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As any true petrolhead will tell you, discovering a scratch on your car can be terrifying. Actually, on reflection, it’s far worse than that! Luckily, Royal-warranted car care meisters, Autoglym has come to the rescue with their all-new Scratch Removal Complete Kit, making this most traumatic of ownership experiences an easily remedied.

As the name suggests, this kit is the cure-all for all manner of minor surface scratches and imperfections, allowing you to carefully return the damaged panel to an ‘as new’ condition.

Having seen many competitors products also result in clouding or unsightly ‘holograms’ on the paint surface, Autoglym’s fiendishly clever More >


I hate old and discoloured-looking tyres and they can really ruin the appearance of an otherwise clean car that you have spent a few hours washing and polishing.

However, Infinity Rubber Wax should help you achieve and maintain a better look, as the maker’s claim that it returns faded sidewalls to showroom-like condition leaving them with a subtle sheen rather than false over-glossy look.

Also, via the soft applicator included in the pack the product is solvent-free so won’t perish the tyres while water will bead-up on the sidewall, too. It impressed me.

Infinity Rubber Wax costs £14.99 inc VAT and is available More >


When fitted to the tyre/wheel, Gunson’s Trakrite camber bar (part number 77137) gives a solid metal base that is parallel to the wheel and suspension upright and is the ideal mount for camber gauges. When used in conjunction with the new digital inclinometer from Laser Tools (part number 6657) the combination offers exceptional accuracy (±0.2º).

The Trakrite camber bar is assembled in seconds and full instructions are included. It is easy to adjust and use; the top bracket allows for adjustment to the profile of the tyre, then adjust the wheel spacers to the top and bottom edges of the wheel More >


Mini Spares has announced that it can now offer high quality windscreen rubber seals for the front and rear windows of Classic Mini saloons and kitcars that use Mini windscreens.

CZH1719MS – Genuine Mini Spares rubber windscreen seal for all Minis 1959-1991. £10.73 inc VAT.

CCB10011MS – Genuine Mini Spares rubber windscreen seal as fitted to Minis 1990-Onwards (these have the extra lip to help avoid leaks and give a cleaner edge). £19.40 inc VAT.

JRC2674 – Genuine Mini Spares Mk2 onwards rear rubber windscreen seal suitable for both plain and heated rear screens. £11.16 inc VAT.

14A8744 – Genuine Mini Spares Mk1 type More >


Sealey’s BIGGEST EVER Tool Catalogue features 9500 product lines, and the new edition of The Tool Catalogue™, a must-have reference for automotive technicians, engineers, farmers and serious DIY enthusiasts, is available NOW.

More comprehensive than ever before, the latest version contains over 2200 new lines including:

New Consumables added to our already vast range.

Batteryless Jump Starters.

Top of the range ‘Premier Black’ Sockets with ‘Total Drive’ ability.

One-Battery-Fits-All range of Power Tools.

New variants of our award winning 360° Inspection Lamps

Sealey work relentlessly to bring you the latest technologies, products and a range that will cover all your tool and workshop requirements. Trusted by professionals, More >


Here’s one primarily aimed at our North American readers – On Friday, May 5, 2017, Edelbrock will once again be opening the doors of their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to the public for free shop tours.

Those attending will get the opportunity to take a guided tour of Edelbrock’s Research & Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control departments. This is a unique opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to see what it takes to design and manufacture high-quality performance products. Shop tours begin at 10am. and end at 1.00pm. Limited spots are available and are going fast. Interested parties can register online at

Meanwhile, on Saturday, More >


This new Summit Racing Retrofit Rocker Trunnion Kit for GM LS engines is sure to appeal. If you add a higher lift camshaft and corresponding valve springs to an LS engine you’re looking for trouble; problems trouble with the needle bearings in the factory rocker arm trunnions, primarily.

Those bearings are not designed to take the hammering bigger cams and stiffer valve springs dish out. That leads to their premature demise.

Summit Racing’s Retrofit Trunnion Kit is the solution. The kit has hardened steel trunnions with bronze bushings that can handle loads many times greater than needle bearing trunnions.

The design also ensures the trunnions More >


Hugely impressed with the new ‘Koupe’ demonstrator from NuBodi Automotive, which takes its inspiration from the priceless Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

A body conversion based on BMW Z3, with a 2.8-litre straight six providing the power, the kit is actually made by Tribute Automotive but these days, Richard Bird of Berkshire-based NuBodi acts as sales and build agent.

So busy are they that they now have two agents of their own in The Figaro Shop of Didcot and Automotive Nostalgia of Thornaby who can supply kits and turnkey cars.

We’ve featured several of Richard’s builds before and all have impressed, but this one really is More >


Richard Usher founded Blyton Park in 2011 and he’ll remain in charge following the Ginetta buy out

As a big fan and follower of Blyton Park circuit in Lincolnshire, (indeed we held our totalkitcar LIVE event there in 2014) I was very interested to hear this week that it has been sold to Ginetta Cars.

Blyton founder, Richard Usher, will remain in charge on a day-to-day basis of the 1.5-mile circuit he opened in May 2011.

The last six years has seen it grow into one of the UK’s busiest and best-loved venues for trackdays, testing and general automotive-flavoured corporate events.

Licenced by the More >


Bumpers are the unsung heroes of the automotive world, aren’t they? Protecting us from minor traffic altercations, filling in the gaps between the headlights and the road, and giving automotive TV presenters somewhere to rest their feet during that all-important closing link. To celebrate their general awesomeness, Royal-warranted car-care maestros Autoglym have unleashed a fabulous new concoction to keep them – and any other plastic trim on your motor – in tip top condition.

On any car where the bumper, the insert or any surrounding trim are left in their natural state, it never takes long for the evil concoction of More >