New from Edelbrock is the new Pro-Flo 4 fuel injection system, which uses a carburettor-style intake manifold and throttle body like most aftermarket EFI set-ups do. However, it differs by using multi-port injection with fuel rails and eight injectors mounted on the manifold.

Fuel delivery is timed with the intake valve opening and delivered into the airflow stream right before it enters the combustion chamber, while the throttle body is for air delivery only.

The Pro-Flo 4 also features a self-learning ECU with a faster processor and an upgraded Bluetooth chip that is quicker, more reliable and doesn’t ‘drop’ out. It’s easier More >


The first thing to say about Angelwax Bilberry wheel wax is its intense red colour and be warned it will stain your plush microfiber cloth with its deep, red colour, so best to use an applicator or old cloth.

Other than that it’s an excellent product that gives a protective coating to alloy wheels although as a hard paste-type wax you really don’t need very much as a little goes a very long way.

Apply it to a clean, cool wheel, leave it to go hazy for no more than ten minutes and just buff-off. Angelwax reckons that for truly exceptional results More >


Good news for Great British Sports cars this week as they received an official Safety Cage Certificate from MSA, meaning that the new FIA Race chassis is now fully FIA-approved and is the latest development for the Zero range.

Its integrated roll-over protection system (ROPS) is designed around the latest FIA requirements to ensure maximum safety when needed the most. This new chassis is actually lighter than their previous MSA-compliant race chassis despite having several metres of additional tubing and reinforcement.

This is down to the thinner wall section of the high-grade CDS tubing used to construct the ROPS, which itself complies More >


I’m an avid watcher of the Forensic Detailing Channel on YouTube and Jon’s reviews of car care products.

He recently did a round-up of what are his top fifteen quick detailer products, which took some doing as there are literally hundreds of them available on the market.

A quick or rapid detailer is just that. It’s a step beyond a waterless polish and is ideal for giving your car a glossy appearance in a hurry.

Also, if you like to apply a glaze and a sealant, followed by a wax as part of a regular detailing programme, you can use this one as More >



The all-new Powercor 10mm ‘Race Spec’ HT leads from Powerspark are the ultimate in HT-lead technology. Where standard HT leads are usually 8mm diameter, the Powercor-spec uses a 10mm construction to make a bigger and stronger HT lead to outperform all other variants.

These leads have already proven very popular with owners of other performance cars and are a perfect fit for the venerable but still very popular Rover V8 and suits all variants and are only available in red because Powerspark reckons that RED means SERIOUS!

Powercor HT leads use a double silicones insulation surrounding a carbon ferroflex core for maximum More >


Sealey has introduced a new range of Professional Water Resistant Storage Cases, which are featured in their Storage & Workstations promotion and is valid until the end of December 2018.

The high impact injection moulded water-resistant cases are for the safe storage of technician’s instruments, photographic equipment, musical instruments, laptops and other high-value items. The largest size in the range is a gun case.

Constructed from a heavy-duty design with extra protection surrounding the easy-open latches they are IP67 rated. A neoprene seal around the inside of the lid ensures that the case is water and dust resistant and features a pressure More >


Blizzard Snow Foam is a touchless pre-wash offered by vehicle care brand Power Maxed as part of its valeting range.

The Snow Foam product is a surface cleaner, a product used in the pre-wash stage of the valeting process to remove large chunks of dirt, grit and other contaminants from the surface prior to getting a little more ‘hands-on’. If these contaminants remained on the surface, micro-scratches and swirls could appear on the paintwork after a hands-on wash.

Power Maxed’s Blizzard Snow Foam is designed to be diluted 33:1, give or take depending on water hardness, and applied through a foam lance, More >


This USB-powered hand engraver, from Laser Tools (part number 7014) features a diamond tip that rotates at 14-16,000 RPM.

The engraver is conveniently powered via a USB source -that can be a computer or laptop, a USB power bank or USB mains adaptor.

Lightweight and compact, the engraver is very useful for security marking of tools and equipment, trophies and even dog identification discs. It has numerous uses in art and craft projects and can be used to mark virtually any surface, hard or soft. You can engrave or decorate a wide variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and More >


Looking to step up to a better cylinder head? Edelbrock now offers two aluminium cylinder head series that are well worth a look. Maybe even two looks.

E-Series Cylinder Heads for Small Block Chevy and Ford

The E-Series ‘heads are a step-up from Edelbrock’s E-Street line. They feature larger runners for increased airflow plus revised exhaust ports and larger diameter springs for higher lift camshafts, making them ideal for larger displacement engines and spec racing classes.

The ‘heads also have as-cast ports and retain the stock exhaust port locations, making them compatible with OEM headers and hardware. The heads come fully-assembled with valves, More >


Aeroflow’s new Carburettor Inlet Rail Kits provide greater flexibility to any fuel system and include provision for adding extra gauges or auxiliary lines.

The kits are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the requirements of individual systems. As well as improving the looks of the engine compartment these fuel feed lines have been specifically designed for carburettor based fuel systems and are available in a choice of blue and red, all black or silver finishes with prices from £89.99 inc VAT.

For more details call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.