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WARM welcome to totalkitcar online…crikey, reading the latest press release from Great British Sports Cars this week made me chuckle. Nothing funny about their missive, you understand, but something within it got me thinking about a long ago, very different kitcar industry …

You can now buy a GBS Zero using finance to fund your purchase. Another example for an old kitcar dinosaur like me that just how far this industry has come since I first got involved with plastic cars in the early eighties.

If you mentioned the ‘words’ ‘hire purchase’ to Jem Marsh of Marcos he would have More >


New AIM digital dash option for Ultima Evolution

New option for Ultima builders and customers of the Evolution model, which is an all-singing; all dancing AIM digital dashboard that allows all sorts of information to accessed including stuff like lap timing and datalogging. The cost is £810 inc VAT although you will also need the carbon fibre surround at £354 inc VAT.

More information from or 01455 631 366 ENDS.


One of the UK’s leading specialist car manufacturer’s, Gardner Douglas Sports Cars is moving to new premises and from April 1, 2017 can be found at – Retro House, Swingbridge Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 7XT.

The new facility offers the company more space plus has a ten-car showroom and they’ll be holding a factory open day on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Smart new HQ for Gardner Douglas

More information from or 01949 843 299 ENDS.


A perennial best-seller, Forge Motorsport has released details of its race-quality boost hose kit that will fit all Turbo variants of the iconic Subaru ‘’Bug Eye’ turbo. Engineered to Forge’s high-quality standards, the kit allows for a quick and easy fitment to the OEM fittings.

Thanks to being modelled directly from the OEM hoses, the new precision-engineered parts are an easy and direct replacement for the factory items, yet offer significantly greater ability to withstand much higher boost pressures and temperatures. Ideal on a standard car, but absolutely essential on a tuned, track or modified example. Allied to this, their woven fabric reinforcement means More >


Leading performance suspension specialist, Gaz Shocks, has now extended its one-off custom-build service to include monotube dampers. The coil-over pictured was for a spaceframed racecar, but that is just an example of what can be produced and the final product is down to your requirements.

GAZ gas-charged Monotube Coil-overs are lightweight down to the use of billet aluminium parts which reduces unsprung weight, making them ideal for serious trackday or competition use. They also react quicker and can be used in an inverted position.

The kits come with silicone chrome springs and the required mounting hardwear. The spring platforms are adjustable to allow More >


For years Jaguar specialists have understood that the stock ignition system on the XK 3.8/4.2 E-type engines leaves much to be desired in terms of reliability and its lack of tuning potential. This has led many owners to consider fitting a fully-mappable, wasted spark ignition system but, while the ECU and harness is straightforward enough to source, finding the hardware has been problematic and costly as often the only solution has been to custom make the parts.

Webcon is therefore delighted to launch an ignition system hardware kit for the Jaguar XK engine, comprising everything you need including trigger disc kit, More >


With spring approaching at last, it’s time to check over your cooling system and give it a ‘Spring Detox’ to prepare it for warmer weather.

DEI Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to restore cooling system efficiency by removing rust deposits and dissolving oily residue. This will ensure your system is clean and up to doing its job without overheating.

A flush-through will leave things clean and ready to be refilled with a water/anti-freeze mix or DEI’s Radiator Relief Radiator Additive for thorough protection throughout the summer.

Available now from at £13.16 inc VAT for a 473ml bottle with more information More >


The B-G Racing Mechanics Work Mat provides a stable and comfortable platform, which is perfect for working in the garage allowing users to lie comfortably when working under a vehicle.

The mat is the perfect companion for everyday tasks and they are produced from a high-quality 30mm thick heavy-duty EVA composition, which is water and impact resistant and feature an integrated carry handle.

Features: • Easy Storage & Transportation • Water & Impact Resistant • Integrated Carry Handle • Thick Foam for Comfort • Proven Racing Pedigree • Perfect Garage Companion • Great for Outdoor Activities

Price £35.99 inc VAT with more details More >


ACL Race Bearings are precision manufactured to a wall thickness of ±0.0040mm giving engine builders close control of vertical oil clearance.

These bearings help to optimise high-pressure oil film generation for better bearing load transmission and increased durability. They also help to provide predictable and consistent oil pressure and flow through the engines’ oil galleries.

They provide tighter control of bearing clearance, which is linked to improved bearing load transmission and increased durability; this reduces stress on other vital engine components. ACL race bearings are well proven for their durability.

Big end sets are available for Small Bore and Cooper ‘S’ and 1300 except More >



Nothing worse in my view, after spending a couple of hours cleaning and polishing your car to see it let down by unsightly tar on the bodywork, which ordinary polishes and cleansers won’t shift.

A product that I like to use for this comes from Autobrite called Just The Tonic Tar and Glue Remover, which is a hydrocarbon-based formula containing no chlorinated solvents or methanol.

I’ve always found it to be very effective at removing tar, glue, and asphalt from most hard surfaces including painted surfaces. It has a decent level of cleaning action, doesn’t smell like a petro-chemical plant and does More >