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Welcome to totalkitcar online

A warm welcome to totalkitcar online…This one made me chuckle. About two years ago, as part of their modernisation with online form filling and registration transfer via their website, the DVLA introduced an ‘Ask DVLA’ type thing where motorists using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa could find out stuff such as when their tax was due and the like. All you do is give them your registration number and pass a few other security questions.

EXCLUSIVE – YOU READ IT HERE FIRST – A brand new Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar that looks VERY exciting from our friends Phil and Andy More >


If you’re planning on changing the engine oil on your pride and joy over the weekend, then make the job easier on yourself by picking up one of these Oil Drain Kits from Laser Tools (part number 6087) when you buy your engine oil.

The kit includes a generous 6-litre capacity oil drain pan made from tough polypropylene that can be used again and again. Also included is a generously sized oil absorbing mat (500mm x 400mm) that will absorb oil, brake fluid and other petroleum-based fluids but repels water-based fluids and keeps the garage floor (or driveway!) tidy, plus a More >