Power Seal from leading car care specialists Auto Finesse is ideal for enthusiasts who like a bit of advanced goodness for their cars.

The product is a paint sealant that features advanced cross-linking polymers that can last up to a year on your car’s bodywork.

Although it can be applied by hand for the very best results it should be applied with the aid of a DA or rotary orbital polishing machine that leaves a gloss-like finish.

You’ll also need to ensure that the car’s bodywork is clean and free of other wax residue so prep first with panel wipe or and Isopropyl More >


Burton Power now offers a complete dry sump kit to fit Ford Duratec HE engines. The kit is a single pressure, single scavenge dry pump kit and eliminates the need for an external pump, pulley and belt drive (the big problem area for more conventional dry sump arrangements).

This dry sump kit has been designed with the assistance of one of motorsport’s best engine designers and is perfect for all inline applications from road to full race.

Although there are other kits that place the pump internally in the sump this kit benefits from a lengthy, in-depth development and the lessons learned More >


The boffins and designers at Autoglym’s UK HQ have clearly taken a leaf out of the beauty industry’s book with their latest product release; the all-new Ultra High Definition Shampoo.

Keen to make washday something of a multi-sensory experience, Autoglym has gone all-out to create something really rather special with this latest product, with a shampoo that looks good, works incredibly, smells divine and even feels fabulous! It’s not just the car that’s going to enjoy this experience, that’s for sure!

Let’s start with the lather… the last time you saw foam this thick and luxurious, you were either in the bath, seriously larging More >


Just The Tonic Tar & Glue Remover, from Autobrite Direct is a hydrocarbon-based formula that contains no nasties or chlorinated solvents or methanol.

It is very effective at getting shot of tar, glue and road residue and is safe on most painted surfaces and works.

A 500ml bottle costs £10 and is available from ENDS.


Forge Motorsport has released details of its superb new turbo blanket that will fit most turbocharged cars to give several benefits.

The main function of this blanket is to isolate the radiant heat normally produced by any ‘charger during normal operation. Forge originally created this product for its own Mk1 turbocharged ‘Berg Cup’ race car – and found it to be hugely effective in reducing under-bonnet temperatures in even the harshest of conditions – and under gruelling race and track day temperatures.

Reducing under-bonnet temperatures is always a good idea, as generally speaking, it will help to prolong the life of most More >


During the winter months, preventing damp and the build-up of moisture in a garage can be a headache. Chris Michael from Meaco, a leading UK supplier of dehumidifiers and air purifiers, gives advice on preventing this annual winter nightmare

As the temperature falls, condensation rises, creating moisture, which will eventually cause mould and damp. Just turning up the heating in the winter will not get rid of condensation, and is not always a practical solution in a garage. A damp property means damp air, and raising the heating will only heat up the wet air molecules, rather than raise the room More >


Webcon has announced that it can now supply genuine Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulators for turbocharged carburettor engines.

Part number WFR601 is priced at £63.82 inc VAT and features 8mm push on unions as follows – HP fuel supply in – Return to tank – Turbo input – Output to carburettor

Available now from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Whether maintaining existing wiring, or fitting a new set of fog lights to your kit or classic car, these two kits from Gunson supply the essentials for a complete and tidy electrical wiring installation. The Electrical Connector Kit (part number 77070) includes over 300 items such as insulated terminals, heat shrink tubing, spade connectors, ring connectors, cable ties and fixing rings. A must-have kit for anyone working on classic or modern vehicles.

The Heat Shrink Tubing kit (part number 77041) offers a comprehensive selection of pre-cut heat shrink sheaths in both black and coloured varieties. At 45mm in length, they are More >


New from Rally Design are these new drop-forged aluminium billet upright assemblies that will be of real interest as they feature Ford Cortina geometry as fitted to umpteen kitcars, of course.

Including mounting bracket to suit Wilwood Powerlite caliper, drop-forged steel steering arms and stainless taper bushes mating with Ford Transit top drag-link and Austin Maxi lower balljoint.

It’s a proven and inexpensive solution for kitcar front uprights.

Price remains unchanged at unchanged at £224 inc VAT per pair with more information from ENDS.


Hard to believe the little Coupe is fifty this year

It’s fifty years since Bernard Cox first launched his super little Mini-based Grand Touring Mini at the Racing Car show of 1967. Over 600 were sold in various incarnations, the lion’s share via Paddy Fitch and the late Peter Beck’s GTM Cars operation between 1980-1996.

Former GTM racer, Derek Hambly and his son, Ed, are resurrecting the little car and plan to unveil their new demo car at this year’s Stoneleigh show (National Kit Car Motor Show – April 30/May 1) although due to the current custodians of the ‘GTM’ name not More >