MG Rover parts kings, XPart now has the full range of Ivor Searle remanufactured products available on a DFS (Direct From Supplier) basis.

Ivor Searle has a massive stock of remanufactured engines, gearboxes, cylinder heads and turbos. Most products will be delivered to XPart parts distributors within 24-hours, carriage is included for mainland UK deliveries (excluding Highland and Grampian Scotland).

Ivor Searle have been one of the UK’s leading independent producers of remanufactured engines for over 70 years, and they pride themselves on the quality of their remanufactured products, all certified to the appropriate BS or ISO standards.

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More new products added to the Kit Spares catalogue recently include –

NEW ATR Orange Fuel Filler Cap.

AIMS Motorsport Dataloggers, Dashloggers and lap timers now available.

Delphi Front Vented Brake Discs for Vauxhall Opel fitments

More from or 01623 880 990 ENDS.


Edelbrock has recently expanded their fuel pump range to include these news Universal Micro Electric items.

The new pumps deliver maximum performance in a compact package and reduce the chances of vapour lock and flooding. Three pumps are available and all feature 1/8in NPT inlet port and 5/16in barb outlet port.

Two petrol variants are available – 30GPH/114LPH and 38GHP/144LPH and feature a gravity-fed inline, self-priming and regulating design with an easy-to-set-up two-wire design and both can be used as lift or transfer pumps.

The pumps are for use with standard 12-volt negative earth systems with a 1-amp draw at maximum delivery and More >


Newly introduced by Warwickshire-based Laser Tools, this portable inspection camera (part number 6934) allows you to easily perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas. Its lightweight, handheld design means that it is extremely portable, and the very flexible semi-rigid camera probe is one-metre long and just 3.9mm in diameter.

The very narrow camera probe means that the inspection camera has numerous applications from inspecting engines and engine components, to inspecting cables or pipes in or behind walls. A 90° mirror attachment for increased versatility is also included.

For many trades this inspection camera can be a great asset; not only can you More >


Well done to Rich Howlett for taking the triple prize

Hot on the heels of back-to-back concours wins at the 2017 Nostalgia Show, Leicestershire and The 2017 Car & Bike Roadshow, Cambridgeshire. Ex-Lola-man, Rich Howlett’s Lotus Seven-inspired Hardtop Coupé design made it a triple, beating off all the elite classic and sportscar competition at this year’s annual Masterclass awards held at Knebworth House, Hertfordshire over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Competing against elite show cars the event annually attracts in excess of 2000 exhibitors with some of the best cars on the show scene on display. Visitors to the event see Supercars, More >


Even for those that love detailing their car, it’s usually the wheels that cause the biggest amount of grief and elbow grease. Thankfully, Autoglym has the well-proven solution, in the easily-applied form of their super-effective ‘Clean Wheels’ product. No prizes for guessing what it does…

Having being lovingly developed – and continuously improved – over the years, Clean Wheels offers a simple ‘Spray, Scrub, Rinse’ solution for almost all types of painted alloy wheels, as well as all plastic wheel trims.  Best applied using Autoglym’s Hi Tech Wheel Brush to agitate the product (and get it into all those tricky nooks More >


Get the best of both worlds – acceleration and easy motorway cruising – with a Mini Spares five-speed gearbox. All come fully assembled and ready to install.

Both helical and straight cut gears are available and they can be specified with either the original open differential, Mini Spares cross pin or limited slip differential.

The gearbox is suitable for 1275-1380cc engines (except those with extra boosted turbos). The gear case has undergone extensive modification and upgrading by Mini Spares with no fewer than 58 improvements to the linkage and gear components.

The gearbox features a closer ratio gear set than the standard four-speed More >


Burton Power has announced that they can now supply ultra-lightweight titanium valve-spring retainers for Ford SOHC Pinto, CVH and Essex V4/V6 engines.

The retainers are suitable for models that use these engines and include many of the most popular Fords such as the Capri, Cortina Mk3 onwards, Escort/Orion, Granada and Scorpio, Sierra, Transit, Fiesta including the Mk2 XR2, XR2i and RS Turbo as well as older classics like the V6 Zephyr Mk4 and Zodiac Mk4.

These engines were also used in other marques, including many kitcars and the retainers are also suitable for the Pinto powered TVR Tamsin 200 2.0, the Ford More >


Webcon has added a 24v fuel pump to its range of ultra-reliable, low-pressure fuel pumps and part number WFP511 is designed for large-capacity carburetted petrol engines and has the following specification:

Flow: 35 gallons per hour free flow Voltage: 24v Pressure: 5-9 psi Fittings: 3/8 hose

WFP511 is supplied with mounting bracket, fuel line clips and hose tails to facilitate mounting into metal fuel lines and is priced at £65.95 inc VAT.

Webcon can also supply a range of 6v, 12v and 24v carburettor pressure fuel pumps.

Available now at the other end of 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.

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Lots of engine builders, particularly those in the USA, like to use diesel motor oil as a break-in lubricant for new engines because it contains plenty of zinc (ZDDP) to protect flat tappet camshafts.

It’s said that this oil is being replaced with a new formulation, API CK-4, that reduces levels of ZDDP, on the order of 800 parts per million (ppm). That’s not enough to prevent premature cam wear or even failure in engines with flat tappet camshafts.

Fortunately, the oil experts at Joe Gibbs Driven offer BR-Series Break-In Oil that contains highest levels of zinc and phosphorus to promote piston ring seal and provide More >