The B-G Racing Folding Paper Towel Roll Dispenser is designed to accommodate both large and small blue paper towel rolls and features a serrated blade to provide a clean, straight cut.

Its size and weight make it easily manoeuvrable, so it is perfect for use at home as well as in the workshop or garage. When not in use it simply folds flat for ease of storage and transportation.

Suitable for rolls with a minimum core diameter of 17mm (0.67in) and a maximum width of 400mm (15¾in) and is priced at £41.99 inc VAT.

For more details call 01268 764 411 or visit More >


A Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar that has kept a slightly low profile in recent times is the Legend, devised and formerly marketed by Pete Lathrope at GKD Sportscars. It’s now under the control of DMO Sportscars run by Steven Bruyninckx.

The BMW-based kit is a truly excellent product and can use the mechanicals of either E36 or E46 generations of the Bavarian manufacturer’s 3-Series or ‘Dreier’ to our German friends.

The car utilises a good chunk of the donor over and above the engine and gearbox including major stuff like driveshafts, differential, steering assembly and brakes right down to handbrake and gearlever and More >


It goes without saying that I’m a bit of car care devotee and probably spend far too much time keeping my cars as shiny and well-presented as I can. I also like to publicise on the website the products I use that I feel make a difference.

One I’ve used just recently hails from American brand Adams Polishes in the form of their Quick Detail product, that can be used for a quick between wax shine, as a clay lube or as a ‘topper’, the final shine after you’ve cleaned, polished, waxed and sealed your car’s body surface.

There are several quick More >


There’s been a few ingenious and let’s be honest, pretty good alternative DIY/home car storage solutions of late, including Clarke’s temporary garage range and the brilliant Roll-Out Trailer.

The latest and one that really fills a gap in the market is absolutely ideal for kit or racecar owners, is the CarapaceÒ (meaning the hard-shell of a crustacean, incidentally) from Jeran Innovations.

It’s a unique GRP structure created for those who have storage and/or parking issues such as no garage or no space to build one and it also keeps a car safely tucked away but also protected from prying eyes and the More >



I’ve been really impressed with Black Pearl Tyre & Trim Armour a water- and polymer-based coating for your tyres that forms a dry film on the surface. The maker’s claim that lasts much longer than conventional oil-based dressings and it can last for up to six-months in normal road conditions (whatever they actually are these days!).

The polymers within Black Pearl are similar to those used in exterior paints and doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds, isn’t flammable, toxic or irritating to skin and doesn’t ‘sling’ or smear.

It isn’t affected by pressure washers or the car wash at your local fuel More >


The vast majority of Cobra replicas use Jaguar donor components to varying degrees not to mention most classic Jaguar replicas, of course, which tend to also use an XK straight-six engine, too.


Jaguar XJ6 and XJ40s are big bulky cars, can often be a minefield to buy in terms of provenance, not to mention the prospect of a big old XJ sitting on her indoors’ driveway. Whereas she’d be delighted to see an F-type or a classic Mk2 she might be so pleased to see a clunker XJ6 with a flat tyre or two.

Therefore, it might be prudent to source the More >


Soda Blasting is an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, cleaning process using specially formulated granules of bicarbonate of soda and controlled amounts of compressed air. This soda blasting pistol from Laser Tools (part number 7137) works with a workshop compressed air supply and gives impressive results with no damage to the substrate.

Soda is a very soft abrasive and soda blast cleaning is non-destructive as the soda particles shatter upon impact providing a thorough cleaning action that leaves a harmless and safe water-soluble residue.

There are numerous applications: it is ideal for engine components, it cleans, degreases and removes carbon deposits effectively, and is completely More >


Now you can customise your MOMO steering wheel by switching to a different design of MOMO horn button. Colour key or contrast with your interior.

Available colours: Gloss Blue – Chrome MOMO Arrow Logo Gloss Red – Chrome MOMO Arrow Logo Gloss Black – Yellow MOMO Heritage Logo Chrome – Yellow MOMO Arrow Logo Chrome – Chrome MOMO Arrow Logo Gloss Black – Yellow MOMO Arrow Logo Matt Black – Chrome MOMO Arrow Logo Gloss Anthracite – Chrome MOMO Arrow Logo

Price: £19.55 each inc VAT with fitment information available at or you can call 01268 764 411 ENDS.

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Burton Power reckons that this is the most efficient dry sump system currently available. It is suitable for YB Cosworth (N/A and turbo) and SOHC Pinto engines from clubman level up to serious full race.

The kit includes: a smooth cast aluminium sump pan with a sealing O-ring to the block face, mounting bosses for a crank sensor bracket, twin filtered scavenge pick-ups and an integral baffle assembly.

The sump also contains various external mounting points, which make it possible to use a custom-made cradle to mount the four-wheel drive difference. while clearance is provided for the driveshaft. The pump mounts on More >


So, I’ve got one of those BMW’s that certain types of weasels can break into by re-programing a dummy key using some form of ill-gotten witchcraft. One of those little faraday bags hopefully heads that one off at the pass.

However, I heard the other day that thieves are cutting steering wheels off cars as they have considerable value on the black market. Indeed, I spoke to an RAC man who told me that he had to attend a call out just like that last week

Time to return to good old-fashioned analogue forms of securing our property, although for the steering More >