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Unless you’re a devout vegan, you’re probably firmly of the opinion that nothing looks, feels and of course, smells quite as fabulous as a perfectly-prepared leather car interior. As the final luxurious finishing touch to any motor, you simply can’t beat acres of hide beneath your bits. Keen to keep yours looking pristine (your leather, that is) Autoglym has unleashed its epically-effective Leather Clean and Protect Kit onto the world.

Properly cared for, leather truly is the most hard-wearing and comfortable of all interior finishes. However, being a natural product, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking at More >


Burton Power has announced the introduction of oversized pistons in a new size that was previously unavailable.

The pistons are ideal for Kent engines running +0.090in pistons, which are now in need of a rebore. In the past, this would have meant going to expensive forged pistons (+.090in was the maximum size for a cast piston) or finding another engine block.

The pockets have 4in deep valve pockets meaning they will fit most performance camshafts (including 234 and 244) without any further piston modifications and are cast with highly stable invar inserts similar to the original Hepolite replacements.

The compression ratio will be More >


RaceChip Pro 2 promises kitcar enthusiasts commanding power on the straights and exciting acceleration out of the bends.

The maker’s claim that the driving experience in your car will become more intense and emotive throughout the rev range with substantial improvements to the power and torque figures.

The RaceChip Pro 2 offers an overall package using premium components, and connects simply to your vehicle and comes with a comprehensive service package that includes both a one-year engine warranty (T&C apply) and a five-year product warranty. All of this for a price that offers great value for money.

There are currently over 2000 vehicle applications More >


New from Summit Racing are these SCAT dual port long blocks, which have high-performance ‘baked’ right into them and are ready for your induction system, headers, and ignition.

The long blocks feature a new engine case, cylinder jugs with forged pistons, cylinder heads, and new component parts:

  • Eight-pin cast crankshaft
  • Chromoly I-beam connecting rods
  • Chromoly steel gland nut and thick washer
  • Performance grind camshaft with cam gear
  • Lightweight solid lifters
  • Chromoly 1.25 ratio rocker arms with solid rocker shafts and swivel valve adjusting screws
  • Steel pushrods
  • Heavy-duty oil pump
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • Stainless steel five-tab valve covers
  • Doghouse oil cooler

Available Engine Sizes

  • 1700cc Type 2/4
  • 1800cc Type 2/4
  • 1835cc Type 1
  • 1915cc Type 1
  • 2000 and 2056cc Type More >


Hot on the heels of their recently unveiled Torino wheel, Wolfrace has once again proven its commitment to making 2017 its most productive year to date (and for a company with well over four decades of history that is saying something), and has released details of a yet another new design of alloy wheel, the Kibo.

Not only is the Kibo a great looking wheel (more on that in a moment), it has some illustrious company, joining the likes of the Torino, Lugano and Poison in the highly-regarded Wolfrace GB lineup.

Like many of Wolfrace’s most successful of offerings, the Kibo is More >


GD boss, Andy Burrows (nearest camera) prepares for yet another test drive last Saturday at the company’s excellent open day.You know, I’ve heard it said that if you test drive a TESLA MODEL S, you’ll buy one. I think it’s the same with a GD!

We were at Gardner Douglas Sports Cars’ factory open day last Saturday, their first for an amazing thirteen years (track-based events have run during the interim) and also our first chance to view their new premises in Grantham, beautifully-located right by the side of the A1 where it meets the A607.

I am hugely impressed with the More >



Proving beyond all doubt at the recent Stoneleigh show that they are back with a bang, Pilgrim Motorsports, now owned and run by Paul Bennett, had a very impressive stand that lots of people commented on.

In addition to re-launching their Speedster model and also a special edition model with TV restorer, Fuzz Townshend, their Sumo Cobra replica is still very much available and now has the option of being available in modular kit form, which means each key chunk of the build can be bought separately as budget and/or space allows.

In all there are ten modules starting with the More >


John Cowperthwaite has been in touch with news of his latest creation, a kiddies car (aimed at children between five and ten years old) called the EKO ‘Safety Racer’.

This one is a petrol-powered kid’s car inspired by a thirties ATCO children’s safety car, which was powered by one of their motor mower engines.

Power comes from a 50cc go-ped engine (with a throttle stop), disc brakes all-round, the EKO is a plans and patterns build, made from two Wilko compost bins and the mudguards cut from a Wilco water butt.

While still being simple to construct, this is a more sophisticated design than John’s Lightning More >


When removing ball-joints, control arms and suspension struts it’s always a struggle to hold the lower suspension arm out of the way; even with a dedicated suspension arm lever, you’re wrestling against the anti-roll bar and it feels like you need a third hand.

Laser Tools to the rescue! With this new hands-free suspension arm lever (part number 6936), once it’s fitted, simply wind down the lower suspension arm and it is held there under tension as you release the lower ball-joint or the suspension strut. Once the suspension is dismantled, the lower arm stays in place until you are ready More >


Boom Mat XL is the latest addition to DEI’s range of damping material. It is 4mm thick and 166 per cent thicker than its original damping material providing extreme noise damping for the most extreme commercial and sound-off competition applications.

Interior panels vibrate and generate noise. Boom Mat stops that noise by trapping it between the thick, 4mm aluminium stiffening top-skin and the asphalt free, pure butyl, noise constraining layer. The peel and stick backing will adhere to any interior surface, vertical or overhead without sagging, even in the most demanding of temperature extremes.

Boom Mat outperforms the competition and is the More >