Don’t shout it too loudly, but apparently, Summer is just around the corner! This is great news for drivers as they get to enjoy longer, warmer nights and fabulous, sunny roadtrips. It’s not always great news for your air-conditioning, though. As you punch that snowflake button for the first time in months in a bid to keep the cabin cool, you’re often greeted by a most unpleasant smell…

You can blame it on the dog or the kids, of course, but there’s a very good chance that it’s actually coming from your air conditioning system itself. Having sat for a little More >


Latest additions to the growing range of Powerflex polyurethane bushes are engine mount torque bushes for MG TF.

Similar in construction to the company’s firmer suspension bushes for the TF, the new mounts stiffen things up over the standard items and mean that the engine moves less as a result, which Powerflex says also results in improved gearchanges, something that TF’s can suffer from.

Priced at £26.94 inc VAT, the bushes come with a lifetime warranty and can be ordered via or by calling 01895 460 033 ENDS.


Webcon has just released a complete trigger disc kit to suit the Jaguar XK straight six 4.2-litre engine.

The Trigger Disk Kit WTK006 is essential when fitting mapped ignition or a full engine management system. It features superb quality, custom made parts including a trigger disc, spacer and sensor mount, as well as an OEM quality Magneti Marelli crank sensor.

WTK006 retails at £246.15 inc VAT and is available now from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


The subject for our ARCHIVE section this week just happens to be the Cape Advanced Vehicles CAV GT and we’ve covered the model history on our STEVE SAYS page but as the car remains available in its homeland of South Africa while they also have a new UK distributor too, in the shape of The Autostore, based in Cambridgeshire.

Taken over by Auto Futura in 2005 they soon reverted back to the CAV marque name and currently offer three versions of their GT40 replica, with the classic GT featuring the Gen3 version of their stainless steel monocoque and Porsche 930 transaxle.

Power More >


Sevens and Classics Ltd is now able to offer the opportunity to hire the fabulous Caterham Seven for open road touring, between the months of April and October. Their hire car is the larger SV model, enabling customers of all sizes to be catered for.

Hire Rates, which include VAT and insurance are as follows:

One Weekday (Monday to Saturday): £175 Two Consecutive Weekdays: £325 Weekend (Saturday morning to Sunday evening): £325 Long Week-end (Friday morning to Sunday evening or Saturday morning to Monday evening): £450 Full Week: £1000

All hire charges include 120 free miles per day. Subsequent mileage is charged More >


New from Car Builder Solutions are these chest-beating exhaust sidepipes ideal if you want to give your Cobra replicas instant added muscle.

1.42m long they are produced from 304-grade 1.8mm TIG-welded stainless steel with removable spun end cap with a 95mm diameter beaded tailpipe and 3mm mounting bracket with 11mm hole.

The bracket assembly can be rotated within the silencer body to enable a perfect fit and the silencer is packed with Vetratex wadding to help keep noise sensible(ish).

The four inlet pipes are made with a 75mm welded-in inner sleeve with an i/d of 45mm although if you grind off the seam More >


Unless you’re a devout vegan, you’re probably firmly of the opinion that nothing looks, feels and of course, smells quite as fabulous as a perfectly-prepared leather car interior. As the final luxurious finishing touch to any motor, you simply can’t beat acres of hide beneath your bits. Keen to keep yours looking pristine (your leather, that is) Autoglym has unleashed its epically-effective Leather Clean and Protect Kit onto the world.

Properly cared for, leather truly is the most hard-wearing and comfortable of all interior finishes. However, being a natural product, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking at More >


Burton Power has announced the introduction of oversized pistons in a new size that was previously unavailable.

The pistons are ideal for Kent engines running +0.090in pistons, which are now in need of a rebore. In the past, this would have meant going to expensive forged pistons (+.090in was the maximum size for a cast piston) or finding another engine block.

The pockets have 4in deep valve pockets meaning they will fit most performance camshafts (including 234 and 244) without any further piston modifications and are cast with highly stable invar inserts similar to the original Hepolite replacements.

The compression ratio will be More >


RaceChip Pro 2 promises kitcar enthusiasts commanding power on the straights and exciting acceleration out of the bends.

The maker’s claim that the driving experience in your car will become more intense and emotive throughout the rev range with substantial improvements to the power and torque figures.

The RaceChip Pro 2 offers an overall package using premium components, and connects simply to your vehicle and comes with a comprehensive service package that includes both a one-year engine warranty (T&C apply) and a five-year product warranty. All of this for a price that offers great value for money.

There are currently over 2000 vehicle applications More >


New from Summit Racing are these SCAT dual port long blocks, which have high-performance ‘baked’ right into them and are ready for your induction system, headers, and ignition.

The long blocks feature a new engine case, cylinder jugs with forged pistons, cylinder heads, and new component parts:

  • Eight-pin cast crankshaft
  • Chromoly I-beam connecting rods
  • Chromoly steel gland nut and thick washer
  • Performance grind camshaft with cam gear
  • Lightweight solid lifters
  • Chromoly 1.25 ratio rocker arms with solid rocker shafts and swivel valve adjusting screws
  • Steel pushrods
  • Heavy-duty oil pump
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • Stainless steel five-tab valve covers
  • Doghouse oil cooler

Available Engine Sizes

  • 1700cc Type 2/4
  • 1800cc Type 2/4
  • 1835cc Type 1
  • 1915cc Type 1
  • 2000 and 2056cc Type More >