FOLIATEC’s aim has always been to provide the tools for unconventional thinkers and non-conformists to produce distinctive and dramatic vehicles; an aim which is endorsed by the company’s by-line: BE DIFFERENT with FOLIATEC®.com. The latest FOLIATEC®.com catalogue is packed with new products that follow this theme…Each of the products embodies the idea of uniqueness. For instance: The attractive ‘Lug Nuts’ look – which came from the Japanese tuning scene – is easily achieved with a LugNuzzCover set, without having to change the wheel fixings. The colourful aluminium sleeves simply attach to the existing wheel bolts and are then held in place More >


Kitcar enthusiasts often have to struggle with the tight confines within their engine bays, making the filling and/or topping-up with fluids an often difficult process.

Well, if you can see it you can probably get to it with this flexible, narrow-necked funnel from Laser Tools (part number 7029). Although the funnel was designed specifically to gain access to motorcycle gearbox oil fillers, it is so versatile that it can be used for any fluid filler that is tucked away and difficult to access, whether it is coolant or brake fluid.

Manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene, the funnel features a cranked 240mm long spout More >


Popped in to see Grandstand Coachworks recently. The Wiltshire-based classic restoration company now has the ex-Bill Monk WAM K3 under their control and is busy preparing their first example for launch this summer.

Bill sold the project after deciding to retire and his Aston DB3-inspired kit is a real peach. It’s based around BMW mechanicals and although Grandstand will be making some changes they are keen not to go too far away from Bill’s template.

Only fully-built examples will be available with prices yet to be set although bodies should be available in GRP or aluminium.

More information from (and HERE soon) ENDS.

Although More >


Merlin Motorsport has announced that Samco high-performance silicone hoses are now available with a vintage black wrap finish.

The classic-looking fabric wrap on the outer of the hoses offers period looks, yet still utilises Samco’s proven silicone manufacturing technology and as with all Samco hoses, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Any Samco hose is available in this finish and the price is based on a 15 per cent increase over the ‘standard’ Samco hose price. See Merlin’s dedicated page on SAMCO HOSE AND HOSE KITS with more information available via or at the other end of 01249 782 101 ENDS.


More >


Laser Tools has announced their brand new 840-page 2018 tool catalogue, fully revised and updated, to offer you the UK’s most exciting and innovative range of tools, workshop equipment, HSE, PPE and much, much more!

This year’s catalogue is bursting at the seams with over 720 new items listed out of a range of over 3960 lines. The range of special tools grows constantly, tools designed to make easy work of difficult and awkward jobs.

The new catalogue has straightforward, easy-to-use sections, comprising General Hand Tools, Specialist Bits, Workshop Tools, Specialist Automotive, Motorcycle Tools, Light Commercial Vehicle Tools, HGV Tools, Engine Timing Tools and lots of lovely More >


The dual-purpose MIG 145 No-Gas/Gas MIG welder from Machine Mart offers the advantages of standard MIG welding without the need for gas bottles, producing excellent results in various conditions.

This popular welder is ideal for automotive repair and other DIY jobs on mild steel up to 4mm thick. With features such as a professional-style non-live torch, which can be put down while working without sparking, electronic wire speed control and thermal overload protection with auto-reset.

In terms of power, settings can be adjusted from 35-135amps and the welder operates from a standard domestic 230V power supply.

To get you started, some flux corded More >


What’s so cool about Aeromotive’s Brushless Fuel Pumps? It’s all in the motor. Instead of an armature that makes contact with – and eventually wears out – a set of brushes, the brushless motor in Aeromotive’s fuel pumps use magnets that rotate around a stationary armature.

An externally-mounted speed controller manages the phase shift to keep the motor in motion, providing precise control of fuel pressure under tight tolerances. That means a pump that uses less current, runs cooler and is more reliable and long-lived than pumps with a traditional ‘brushed’ motor.

Summit Racing offers Aeromotive Brushless Fuel Pumps in two distinct More >


The B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame is produced from aluminium with a durable black powdercoated finish. It is supplied with a B-G Racing Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge, which together offers quick and simple camber measurement for both left- and right-handed users on vehicles with wheel rim sizes up to 20in diameter and is priced at £185.99 inc VAT.

Used in conjunction with the B-G Racing Turn Plates (BGR301) or EZ Sweep Castor Slip Plates (BGR302), the B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame can also be used to provide accurate castor measurements.

The Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge reads camber and castor from More >


Boom Mat®, the interior heat and sound control division of DEI, has introduced a new lightweight thermal-acoustic insulation product, D-Mat, that is proven to reduce heat up to 65 per cent while significantly decreasing bothersome road noise.

Designed for both heat reduction and sound absorption it makes the cabin interior much quieter and cooler for a more enjoyable ride. Potential uses include doors, package trays, firewalls, speaker decks and headliners where it easily compresses to fit.

D-Mat is recommended for all high-performance applications so can be used to insulate even difficult areas. Made from a polymer blend, with a scrim backing, it More >


If you are into car audio, the latest product from Pioneer (AVH-Z2000BT) could be of interest. It’s a multimedia player that manages to strike the perfect balance between class-leading functionality, usability and price and it can now be ordered via Pioneer UK.

In line with many of its siblings in the AVH sub-range, the AVH-Z2000BT has been anchored around connectivity and ease of integration, which in practice means that it has been designed to enable you to maximise the functions offered by modern smartphones and other handheld devices – and Apple CarPlay is perhaps the best example of this.

Pioneer hasn’t just More >