GD T70 Moda makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Darren Roberts and his wondrous Gardner Douglas GD T70 Moda took our ‘car of the show’ award at Stoneleigh back in early May after his car wowed the crowds when part of the company’s display.

Darren, a builder by trade, has been working with GD on a revision to the Moda’s roof set-up to replace the standard gullwing door-lets. The solution is a panel set that can be stowed in the car when not in place rather than the gullwings, which have to left at home when the More >


SouthWays CAT E1 project for sale

SouthWays Automotive, makers of the Tiger CAT E1 for the last seven years or so has reluctantly put the project up for sale.

The Hampshire company had plans for a new donor for the capable Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar and had made a few changes such introducing new detachable rear wings…

The reason for the sale is quite simply down to SouthWays being a hugely capable kit builder and problem solver, with their workshop full to bursting with a variety of projects that also includes classic restorations. A very talented operation.

As a result the CAT E1 has to More >


Wiring can be a bit of a nightmare. Lots of people me included are very scared of it. However, help is at hand courtesy of Car Builder Solutions and their Circuit Wiring Module, which comes with all the necessary fuses from hazard lights to fan relays plus some instructions that are easy to understand.

It’ll require a nice spot in your engine bay or tucked away in some other easy to access area such as under the dashboard. A snip at £112…

More information via


Car insurance premiums could rocket as attempts to cut the level of insurance fraud are failing. Aviva recently reported a 19 per cent rise in motor insurance fraud.

Garmin’s Dash Cam is armed with the technology to help protect you from false claims – by recording the indisputable truth in high definition colour.  As many as one in five people now know someone who has suffered from a ‘crash for cash’ fraud, in which gangs typically slam on the brakes of a car for no reason causing the person behind them to drive into them. The fraudsters then make exaggerated claims for whiplash More >


Have you got a leaky hood or leaking rubber seals? PermaPack® removes moisture from the inside of a car, helping to keep it nice and dry making sure that there’s no musty smells or mildew.

The product comes in two sizes: 18cm (7in) for the car’s interior and 6cm (2½in) for the boot, which can absorb up to 200ml of moisture, while the larger size will hold over a pint (600ml).

The maker’s say that PermaPack will not drip, not even when saturated and when it’s full you simply bake it in your oven and re-use it over and over again.

The 18cm More >


The use of an adjustable spanner or wrench is sometimes frowned upon as not being ‘professional’ and because of the adjusting mechanism they can become worn and may not fit the fastener very well. A slipping adjustable spanner is dangerous and adding insult to injury can also damage the fastener.

This new self-adjusting spanner set from Laser Tools (part no: 5963) is said to be different as the spanner is pushed onto the fastener, adjusts to the correct size, then actually tightens its grip as the load is applied. The mechanism is self-ratcheting, which makes for quick and easy fastener removal.

There are More >


Higher than permitted exhaust emissions account for more than 700,000 annual MOT test failures in the UK each year – 30 per cent of the total – but a simple remedial and preventative treatment prior to the test can markedly reduce the risk of failure, says leading fuel additive brand, STP, highlighting the benefits of its STP Pre-MOT Packs.

The lack of regular engine servicing of older engines makes them vulnerable to the build-up of carbon deposits, which can contribute to raising exhaust emissions, but STP says that new technology engines are just as susceptible to the accrual of such deposits More >


BG Racing has now increased the permissible load weight on their Low Rise vehicle ramps from 3000kg to 5000kg per pair.

They are ideal for use on lowered vehicles such as kitcars and racecars, the ramps allow for easier and safer access for trolley jacks to the underside of such vehicles.

Produced from durable black Polypropylene, the ramps are sold in pairs and are priced at £54.99 inc VAT.

More details from 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.


As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, Italian styling masters, MOMO has re-introduced the MOMO GTR2 pedal and gearknob kits.

The gear knob is available as both standard and for lift-up reverse and features top grain black leather, a chrome insert and the MOMO logo on the top and costs £62.99 inc VAT.

Meanwhile, the pedal kit is suitable for manual transmission cars only and is machined from aluminium in a silver powdercoated finish with a black MOMO logo and retails at £51.99 inc VAT

For more details contact Momo UK on 01268 764 411 or visit their website ENDS.

More >


I’ve been watching the new Elite Pulse with interest since it first appeared in a lowkey way at Stoneleigh in 2013. I was impressed with the man behind the car Ed Ives and was particularly interested to hear that the incredibly talented Steve Wills was involved.

I immediately ignored the colleagues who said it was another new Lotus Seven-inspired car, as if Steve Wills had built it then this was going to be something special. Among the glittering entries on his motorsport CV includes 10-years with Van Diemen racing cars, while he’s also revered for his short oval preparation skills. A More >