Scholl Concepts NEO Polymer Protection is a 6-in-1 product – providing resistance to environmental fallout on virtually all vehicle surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastics, vinyl, rubber and chrome.

Its highly innovative polymer formula leaves treated surfaces with a semi-gloss and sealed finish that will last for many months. Applying NEO will refresh and revitalise weathered and faded surfaces and protect against atmospheric conditions.

NEO Polymer Protection can also be used under the bonnet and on suitable interior surfaces. It is bodyshop-friendly (hydrocarbon and silicone oil-free) and can even be applied to wet surfaces.

NEO can be applied by hand or by machine. For manual More >


New Aluminium Billet Pedal version (V2) from Optimum Balance Products is sure to appeal to kitcar enthusiasts.

The original version has proven very popular already but the Cambridgeshire company that is proud to say ‘Made in England’ has enhanced the pedal box with a unique pedal design and the three pedals adjust up and down and from side-to-side.

The accelerator linkage has also been upgraded with a high-grade aluminium ball-joint that delivers reliable and accurate inputs that should withstand any tough conditions you can throw at it. While obp’s engineers were at it they also amended the accelerator’s return spring.

All-in-all this is More >


The B-G Slim Line Quick Release enables the user to remove and/or replace a steering wheel with a push of a button and a twist, and has the advantage of being just 26mm in depth.  That’s half the depth of the standard Quick Release, making this device suitable when the distance between the driver and the steering wheel is critical.

It is produced from the highest quality aluminium for maximum durability, and features a push pin and twist lock system to prevent unintentional unlocking.

The B-G Slim Line Steering Wheel Quick Release System is compatible with most aftermarket steering wheels including those More >


The Momo Quantum is a cutting edge alloy wheel with ultra-modern spokes leading to a dished centre featuring a MOMO Italy centre cap. Available in matt anthracite and in four or five-stud fitments from 15in to 19in, with run-flat compatability in 18- and 19in sizes.

Prices start at £103.99 inc. VAT for 15in ranging to £153 inc. VAT for 19in with various offsets and PCDs available. For more details visit or 01268 764 411 ENDS.


Regular kitcar showgoers may have noticed the re-appearance this season of the Healy (their spelling not ours!) Enigma, which first hit the scene in 2006 before disappearing again.

The team behind the car, Martin Williamson (original importer of the Sebring International range to the UK, back in the day), Mick Snell and Joe Lamberti have been busy re-inventing it, converting it from the original Ford Granada mechanicals and Ford Cologne V6 power to Mazda MX-5 mechanicals.

Although Joe has taken a step-back, it was he who originally approached MG Rover with the idea resulting in board-level meetings with a view to making More >


Gary Downes of Ford-performance specialists (nice line in Ford Ka Zetec transplants), Fenspeed has been in touch to bring me an update on his Fenspeed Sprint LSIS kit, which made its one and only show appearance at Newark in 2012.

The intervening period has seen a lot of development to the package, with a shift from Ford mechanicals to Mazda MX-5, now underpinned by a round-tube TIG-welded spaceframe chassis, with the body featuring aluminium panels except for the GRP nosecone (ally option).

Although the Sprint has been designed with Locost-inspirations, the quality of the engineering raises the profile nicely. Gary says that More >


Hosetechnik, the performance braking division of Forge Motorsport, has released a clever and incredibly effective new product onto the market; stainless steel brake bleed nipples.

The firm has engineered the product from aerospace grade material, after an overwhelming number of requests from its dealers and end-users to create a ‘fit and forget’ solution that could be used to replace the OEM parts on most modern brake calipers. On many European cars however, these applications can go back as far as the 1970s and beyond.

Each pack contains four 10.1mm stainless nipples, preventing the future possibility of corrosion, and making fluid changes and More >


B-G String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four-wheel alignment on almost any car as they allow you to set-up your car however you like.

The frame is fully-adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the rubber-coated hooking arms, which have a number of pre-machined grooves for the strings to locate in, making the B-G String Lines suitable for cars of different widths.

The B-G String Lines kit consists of front and rear adjustable frames, hooking arms, string bars and the strings and they retail at £299.99 inc VAT.

For More >


Boom Mat is well-known for their acoustic barrier materials but now they have Boom Mat Spray-On – an aerosol spray that provides an easy and quick way to reduce road-noise and vibration, add a layer of thermal insulation or as an underseal to protect against damage from rust, stones, gravel and other debris.

The black rubberised polymer compound dries to a textured paintable finish without chips or cracks in 20 minutes. Boom Mat Spray on is highly rust resistant, and ideal for use on the underbody, chassis or inside panels. One can of 18 oz. Spray-On covers approximately 20 square feet More >


Jenvey Dynamics has announced an improved Direct to Head throttle body kit for the Ford Zetec SE ‘Sigma’ engine. These integrated throttle bodies feature a new and improved single fuel rail with the option of DASH-6 or push-on hose fittings.

The throttle bodies feature a 42mm bore and the kit includes linkage and ‘O’ rings. Ford Sigma engines are fitted to Fiesta and Puma models as well as Caterhams and other sports and kitcars. This kit is suitable for the 1.6-litre and 1.7-litre Ford Sigma engines although fitment to the 1.4-litre engine will require a small amount of head porting. The More >