I decided to give my car a bit of a proper wash the other day, so I got the snowfoam and lance out and proceeded to let it do its job.

Once rinsed I used Wo-Wo’s Twin-Layer Drying Towel as I’d heard good things about them. I used to scoff at those who use such things but I have to say that if you want to avoid marring, water spots and/or swirl marks, get hold of one.

Wo-Wo’s towel is a double-thickness plush absorbent microfibre in a practical size of 40cm x 60cm. I’d have to say that it’s the best of More >


Cars with semaphore turn-signal indicators have a great deal of charm and are of historical importance. However, flashing orange indicators at each corner of cars were developed for a reason, as they do a far better and safer job of signalling that the car is about to change direction.

Until recently, many beautiful period kitcars, classic and vintage vehicles used to routinely have extra orange lights bolted onto their elegant bodywork and the semaphore signalling arms were disconnected. Now, thankfully, we tend to be a little more sensitive to the need to keep these machines looking as they were intended to More >


On the same day that I washed my car and used the Wo-Wo Drying Towel, I also decided to give a whirl to Wax Addicts’ Hydro Clay Rinse Spray.

These so-called rinse aids are the latest big thing. You basically spray them on your car immediately after you’ve washed and rinsed it and stand back and see how shiny and glossy it is.

That’s the theory and I’ve tried a few with missed results but as I was doing the job I remembered that the nice people at Wax Addict had sent me a bottle of their Rinse Spray to try. So, More >


Webcon has announced the launch of a complete throttle body set to suit the 2-litre VW crossflow engine as used in water-cooled Beetles and a few kitcars.

The set includes a new Webcon intake manifold, two x 45mm Alpha throttle bodies, four x genuine Weber PICO 250cc/m fuel injectors, Webcon throttle linkage system, throttle position sensor, air temperature sensor and air filter assembly.

The throttle body set is available as part number ATB514 and comes fully assembled and ready to bolt on. The set will work with any aftermarket engine management system.

ATB514 retails at £1258.80 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 More >



The Ford Duratec engine has proven popular with tuners and kitcar builders alike and almost all conversions use throttle bodies or Weber DCOE carburettors.

For years Webcon has supplied a regular intake manifold, but in some instances space is at a premium and it is not possible to use the standard 75mm manifold.

Webcon now produces a manifold, part number MM5060, that is just 35mm deep so will facilitate fitment of carburettors or throttle bodies to installations where space is limited. MM5060 is superbly CNC-manufactured from billet Aluminium, is available from stock and is priced at £435.90 inc VAT.

Available from 01932 787 More >


Ford Motor Company’s choice of Quaife to supply its LSD for all three generations of the Focus RS, as well as approving Quaife’s Fiesta and Focus ST products as aftermarket parts, is the perfect endorsement of the pedigree and quality of their products.

The new 2018 Fiesta ST will be offered with a Quaife ATB as a factory option and the company is to supply over 4000 ATBs for the Mk3 Focus RS Edition.

…and Quaife chooses Burtons! Quaife has selected a few of its highest-selling Ford aftermarket units to be made at its OEM rate of 100 per day. Due to More >


Connect Workshop Consumables has just introduced their new high-tech Grippaz disposable nitrile glove range to the UK market, and are confident that once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back to ordinary disposable nitrile or latex gloves.

Grippaz gloves are all about grip and feature a unique ‘fish-scale’ pattern on both internal and external surfaces which offers instant and effective grip, and the fish-scale pattern keeps its shape (and grip) when stretched, unlike other patterned gloves.

These latex-free gloves are designed for maximum dexterity; once worn for a few minutes they warm up and mould to your hand, and feel like a More >


Aeroflow’s square fabricated aluminium power steering fluid tanks hold 810ml/27oz of power steering fluid and come with integral mounting brackets. They are available in a choice of black or polished finishes as shown.

The tanks are baffled to prevent surge and come complete with a 1.5in billet cap.

Removable -10ORB and -6ORB to barb fittings are included. ORB to AN-fittings are available separately for custom plumbing applications and priced at £155.99 inc VAT.

For more info call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


Here’s a product that trackday attendees at Castle Combe circuit might well be aware of…

Some years ago Merlin Motorsport designed their own simple supplementary silencer/Muffler. It’s a round box of 4in diameter, 8in long and has a 2in perforation in the bore and is packed with E-Glass.

Merlin’s technicians weld a short length of exhaust pipe at one end and slip it over the exhaust. The end cap on the other end is tacked on with four welds so it’s possible to grind out the weld and repack the E-Glass. See the MERLIN MUFFLER here.

The Muffler can fit over the exhaust, in which More >


Holding a wheel hub steady when working on a driveshaft is one of these jobs that require a third hand. However, not with this wheel hub holding tool from Laser (part number 7090).

Simply bolt it across a couple of wheel studs or bolts and it holds the hub steady while the axle nut is removed.

Designed for use on vehicles with four-stud, five-stud, six-stud and eight-stud patterns and also lets you hold the hub and driveshaft steady while torquing-up the shaft securing screws. It can also be used to hold rear differential yokes on solid axle vehicles during bearing service.

The Laser More >