DEI, the leading specialist in heat protection, now offers the versatile Heat Screen GOLD™.

This metalised radiant matting that reduces the harmful and damaging effects of heat and can be installed almost anywhere within a vehicle.

Heat Screen GOLD™ is manufactured from a high-temperature rated metalised polyamide film bonded to a robust 20oz. heat-treated glassfibre base material. T

The result is a product capable of reflecting direct heat up to 800° F (426.7° C) and radiant heat of up to 1100° F (593.3° C). Heat Screen GOLD has been proven in heat flux tests to reduce heat by 36 per cent.

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The B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System allows the user to quickly and easily attach/detach the majority of aftermarket steering wheels from the hub, offering the ultimate anti-theft solution by allowing complete removal of the steering wheel when not in use.

Produced from high-quality aluminium for maximum durability, the item features a push-pin mechanism to prevent premature unlocking.

Utilising a multi-drilled PCD bolt pattern, this version of the B-G quick release system allows users to fit a modern steering wheel with a 6x70mm/6x74mm PCD such as MOMO, Nardi or Personal to vehicles with a classic 6x101mm/9×101.6mm PCD hubs such as Mountney or More >


As modern petrol engines get smaller in capacity, they also get physically smaller as well. These tight dimensions and clearances mean that the (smaller) spark plugs are deeply recessed and you will invariably find that your trusty spark plug socket will not fit into the recess.

Reach for this new thin-walled spark plug socket set from Laser Tools (part number 7295). This is a three-piece, 3/8in drive set of dedicated spark plug sockets that feature very thin walls to fit these narrow, modern spark plug recesses. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel to keep them strong, they also feature a rubber insert More >


Amazingly, in this digital age, there are still some classic Mini- or Mini-based kitcar owners who are still using contact breaker ignition, possibly for reasons of originality. Now Mini Spares can offer a ‘Fixed Point’ electronic ignition conversion that it fits entirely inside the stock distributor cap!

All previous ignition kits utilised an external black box, not the sort of thing you want under the bonnet of your standard-looking engine compartment! No such problem with the new Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition conversion kit and once you’ve installed the magnetic trigger and sensor, you will never have to change points again.

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New from Rally Design is this new tap and die set with a ratchet. It’s manufactured from 9-SiCR or GCR15 material, and the dies have hex O/D for positive grip.

The handle has the flexibility to offer direct ratchet drive or ability to accept the T-bar chuck. In action, it’s a top quality well-designed set that Rally Design reckon moves the important, yet humble, taps and ties to a new level of engineering.

The 41-piece set is available to suit metric or imperial and costs £83.97 inc VAT.

More from 01227 792 792 or via ENDS.


Are you thinking about rebuilding a Gen III Hemi – or maybe a new build? Does your engine need more airflow than your current air cleaner can provide? Or do you want to prevent the tyres on your off-road machine, trailer, or lawn mower from blowing out? Summit Racing can help.

Why spend a lot of time looking for a decent 5.7-litre Hemi block when you can get one of Summit’s machined and ready for your build? These stock, 2003-08 non-VVT blocks are inspected, oven-cleaned, and mag-tested for cracks.

Approved blocks get their main bearing journals align-honed, the cam journals line-bored, and the More >


XCS Designs has announced that the company is under new ownership following its successful sale to Harvey Rice and Peter Holm (owner of Batt Cables PLC).

Past customers of XCS (and indeed, DAX) will be pleased to learn that the company will be remaining in Essex and is now located at Sewards End, Saffron Waldon.

Previous owners, Gary Sanders and Peter Walker, are continuing to provide all the help needed during the transition period as the company takes benefit from its massive new investment and gears up to meet unfulfilled customer demand.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to see XCS given the level More >



Everybody has at least one car enthusiast in their lives, and they’re often the hardest to buy for, right? Don’t worry though, buying for petrolheads doesn’t have to be a dilemma! Simply go for some top-end car care products and watch them beam with delight as they open your gift.

Top of the tree (and therefore the best under it) this Christmas is Autoglym’s new Ultra High Definition Shampoo for your car. Clearly taking a leaf out of the beauty company’s books, this wonderfully fragrant, velvety shampoo gives an incredibly rich and luxurious lather during the car-washing process, making the whole experience smell and More >



Looking for a quality clutch kit for your classic Ford-powered kitcar? Well, Burton Power has been too… for the past four years!

Now, the searching is over because, for its new range, Burton Power has managed to source great, quality, reliable clutch covers, plates and bearings for all the most popular classic Ford engines – and the prices are sensible too!

They currently have the following complete clutch kits in its range – OHV Kent – part number: 619001406 £96.95 inc. VAT, 2-litre SOHC Pinto part number: 622017506 £79.90 inc VAT, Essex V6 and 2.8-litre Cologne V6  – part number: More >


You know how it is. You’ve got a small fastener that’s got a high-torque requirement, so you need a stronger driver than the standard ¼in. A 3/8in drive ratchet will fit the bill but you’ve only got a ¼in drive socket in the correct size. Now you’re sure you’ve got an adaptor somewhere? But where is it?

This new socket and bit adaptor set from Laser Tools (part number 7167) supplies a comprehensive selection of the most-used adaptors presented in a machine-cut foam tray that fits neatly in the tool tray. You’ll never have to search for the correct adaptor again.

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