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When a fastener is buried in the engine bay (or any other inaccessible area), and you just cannot get a screwdriver or hex key onto to it, try this innovative new 10-piece Low Profile Offset tool kit (part number 6709) from Laser Tools.

To offer maximum access in really confined spaces, each driver is flat steel with a 15° angled head; they are 15mm wide at the end coming down to just 10mm at the driver head. The depth of the driver bit is 8mm, which securely fits the fastener, whether hex or screw, and the 105mm length gives terrific leverage.

The More >


It’s no secret that Pertronix knows its way around an ignition system. So, when it debuted their new Digital HP Ignition, it was pretty obvious that it was going to be good.

According to those that have sampled it, the HP set-up is good. Really good. It packs over 187-millijoules of spark energy, which Pertronix says is 30 per cent more than comparable ignition boxes.

What’s more, the Digital HP’s microprocessor-controlled, capacitive discharge design produces multiple sparks twice as fast as the competition, all the way to your engine’s redline. That means better spark timing for improved combustion, which helps produce more More >


BookaTrack Caterham has launched a brand new limited edition Caterham Seven 420R, to mark the 40th anniversary of Donington Park Circuit. Created and designed by BookaTrack Caterham and dubbed the Seven 420R Donington Edition, the car is endorsed by Donington Park and was launched at the Caterham 60th anniversary celebration in early July, as part of the Caterham Festival event.

The prestige associated with this limited-edition range is highlighted by the fact just ten cars will be available. Each will be built in the BookaTrack Caterham Donington Park-based workshop, by Stuart Faulds and Robert Carter, and finished with a commemorative plaque, confirming its authenticity.

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Laser Tools’ new Mini Infrared Thermometer (part no: 6838) allows the operator to take non-contact temperature measurements by simply pointing the instrument and pressing a button. It is suitable for a wide range of garage and workshop applications, including vehicle heating and air-conditioning systems, radiator and thermostat function, exhaust manifolds and brakes.

Infrared thermometers use infrared technology to quickly measure the surface temperature of objects, providing fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. The Laser 6838 Mini Infrared Thermometer can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without contaminating or damaging the object. It can also provide several readings in seconds, More >


Wolfrace’s position with the UK’s massive wheels aftermarket means that it’s perfectly placed to offer wheel lines from other manufacturers, often on an exclusive basis. ATS is a case in point, and those looking to own an especially capable set of aftermarket alloys could do a lot worse than consider the German firm’s offerings, specifically the Street Rallye, an alloy directly adapted from the firm’s competition grade offerings. 

The Street Rallye draws on classic motor racing styling and multi-spoke design aside, the wheel can be had in a wide selection of finishes intended to really drive home its motorsport ethos; Matt More >


Don’t let the price tag on these crate engines from Summit Racing fool you. They may be BluePrint Engines’ most affordable, but they deliver plenty of bang for the buck. What’s more, they are backed by a 30-month/50,000-mile warranty.

The small block Chevy 350 and Ford 302 engines are ideal for kitcars and street rods, and they’re based on hand-picked, seasoned blocks with align-honed main bearing bores, and cylinders sonic tested for thickness before being honed on computer-controlled machines to within .0002in straightness/roundness.

All internal components are brand new, and BluePrint takes the time to balance and dyno test each engine. You’ll More >


Meth heads rejoice, Forge Motorsport has unveiled its latest alloy offering, a stunningly realised 2.0-litre water-methanol tank that’s sure to look right at home within the engine bays of performance cars of all types and eras! Forge has managed the trick of taking a utilitarian, all too often overlooked component, and has instead turned it into something approaching a work of automotive art, the kind of thing you’d be proud to display in your car.

Water-methanol occupies an almost mythical place in the hearts and minds of most car folk, and much of this comes down to a degree of uncertainty More >


MeacoWall is the latest range from Meaco (UK) Ltd, part of its award-winning Platinum Range of commercial low energy dehumidifiers. 

An advanced and stylish solution for humidity control where an inconspicuous wall mounting is an important requirement.

Available in three sizes, 53L, 72L and 103L, the main benefits of the new range include reduced running costs and noise levels, better energy efficiency, and a design that incorporates a front glass panel giving a stylish, modern look, that is often lacking in commercial products. 

MeacoWall is designed to be wall mounted so is unobtrusive. At just 202mm deep these dehumidifiers are probably the slimmest wall mounting More >


Suitable for VW T5 or T6 SWB series

Never one to let the grass grow, Stuart Mills of MEV is regularly bringing us new kitcar models, many of which break new ground in their design. However, his latest project might surprise you.

A range of VW Camper-based based conversions that turn the T-Series ( T5 or T6) into a vehicle that gives it the usability, space and added comfort of a full-fat, full-size, not to mention, more expensive motorhome, with a whopping floorspace increase of 40 per cent.

MEV has created the unique ‘Pop-Out’ cabin produced from GRP and available in a range More >


A Side-Bike Zeus!

There we were on the French Autoroute near Nancy last Saturday morning cruising at about 130kph when my attention was grabbed by a rapidly approaching object in my rear-view mirror.

Now, my ‘antenna’ for specialist vehicles is pretty fine-tuned as you can imagine but I really couldn’t make out what it was, even though I knew it was very different. A car? A bike? No, a bit of research at the service station down the road, revealed it to be a German product called a Zeus Side Bike…

In essence a motorcycle powered by a 1.6-litre engine from a Peugeot More >