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Brown & Geeson Ltd – the UK distributors of RaceChip – has announced the arrival of the new RaceChip XLR electronic throttle control, which allows the response and sensitivity of the accelerator to be controlled precisely.

Although the new XLR features some design changes and visual differences to the original throttle response control, the big difference is inside. The XLR now utilises completely new software that is much more sensitive to the response of the throttle.

The XLR utilises an all new nerve-centre called the ‘Brainbox’ which plugs into the throttle pedal, is mounted in the car’s footwell and is controlled via the More >


Sealey has introduced the NEW MIGHTYMIG90 to their extensive range of professional Mightymig welders, all of which feature heavy duty transformers and forced air cooling.

This maximises their duty cycle performance, enabling the user to weld for longer periods.  These compact welders are ideal for the hobbyist and light professional user, as they offer excellent performance at an extremely competitive price.  The units are set and ready to use for gas-less welding, making them suitable for use both indoors or outdoors. Even in windy conditions!

They have a maximum performance of 90amps, making them suitable for welding steel up to 4.75mm (3/16in) and More >


Pioneer has released details of its exceptionally powerful – yet remarkably compact – TS-WH500A Active Subwoofer. This unit fits under most front seats to provide fabulous sound quality without sacrificing interior space or comfort. Perfect for those that want stadium sound while still having room for the kids and dog!

The TS-WH500A is a powerhouse both in reputation and, well, power! Based around Pioneer’s revolutionary Horizontal-Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology approach to loudspeaker and sub design, this compact unit really can punch above its weight in terms of output and tech, in the process shaming less accomplished (not to mention bulkier) offerings from More >


The summer in the UK might be short but the hot weather can certainly do some damage to your vehicle’s engine if you don’t keep your cooling system in good shape.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just add a bottle of DEI Radiator Relief™ to your coolant and your vehicle’s operating temperature will be reduced by up to 30°F the maker’s claim (16.66° Celsius).

Engine wear will be minimised, the temperature gauge needle will stay away from the red section when sitting in summer traffic jams and you won’t be bothered by an overheating radiator ruining your day out.

Radiator Relief™ works by More >


Mittler Bros. has been producing metal-working tools and fabrication equipment in the United States for over 30 years; now these products are available in Europe exclusively from Brown & Geeson Ltd.

One of their first products to arrive here is the Bead Roller which features a high-quality billet aluminium frame offering a 610mm (24in) throat depth and 28.5mm (1-1/8in) throat height. The roller is foot-pedal-operated via a variable speed controller and features a forward and reverse switch.

The easy-to-use design allows the depth of the bead to be adjusted. Both shafts are driven by the power unit, which contains Oilite bushings to More >



GKD Sportscars has sold the excellent Legend project to Steven Bruyninckx from The Netherlands.

Steven is a diehard BMW enthusiast and owns a classic 635 6-Series and was actually going to buy a Legend kit to build as he had access to an old E36-generation 3-Series. However, as often happens he ended up buying the whole project from GKD boss, Peter Lathrope, who, as it turned out, was looking for the right person to take the project on.

UK customers will deal with Steven obviously, who intends to be present when kits are collected, but all the engineering and technical stuff will be More >


UK automotive tech manufacturer Milltek Innovations looks set to revolutionise the exhaust aftermarket for diesel, petrol AND electric cars with the introduction of its ‘Active Sound’ technology, which the company is currently performing final beta testing upon.

This exciting development is aimed at vehicles that don’t necessarily produce the most harmonious of exhaust tones as standard cars – or indeed, any exhaust note at all! Using cutting-edge carbon fibre speaker technology, housed in motorsport grade stainless steel housings, Milltek’s Active Noise Module wires directly into the vehicles ECU using ‘plug and play’ technology to create a direct, algorithmically calculated relationship between More >


Struggling to reach that fixing in the depths of the engine bay on your pride and joy? If you can just about see it, never mind working out what size it is, then reach for the new Alldrive Ratchet T-Handle Set (part no: 6902) from Warwickshire-based Laser Tools.

A Laser Tools’ innovation – their unique Alldrive tapered profile socket design is capable of removing and tightening metric, AF, Spline, Star and BA fasteners. Incredibly useful, especially on older kitcars that were not always designed with access in mind, and often a variety of fastener and thread types were used on one More >


One of the most widely held and stubborn of national stereotypes is that the Germans simply don’t have a sense of humour, something we’re now able to disprove once and for all through the Ronal (one of Germany’s most beloved wheel makers) alloy range. The proof in question? Well, it’s the Ronal URS of course, a wheel better known by its somewhat inevitable nickname, the Ronal teddy bear. Ronal is now able to offer the wheel in a new, 14in size and in a choice of colours, making it well worth considering if you want a break from the lines More >


Everyone’s favourite trim supplies company, Woolies, now has woodscrew double height Lift-the-Dot fastener peg in stock wearing part number 11.

These are replicas of the original long gone items and are not to be confused with the newer ‘machined’ ones, which are on the market. Priced at £2 each you can buy exactly how many you require without any wastage.

To complement these they also have double height Lift-the-Dot pegs with the 2BA thread so you can get a nut on them, which are also priced at £2 each.

It’s worth noting that Woolies Lift-the-Dot sockets are high quality and wear the legend ‘Lift-the-Dot’ on them.

More information from More >