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When building, or installing new components to your engine, it really does pay to use a proper assembly lube. A high-quality assembly lubricant, in fact t, designed specifically for the job.

Graphogen is just such a product that has unbelievably been around since 1946 gaining favour when used on aircraft engines. It’s been used by many specialists ever since.

The colloidal-graphite paste is ideal as a lubricant in precision machinery as it forms a protective film on all treated surfaces and engine components and improves lubrication, protection and is corrosion inhibiting.

As it’s a paste, rather than a runny liquid, it won’t run More >



As part of marking Swarfega’s 70th birthday, the Derby-based business has launched its largest ever promotion; a buy-one-get-one-free offer on its heavy duty Red Box and Black Box hand-wipes.

The Red Box wipes are perfect for use in the workshop or on the go. These extra-large wipes are combined with heavy-duty hand cleaner to get rid of oil, grease and grime.

The Black Box wipes have been specially created to remove paints, seam sealers and resins and are for use in the bodyshop and by mobile workers. The wipes are impregnated with an advanced formulation of liquids that quickly and safely remove More >


Replacing the existing heavy lead acid battery with a lithium-ion battery is the easiest and most effective method of reducing the overall weight of a kitcar.

Such a battery also enables the location to be changed to lower the centre of gravity. Since lithium-ion batteries are sealed they can be mounted in any orientation, even flat on their side.

The RPS (Racing Power Solution) RPS-LB-B20 battery is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery that has been produced to the highest quality by utilising the latest materials and production methods.

This RPS RPS-LB-B20 lightweight is suitable for use with racing car engines up to More >


Solve all your garage and workshop vehicle positioning problems with the new Hy-Jacks from Power-TEC (part number 92438). Hy-Jacks are a good way of moving vehicles in confined areas; once fitted, they let the vehicle roll easily in any direction. Two Hy-Jacks permit a full 180-degree vehicle pivot, four Hy-Jacks give full manoeuvrability.

Sold in pairs, they lift the vehicle in seconds. The Hy-Jack is positioned around the tyre, then a few pumps of the hydraulic foot pedal progressively lifts the vehicle tyre between the rollers until the tyre lifts smoothly and quickly off the ground. The rollers touch only the More >


Demonstrating Laser Tools’ commitment to special tools and applications is this ten-point sockets and bit set (part number 6345), which is specifically designed for maintenance on split rim alloy wheels from OZ, AC Schnitzer, Carlsson, Lorinser and other brands that use ten-point bolts. Not to be confused with the more commonly used twelve-point bolts used by BBS and other wheel manufacturers.

Two sockets are included, 8mm and 10mm, both 60mm deep; the 7mm ten-point bit is 90mm long for ease of access. All are ½in drive and manufactured from super strong, impact-quality chrome molybdenum and are designed to last.

These are available More >


Russell Performance, a division of Edelbrock LLC, which offers a complete line of Advanced Fluid Transfer Systems, has just released the 2017 edition of its Automotive Performance Plumbing Catalogue.

The new edition includes over 1900 automotive products, including stainless steel and fabric braided hose, hose ends, specialty fittings and adapters, complete brake lines, clutch lines, specialty installation tools and more. This edition’s new products include more tools to help make installation easier.

“The 2017 Russell Performance catalogue features an all-new page layout design. We started with a fresh new design in an effort to enrich the user experience and make it easier More >


With so many smokers now switching to what I believe is called ‘vaping’ or e-cigarettes, the vapour from these devices can leave a residue on your car’s glass that regular glass cleaners and polishes can find hard to deal with.

Power Maxed has developed a product called VG Vapers Glass Cleaner that the company says deals with vaping residue vey easily as the low-viscous solution works equally well on glass and mirrors.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £8.99 and is available now via ENDS.


Who doesn’t love a glorious aluminium body? Williams & Pritchard were the meisters of such things for many years, followed closely by the likes of Robert Peel Ltd, Maurice Gomm Engineering and Shapecraft.

The latter, run by Clive Smart, is still around and still producing stunning work, while Gerry Hawkridge has some glorious bodies made in his Polish factory.

Another company, Barnstaple-based, North Devon Metalcraft, is another who for years have been making all sorts of automotive-related components, and a range of car bodies including Jaguar C-type. They’ve also been making Cobra bodies too, and still do, but have extended that range More >


This new product from Burlen could be a game-changer as it brings fuel injection capability to SU carburettors, following hot on the heels of Jenvey’s Heritage Throttle Bodies designed around Weber DCOE-style carbs.

Loads of kitcars are running around on the good old Skinners Union set-up and this new product looks completely stock until you have a poke about and look inside and find a very clever and complex fuel injection device that Burlen say will transform performance and emissions.

Oooh I say …

The Salisbury-based company has been working on the ‘SUi’ as it’s called for four years and will supply the More >


New kit from Goodridge that will appeal to Mazda MX-5 fans and kitcar-owners using the iconic Japanese sportscar as a donor vehicle.

Goodridge’s kit will offer hugely improved brake efficiency offered by modern braided hoses, unrivaled reliability and longevity, and a complete absence of that most irritating and potentially dangerous of traits, brake pedal sponginess. Owners even have a choice of ten distinct colours to pick from, meaning that there’s no danger of saddling their pride and joy (and let’s not forget, rapidly appreciating classic) with garish, clashing hues.

Goodridge’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems means More >