Moss Europe has announced new five-speed gearbox conversion kits for the MGA and MGB. 

The kits are based on a brand new Mazda MX-5 gearbox and give the MGA and MGB the slick gear changes that have become synonymous with the MX-5, together with a fifth gear for relaxed cruising.

They are supplied fully-assembled with a bespoke cast bellhousing and casing designed to fit directly to the MG’s engine back-plate. The bellhousing flange has been designed to resemble the standard gearbox thus preserving engine bay originality.

Each conversion kit uses the flywheel applicable to the engine, an appropriate clutch cover and a Mazda OE More >


Laser Tools is well-known for specialist solutions and their new hose clamp removal tool (part number 6938) is specifically designed to release Henn-type connector clamps used commonly on air, intercooler and cooling system hoses.

The design of this type of clamp needs a specialist tool to withdraw the spring clip to release the fitting. The Laser 6938 is a compact design for ease of access in cramped conditions and the release head also swivels through 90º to further assist access. Pulling or rotating the T-handle neatly withdraws the spring clip and releases the clamp.

No need to wrestle with screwdrivers or pliers, More >


A manufacturer that keeps a very low-profile is Tomcat Motorsport. The Lincolnshire-based company was set up in 2001 to manufacture the Drew Bowler-designed Tomcat range after he moved on to the Wildcat model.

Tomcat 100

Founded by Paul Williamson, Ian Frame and Steve Wells the Tomcat range consists of five separate variants – 80 (smallest and short wheelbase version ideally suited to the discipline of trials), 88 (aimed at the ARC market and arguably the most versatile Tomcat model), 93 (based on Land Rover 90), 100 (the most popular based on Range Rover Classic or Discovery) and 106 (full-on competition version that More >


This new ratchet action pipe cutter from Laser Tools (part number 6736) combines a very handy and compact pipe cutter with a lightweight but very robust alloy ratchet handle.

The pipe cutter is easily attached to the handle which provides a very smooth and positive ratchet action. Although ideal for automotive brake and fuel lines, the cutter will open out to a full 15 millimetres which offers great versatility. For example, it will make light work of cutting a 15mm copper heating pipe.

However, without the ratchet handle, the cutter’s handy size makes it easy to use underneath a vehicle when cutting More >


GM’s Active Fuel Management System (AFM) is designed to help V6- and V8-powered vehicles meet fuel economy standards. However, it has an annoying habit of kicking in when you need every cylinder firing.

The Range AFM Disabler Device will prevent the AFM system from dropping cylinders so your vehicle stays in full six- or eight-cylinder mode all the time. Just plug the Range device into the onboard OBD-II port. Range uses messages sent over the factory CAN-Bus system to ‘tell’ the ECU to stay in full power mode. That means the AFM is disabled at the source and your vehicle will More >


Storing spare tyres safely can be a chore. Avoiding flat-spots is the aim and it’s not always easy when space in a garage or workshop is at a premium.

This excellent and affordable solution will help reduce the chances of wheels being damaged or tyre deformation. Condensation can also be a problem when storing tyres but this free-standing stand negates that thanks to improved air-flow.

It is light and easy-to-assemble and made from aluminium and can take a maximum load of 100kg and/or four rims with or without tyres fitted, up to 225mm width, and this is going to be attractive to More >


Our alloy wheels are tasked with one of the most demanding jobs of any single automotive component; effectively on the front line and exposed to the elements 24/7, your alloys must shrug off the weather, extremes of temperature and man-made contaminants, all of which increase in frequency as autumn gives way to winter. Only too aware that the majority of car owners want nothing more than to protect their ‘summer wheels,’ Wolfrace has opted to expand its range of alloys suited for use throughout the winter months, the ‘Silver’ GB range.

While the Wolfrace GB range isn’t exclusively for winter wheels, More >


Like any power-pack, a car battery can run out of juice, and usually when it’s least convenient.

Halfords is offering to test your battery for free and fit a new one, if needed, from just £15.

There’s no need to book, just head to your local Halfords store.

More information from ENDS.


Driving at night can be challenging. There is a reduction in a driver’s overall vision, objects are unclear and road-signs are less obvious from further away.

To improve visibility, Ring has once again set the standards in vehicle lighting with the launch of the new Xenon150 performance halogen bulb. It puts up to 150 per cent more light on the road compared to a standard bulb without compromising the operating life, making it the longest lasting +150 per cent bulb on the market.

Xenon150 uses the latest advancements in filament technology. The filament has been engineered to be shorter, with a tighter More >


When repairing damaged wiring or when adding electrical accessories, nothing looks worse that poorly crimped electrical connectors and bits of coloured electrical insulation tape littering the engine bay. That’s not even mentioning the safety aspects. However, using the proper tools and professional connectors will ensure a neat, robust and safe wiring job that will look good on both classic and modern cars. This ratchet crimping tool (part number 7002) from Laser Tools and the Assorted Automotive Electric Supaseal Connector kit from Connect Consumables (part number 37225) will give you the results you require.

The ratchet crimping tool is designed specifically for More >