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Welcome to totalkitcar online 

A warm welcome to totalkitcar online………I’ve always loved a ‘special’. I started out in the industry on a magazine called ‘Kit Cars & Specials’ after all.

Sadly, firstly, SVA, and now IVA, has put an end to most specials although there are still intrepid scratch builders doing their thing and producing one-off cars, thank goodness.

Of course, some have been received so well that they were put into kit production, such as Bill Harbron’s brilliant Fiat-based roadster, which was a brilliant thing. About 12 of them were sold and if you have one or know someone who has one, PLEASE More >


If you’re planning on changing the engine oil on your pride and joy over the weekend, then make the job easier on yourself by picking up one of these Oil Drain Kits from Laser Tools (part number 6087) when you buy your engine oil.

The kit includes a generous 6-litre capacity oil drain pan made from tough polypropylene that can be used again and again. Also included is a generously sized oil absorbing mat (500mm x 400mm) that will absorb oil, brake fluid and other petroleum-based fluids but repels water-based fluids and keeps the garage floor (or driveway!) tidy, plus a More >


WELCOME TO TOTALKITCAR ONLINE ………I hope you’ve been having a great week and that despite the often inclement weather you had a superb weekend. The sight of 1000 boats parading down the Thames brought a lump to my throat, particularly the Dunkirk ‘Little Ships’. Fab.

SNIPPETS 1…….. SHOW UPDATE – NEWARK – Hopefully building on the buzz from Stoneleigh, this year’s Newark show seems set to be a corker with both Razor and Penguin Buckland B3 Mk2 due to appear at the event, which takes place on June 16/17 at NEWARK & NOTTS SHOWGROUND…organiser Kevin Musson tells me that latest additions to the exhibitor’s More >