Merlin Motorsport was frustrated at not being able to find a quick and easy method to adjust anti-roll bars on their own racing cars. They searched the market for a universal solution to this problem but found nothing. So they produced their own red anodised quick and easy solution to adjust roll bar clamp position.

ANTI ROLL SLIDE CLAMPS are priced from £13.99 inc VAT – 5/16 hole for the drop-link spherical bearing to suit 25mm, 22mm, 19mm, 16mm and 13mm O.D. anti-roll bars.

They also stock other hardware needed to fit an anti-roll bar including roll-bar blocks and mounting plates. Go to More >


The word ‘legend’ is bandied around far too readily nowadays, all too often applied with no real thought or perspective. One firm we think more than warrants ‘legendary’ status though is Forge Motorsport, the Gloucestershire based aftermarket parts supplier that has been a stalwart of the UK’s modified car scene for an amazing twenty years in 2016. Such a mammoth milestone deserves a special celebration, so the guys at Forge have opted to throw open the doors of their HQ for a handful of lucky customers to tour and enjoy.

Forge Motorsport might now be one of this country’s best-established and More >


A new addition to Laser’s Tool Control range, where essential tools are provided in a compact tool tray designed to fit neatly into the tool chest or roll cab drawer, this hammer and chisel kit (part number 6595) includes two hammers plus seven additional chisels and punches.

The engineer’s hammer is a useful 320gm weight and the split-head soft-face hammer provides high impact and durability with non-damaging hammer striking. Both hammers are beautifully balanced, professional quality and feature hickory handles.

Two chisels are provided, a 15mm flat chisel and a very useful 5mm cap chisel. The addition of three pin punches (3, More >


Sometimes, small irritations can spoil a great car. If you regularly drive older cars at night, you will sometimes notice that the glovebox light is annoying. Either it comes on with the sidelights and then ‘leaks’ light around the lid, or it is so dull as to be useless when you need it.

This simple kit from Better Car Lighting allows most cars to have bright, useful light where it is needed in gloveboxes or centre console cubbyholes, without it looking like an obvious add-on. It is simple to fit as the switch and the LED lights are pre-wired. It’s inexpensive More >


Swapping an overdrive manual transmission into a classic hot rod or muscle car is a smart way to increase fuel economy and improve drivability. Problem was, those transmissions are pretty hefty bits of kit, so the swap involved a lot of hacking and fabrication.

McLeod’s new muscle car five–speed changes all that. It provides that all-important overdrive gear in a smaller, more compact package. The case is small enough to fit nicely inside most transmission tunnels, which virtually eliminates expensive or tricky modifications. The ‘Muscle car 5’ is tough too, with synchronised 8620 forged gears that allow the transmission to handle More >


Caterham Cars has unveiled a brand new model, which features a rather different build process to its usual run of 500 or so cars a year – the brand’s very first immortalisation in LEGO® form.

Caterham technicians have downed their tools and picked up the plastic, teaming up with the equally iconic toy maker to create the first ever LEGO Caterham, due to hit the shelves this October.

The plastic bricks, resplendent in Caterham’s typically garish yellow, create the beautifully engineered LEGO Caterham 620R, capable of reaching a heart-racing* top speed of 6mph**.

Originally submitted by fanatic Carl Greatrix to the LEGO Ideas More >


Kleers, based in Kent is one of my favourite car care brands and their Fabric Cleaner is one of my ‘reach-for’ products when I have a stain or stubborn mark on my car’s interior.

There are hundreds of interior trim cleaners but some smell nice but don’t clean; some clean but smell like a public lavatory while some are generally rubbish all-round. I don’t mind paying a bit extra if a product does what it says.

Luckily Kleers’ Fabric Cleaner does exactly that and smells nice too! It comes in a large 500ml bottle with trigger dispenser for a choice of mist More >


Here’s some lovely driving goggles from Baruffaldi, an Italian company that has been making eyewear since 1932, with famous customers over the years including Tazio Nuvolari and Alberto Ascari.

Their new Sfericum (round!) range (BRF039), which neatly can also be used as sunglasses are as a cool thing. They’d look great when driving a Marlin, NG or a Morgan. Three colours are available – tan, black and burgundy – and they have interchangeable lenses, adjustable bridge and a strap that attaches to the arms when being used as driving goggles. Quality. Prices start at £93.49 inc VAT.

They are available in the More >



Suitable for all automotive applications but especially useful for kitcar builders, is this new cable tie and accessory kit from Gunson Tools (part number 77140), which offers a versatile selection of cable ties and mounting tabs that will ensure neat and professional looking cable and harness installation.

The selection includes 50 of each size of cable tie: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 230mm; 10 each of panel fixing cable ties, 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm (these are simply plugged into a suitable hole in the panel); 10 each of the 4.8mm x 200mm mounting head More >


With MGF and MG TF rapidly gaining in donor popularity as donor vehicles, the new dedicated catalogue on these cars from parts meisters, Rimmer Bros Ltd will definitely be of interest.

Get your order in before October 1 and receive some special discounts on over 100 of the most popular parts – quote UL0516S.

More information from or 01522 568 000 ENDS.