprints, bird droppings and water spots.

It’s designed for perfecting the cleanliness of a vehicle before meetings and the like, but can also be used at stages of the valeting or detailing processes, such as removing Tar Off and assisting with the buffing of polish and wax.

A light detergent, Quick Detailer More >


Sealey’s new SMD LED Rechargeable Lantern with Wireless Speaker is constructed from a sturdy composite case and incorporates a hanging/carrying handle.

It produces up to 360 lumens through the ten SMD LEDs and features three selectable light settings. It can connect wirelessly to your phone for hours of playback through the built-in speaker, which is powered by a 3.7V 2.6Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

The lamp is supplied with a USB charging cable.

For further details visit www.sealey.co.ukor alternatively call their customer service department on 01284 757 500 ENDS.


Machine Mart’s new range of heavy duty petrol-driven Clarke pressure washers are built for tough daily use by garages, fleet operators, contractors and more

These models are built with a tough protective steel frame, folding handles for compact storage and BIG pneumatic tyres for easy mobility on uneven ground.

Features include a professional style hose and lance with high/low/pencil adjustments, which deliver up to 260-bar of pressure, along with a detergent pick up hose with filter.

A unique feature exclusive to this range is that these models can draw their own water from a water butt/ barrel – great for use in remote More >


Like a puncture, a hole in your exhaust can occur very unexpectedly and are just as annoying. Some people make the mistake of seeing a small hole and leaving it, but they can grow quickly and before you know it can develop into a big problem.

The resulting errant fumes can mess up emissions and cause possible other damage to your car, but replacing a back-box or complete exhaust system can be costly. It usually happens to me when I have a couple of car taxes to pay for or have another big bill due.

Holts Gun Gum has been around for More >


If you’ve ever had to change a fuel filter on an injection classic Mini you will know that it is necessary need to remove the whole bracket in order to remove the filter as the securing bolt is on the wrong side for easy access. This is because the bracket was originally used on other models (Rover parts bin special!). 

To make life easier Mini Spares has redesigned this bracket so that it splits in half; the bolts are on the correct side so that there is no need to remove the whole bracket from the subframe when changing the filter. 

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One of the stars of last weekend’s Stoneleigh show was the latest Porsche-based body conversion from ANU Dimension. It joins their original model, the GTB, in their line-up and is the GTB RS, which bears a pretty strong resemblance to a 911 GT3 RS.

Like its brother, it uses the Porsche Boxster (987 Generation) as the donor and you can use 2.5-litre, 2.7-litre or top-of-the-shop 3.2-litre variants.

Designed with simplicity in mind, no special tools or rocket-science skills are required, it really is just a panel swap project, so you won’t have to worry about welding, fabrication or grafting on a brand-new More >


Another of my favourites at Stoneleigh this year was the new DAX Coupe from JK Sports Cars.

It’s a pastiche of the Daytona Coupe of which just six were built between 1964-65 and are now beyond the dreams of most of us mere mortals in terms of value.

It’s based on an extended DAX 427 chassis (including lengthened footwells), de Dion rear suspension and the company’s patented Camber Compensation and anti-roll front set up. The usual suspect American V8 engines can be used, as one would expect.

The chassis costs £1995 with the body package including all GRP parts and windscreen costs £5500. More >