I was very impressed with the revised Riot model that made its debut at Stoneleigh, featuring many detailed revisions notably to suspension and chassis. The car also features the new Ford EcoBoost, initially in 1.6-litre, 200bhp guise.

Now under the control of ex-Formula Vee racer, Miles Southerton, the Riot has always been a joy, but now uses brand new off-the-shelf components and laser cut parts, with the chassis tubes made from CDS tubing, as are the wishbones.

Other engine options include the Ford Zetec family and Yamaha R1 bike powerplant, plus the diminiutive 1-litre EcoBoost will soon be available, too.

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Tribute Automotive was at Stoneleigh with a very busy stand and news of plenty of new models, as you’d probably expect, joining the existing Triumph-based A352 (D-type replica), and Mazda MX-5-based MX250.

Making its public debut at Stoneleigh was the BMW Z3-based Kobra (yep, with a ‘K’ not a ‘C’), which seemed to go down very well with showgoers, while Tribute boss, Chris Welch, told me about other new arrivals including 250SWB (on TVR Tasmin or BMW Z3), a Zagato replica on Mazda MX-5, plus two hot rod bodies – a ’27 Ford and a ’32 5-Window.

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Liked the look of the brace of cars on the RoadRunner Racing stand at Stoneleigh with a fine example of their popular Mazda MX-5-based SR2 kit on display plus the public debut of their new LM1 package.

The Le Mans LMP-inspired sportscar is a road-legal, single-seater with centre driving position that really is rather exquisite, featuring inboard pushrod suspension and round-tube chassis, with power options being either Suzuki GSX-R1000 or GSX-R1300 Hayabusa.

Although the shapes and many elements of the car are all-new the chassis is based around the original Martin Keenan-designed Sprint-R aka SR1, a single-seater with Yamaha R1 engine that More >


It’s not often that we see a new Cobra replica launched these days. However, in addition to Tribute’s Kobra pastiche, Stoneleigh also saw the launch outside of the KFM Motorsport range run by Shropshire-based, Adrian Beale, who told me post-show that he was astounded at the reaction to the line-up of snake-inspired bodies he displayed on the corner of Avenue A.

He chose to exhibit outside to gauge reaction before moving forward, something he definitely plans to do due to the response. “A few people looked down their nose, but by and large everyone was very complimentary.”

Adrian can offer both 289 More >


Manufactured in the UK and designed to be bolted into the passenger footwell of your car, this innovative Security Locker, from Tifosi, provides both a strong footrest for the passenger and also secure storage for valuables such as camera, passport, wallets and keys and is ideal for installation into convertibles and other vehicles where secure storage is not otherwise available. Manufactured in one-piece from extremely strong composite construction (we have tested the strength by actually putting a cars full weight on the box and there was no damage to the box at all!) the main body of the unit is More >


I’m always pleased to find out about new car care  products and I was pleased at Stoneleigh to meet Derrick and the team from Care-Avan who came to our stand to tell me about their Pride and Joy range of cleaning products.

Now, the fact they are formulated and manufactured here in the UK is great, but even better for us specialist car types is that the range has been specially formulated for use on painted glassfibre and pigmented gelcoat surfaces, processes that require different treatment to metal ones.

Some great polishes and waxes that work well on conventional bodies struggle and More >


Good to see ex-speedway ace and professional stuntman, Lex Milloy, return to show duties at last weekend’s Stoneleigh show with the all-new Storm Warrior 2 Thunder Wagon.

Although still a leviathan the new model is dwarfed by the original Storm Warrior, but Lex has come up with an innovative vehicle that is also IVA-exempt as it uses the un-modified floorpan of a Discovery Mk1 (or a Range Rover Classic).

Donors are plentiful (around 5000 still registered on UK roads) and often ratty, although for Lex’s kit you’ll be replacing all the ropey parts with new GRP panels, while you’ll find what you’re More >


Lurking on the Westfield Sportscars stand at Stoneleigh was a new derivative of the superb Mega S2000, which is a stunner powered by Honda F20a VTEC 2-litre from the S2000 sportscar, delivering around 237bhp.

Performance of the standard car is sublime, but the new supercharged version, the Mega S2000S promises to be mind-bending offering an additional 110bhp, with the Rotrex blower devised by Westfield in association with Omex Technology and TTS Performance.

It can ordered as a standalone vehicle or as a retro-fit (factory or DIY) to existing Mega S2000 model and although prices have yet to be announced expect a ticket More >


The new Merlin from Racekits, run by father and son team, Andy and Martin Kemp, is a DIY-racecar designed for Class C of the 750 Trophy series.

As such it is built to pre-1974 750 Formula regulations and uses components and methods that were available at that time – although some exceptions are allowed. The Merlin kit can also be used to build a hillclimb or sprint car using alternative engines and transmissions.

The Merlin is a front-engined sports racing car with a live rear axle, complying with 750 Motor Club and MSA regulations for eligibility and safety. It’s underpinned by a More >


Trigger-wheels Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the VVTpro standalone cam controller.

The Ford Zetec engine is a favourite for engine conversions, classics, kitcars and track cars and the ST170 version, in particular, delivers good power, is cost-effective, reliable and has great tuning potential. Engines such as the ST170 running variable cam timing are now becoming the norm but until now controlling the cam has been a problem.

Most people simply run their cams using the most cam turned to the most extreme profile at all times or have installed a simple switch on the dashboard to change between ‘mild’ and More >