If you are using a crate engine or a transplant engine chances are that it will have been designed to use electronic fly-by-wire throttle bodies. These are very difficult to use on another application so if you are running an aftermarket ECU then the electronic throttle bodies will need to be replaced with mechanical ones. Jenvey now have 90mm and 102mm throttle bodies that are ideal for this purpose. They offer very good progression and are suitable for ultra-high performance cars running 700bhp upwards. In initial tests they have been shown to work perfectly on Corvette LS3 crate engines and More >


The Ford Duratec has now established itself as a very tunable engine and as well as being used in the Fiesta ST, Focus, C-Max, Mondeo and S-Max it is also finding its way into all sorts of race cars, kitcars and transplants.

With this in mind, Piper has just released some new tuning parts for the engine…

Piper BP320 Camshaft – pair Chill cast billet £453.60 Piper/Cometic 86mm 030 Bore MLS Head Gasket £83.23 Piper Single Valve Spring Kit £195.60

Piper Double Valve Spring Kit with Caps and Seals £364.80 Piper Vernier Adjustable Cam Gear kit £126

All prices inc VAT. Piper cams are More >


Summer holidays in the UK. You can’t predict the weather, but you can predict the journey. The inevitable traffic jams; hours cooped-up in the car and the kids in need of non-stop entertainment. Travelling can be a traumatic experience!

Ring Automotive has not only pre-empted summer motoring scenarios, but addressed them with a range of innovative accessories to ensure the start of your holiday goes without a hitch.

With 30 per cent of Brits anticipated to take their main holiday in the UK and with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics on home turf this year; more and more people will be choosing More >


Every day, around the world, thousands of car bodies, interiors and wheels are polished and detailed using Scholl Concepts paint-finishing solutions and car care products.

Based in Remseck, Germany, Scholl Concepts is a family-run business that supplies customers with state-of-the-art, simple and cost-effective products that meet or exceed the highest expectation. Polishing compounds like Scholl Concepts S3 Gold and S17+ are renowned for their incredible and superior performance and high quality finish.

To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, Scholl Concepts has launched two exclusive handmade waxes to add to its comprehensive car care range. The Rock and Vintage are both 200ml pure Carnauba blends that give long-lasting protection More >


If you’ve ever tried installing Weber DCO/SP 48/50/55 carburettors onto a manifold you will know that space is tight and it is very difficult to get the nuts on to the studs due to various obstructions.

Now Webcon has the answer with their new ‘spacesaver’ stud kit uses studs with a slightly smaller diameter and smaller 6mm nuts.

This reduction in size will provide enough room to allow the nuts to be fitted with les chance of skinned knuckles and frayed tempers.

The spacesaver stud kit for Weber DCO/SP carburettors has a recommended retail price of just £11.94 inc VAT and order as More >


Viper’s range of braided steel hoses and end fittings has really taken off and now the company is offering a superb tool to enable enthusiasts to create perfect braided hose sets themselves. Without a specialised tool attaching ends to braided hose will be very tricky and time consuming but this precision made tool will crimp AN-style hose ends by hand with ease. The tool can be bench mounted or portable and comes with everything you need to fit all sizes of braided hose ends to a professional standard. The hose end fitting tool kit retails at just £207.50 inc VAT More >


The Retro Show at Santa Pod Raceway is the laid-back, but action-packed day at the races, for classic and retro car fans. This inclusive event doesn’t turn its nose-up at modifications, all makes and models are welcome, and everything from the fifties to the nineties will feel right at home. Cars, bikes, trucks and scooters are all welcome, and as long as you aren’t bothered about all the mod-cons of modern motoring, you’ll have a blast!

The difference between The Retro Show and virtually all other classic motoring events is that this event positively encourages you to take part and give More >


A large crowd enthralled by MC Stiggy Mills' 3pm performance on Sunday at Stoneleigh!

One becomes accustomed to big shows featuring a new design from Stuart Mills of Mills Extreme Vehicles and this year’s Stoneleigh show, was no exception. Well, actually it was because he launched TWO new models – MEVABUSA and MEVX5 LIGHTWEIGHT

Not only is Stuart prolific, he’s also rapidly joining the elite group of top kitcar designers, with some big sellers among the inventory of Team MEV members, Road Track Race and Mills’ own operation.

Arguably one of the biggest manufacturer displays ever seen at Stoneleigh, certainly in terms of More >


A debut of huge proportions and certainly one of the most eagerly awaited at Stoneleigh for many years was the Razor from JBA, Royale, Regent, Veranti and Imperial designer, John Barlow and Dave Chapman, ex-Tri-Tech Automotive, was the three-wheeled and very orange Razor, which was quite simply besieged with people, all weekend.

The car weighs in at just 440kg and features a large single tube backbone chassis with front and rear outriggers topped off by a self-coloured GRP bodyshell. Suspension comes via double wishbones at the front with a rear swing arm designed for the extra wide rear wheel (275 x More >


Triumphant return for the Buckland B3, now in Mk2 guise under the control of leading hot rodder, John Wilcox, of Penguin Speed Shop, last weekend at Stoneleigh.

John and team were knocked-out by the warm welcome and positive comments and it was quite amusing in the hotel bar at the end of day one to see all of them in a complete state of shock after taking a large handful of orders! They genuinely expect the little car to be so well received.

The B3 was originally created by Dick Buckland way back in the early eighties and features some fiendishly clever More >