New from Blitzworld is the new Vigilante Sport road-legal buggy. It is available in two forms fully built and as a kit. The turnkey versions can be powered by Ford Zetec engine priced from £24,995 or with a Honda i-VTEC (Type R-spec) from £29,995.

The buggy is built to order and can be customised to suit customer requirements and is designed for on- or off-road use with its high-performance suspension and ATV tyres. Road wheels and tyres can also be fitted offering a smoother ride with high-performance tyres.

The 2-litre Ford Zetec engine offers 140bhp standard and can be tuned easily. The More >


Westfield Sportscars has become the first UK kitcar manufacturer to offer interest-free finance on its full range of self-build vehicles.


Westfield’s sales and marketing director, Simon Westwood said: “With many of our customers now acquiring their main family car on finance or on lease, it makes sense for Westfield to be able to offer the same flexible type of purchase options.”

Westfield currently offers a diverse range of performance options across their range, from the Classic Special Edition (kit from £17,638) to the mighty Sport 250 (kit from £26,799) and the timeless Westfield XI (from £10,999 – requires donor vehicle).

This diverse range More >


For the ardent automotive enthusiast, there’s nothing worse than returning to your parked car to find a ‘message’ from a recent low-flying bird. Factor in the current heatwave conveniently baking it into a hard crust within just a few hours, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a paintwork nightmare!

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be that way. By keeping a packet of Autoglym Bird Dropping wipes in your glovebox, you can become your very own ‘bomb disposal’ expert in seconds.

Bird-poo isn’t just unsightly, of course. Thanks to the acids and limes in the berries, seeds and fruits that many of More >



With the current heatwave sweeping across the UK and the nation under pressure to reduce water consumption, keeping your car clean isn’t the easiest of tasks.

However, thanks to a new waterless range from Armor All, it has just become a lot simpler!

The Armor All waterless range allows drivers to ensure their car is clean and sparkling, without the need for even a drop of water. The range includes the Waterless Wash & Wax Spray, Express Wash & Wax Wipes and Speed Wax Wipes, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining that showroom shine as the summer water shortages continue.

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All aluminium radiators will corrode due to contact with water and although the corrosion of alloys is not as obvious as the rusting of steel or iron it still has the potential to cause problems in time.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem; that uses the naturally occurring electrochemical potential difference between different metallic elements to provide protection.

Put simply, by including a metal that corrodes more easily than aluminium in the cooling system the corrosion potential of the aluminium is reduced, bringing it closer to an immune state.

This can be achieved by fitting a zinc sacrificial anode into More >


These Blackline units from Rally Design, utilise the latest inverter welding technology resulting in machines that are half the weight of old copper transformer units.

The power is controlled electronically giving an infinite range of power adjustment with fine control. Customers describe the MIG200 as perfect for an amateur or professional and easily produces good welds every time.

This 50amp plasma cutter is perfect for cutting on vehicle bodywork with minimal distortion and ease of control.

These machines offer great value with the 200amp MIG welder at £234.44 inc VAT and the 50amp plasma cutter at £214.80 inc VAT.

More information from 01227 792 792 or

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Even a stock camshaft needs to be timed correctly. If you want to get the maximum benefit from a ‘hot’ cam it is doubly important that the timing is correct. The duplex vernier adjustable timing gear-set uses sets of dowel holes with two-degree increments and the best chain available (2H4905EVO).

When done properly your cam will be within one degree of right (the use of a 1-degree offset key means that you can be exact!)

The kit includes billet steel upper and lower gears plus a quality non-stretch EVO chain.

The factory ‘dot-to-dot’ method of cam timing can, because of manufacturing tolerances, be More >


In addition to their existing range of automotive cable, Connect Workshop Consumables has recently introduced a new range of mini-reels of high-quality cable in a variety of colours and capacities from 5-amp up to 27-amp.

Three varieties of speaker cable are also included in the mini reel range. These are general purpose low voltage cables manufactured to BS 6862, suitable for use in automotive and marine applications in temperatures up to 70°C. The PVC insulation is resistant to petrol, diesel and lubricating oils and the cable is supplied on a convenient plastic mini reel.

The 9/0.30 (9 strands of 0.30mm diameter cable), More >


One aimed at our American readers – Wallflowers need not apply say Summit Racing, who reckon that Thrush Rattler Mufflers are anything but quiet with a reverberating growl that will wake your neighbours and make them wish they lived next to a train depot instead of down the street from you.

These items are a single chamber design for a very aggressive, in your face tone. The fully welded mufflers are made from aluminised steel with high-temperature black matte finish and are directional and non-reversible.

Each Thrush Rattler Muffler has a centre inlet/centre outlet for a seamless installation experience. The mufflers have More >


A great kitcar that is often overlooked is the Aeon GT, which was designed by John Hewat. Although John has moved on, Aeon Sportscars still actively market the kit, but in recent years have concentrated on their agricultural work and incredibly busy fabrication side of their business, which sees them making anything from wishbones to chassis; from tanks to commercial stuff.

However, Aeon boss, Keith Wood, is keen to press on with reminding us that the GT still exists and indeed has recently been revamped into a v2 model, which now sees power coming from a Ford EcoBoost 1.6-litre engine. The More >