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Several new products from soft-trim meisters, Woolies this week, such as Light Green Woollen cloth suitable for seating and headlining (Part No.143-LGRN) and the Market Deeping-based company has had this product made to the original pale/light green colour, so it’s a great alternative to the brighter more ‘garish’ greens on the market.

Excellent quality it is 95 per cent comes 75in (1.9-metres) wide and costs ££37.13 per linear metre.

Next up comes Woolies new Single Duck Binding (Part No.408-BLK Single) with a waterproof backing and is ideal for edging hoods or tonneau covers and making pipings.

It comes in 1¼in (32mm) and costs £1.50 More >


Sealey has introduced a new bench mounted Angle Grinder Stand into their range. The cut-off stand with a solid cast-iron base is designed for precise vertical cutting using an angle grinder.

The unit is supplied with a vice, which mounts onto the base to secure the workpiece. It is suitable for cuts of up to 18mm and can be used with all Sealey 100mm, 115mm and 125mm angle grinders, plus most other branded grinders of the same size (angle grinder is not included).

Copies of their Summer Promotion is available from your local stockist, or you can view or request a copy More >


This new Blackline tool is designed for bench or on-car use and gives a perfect single or double flare every time and works with steel, kunifer, copper, brass or aluminium and is extremely easy-to-use.

It is priced at £31.51 inc VAT and available from or at the other end of 01227 792 792 ENDS.


The standard system on many 848, 948, 998 and 1098cc engines is a single chain drive between the crank and cam. This chain will stretch with use and throw out the cam timing causing noticeable power loss.

The ‘S’ and some 1275 models have a much better ‘duplex’ chain, but even these do wear out. The best way to judge wear is to check the chain while you are taking it apart. With the timing cover off, rotate the crank a slight amount back and forth. The camshaft must move the exact distance at the same instance.

Timing scatter induced by the More >


The constant march of progress when it comes to in-car audio can be somewhat overwhelming at times, with increasingly large, incredibly sophisticated touch-screens now pretty much the industry standard. That said, Pioneer remains committed to those car owners running single DINs, and evidence of this can be found in its latest AVH product release, the mighty AVH-Z7100DAB, complete with a motorised multimedia player (with a 7in screen) and a host of features, functions and connectivity options.

The AVH-Z7100DAB has a fully motorised screen, one which folds out from the single DIN dash in a manner that can’t help but draw admiring More >


A reader was asking me about modern three wheelers the other day, rather than traditional Morgan M3W, Triking or Pembleton V-Sport types.

Obviously, the Grinnall Scorpion has to be a consideration and it’s one of my favourite kitcars of all time, regardless of how many wheels it’s got.

However, another corker is the tR1ke from Exo Sports cars, which is a storming thing. I remember getting seriously told off by Blyton Park boss, Richard Usher once because I was going so fast at the Lincolnshire track.

Not because of my speed or for me driving dangerously, but rather because I overtook him on More >


When carrying out any restoration we all need to strip paint or remove rust at some time and the latest product from Moss Europe makes light work of a usually tedious task. The Eastwood Surface Conditioning Tool features a rotating drum and a high-torque, ball-bearing supported motor with hardened spur gears to provide smooth operation and long life.

Speed is easily controlled with a six-position rotary knob and an on/off trigger control while a drum guard enclosure and a rigidly mounted ‘D’ handle provide operator protection and ergonomic comfort while working.

The Surface Conditioning Tool can be ordered as Part Number: 012-268 More >


Of the many artisan car care companies, one I really like is TDG, who also blend their own elixirs and waxes.

They recently sent me their Fruit Salad Car Shampoo to try. Yes, that’s right. It has the scent of those little fruit salad chews we had as kids. Tasty niffs aside, I recently tried the product out on a couple of dirty cars and it worked superbly.

Plenty of foamy suds, it removed the worst of the crud without additional input from me, it rinsed away easily and left a shiny, drag-free paint surface.

A little goes a long way, making the More >


The latest Aeroflow surge tank with twin fuel pumps is capable of handling surge free fuel for high performance 1000+ BHP vehicles.

The 2.5-litre spun alloy Surge Tank Kit is not only great quality, it’s also great value for money.

The anodised black finish will resist corrosive fuels such as alcohol, ethanol (E85) and methanol. The kit comes with all the necessary adapters to connect the two Bosch fuel pumps (0580254044) to the dual bottom outlets on the tank.

Both pumps are held in a dual EFi aluminium fuel pump bracket that comes with rubber inserts that surround the pumps and dampen any More >


A ridiculously effective car care product that I’ve been using with success lately is Ultimate Fast Finish from Meguiar’s.

It’s an aerosol formula that you simply spray on to your car’s bodywork, wipe off and watch the surface shine. I can do a car with it in about eight minutes, it’s that simple and easy to use.

In addition to a cool shine, the surface will be more resistant to dirt thanks to the synthetic polymer coating and the water-beading ability is insane after use. It’s available from between £16 to £20 and the box also includes a quality microfibre cloth. One More >