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Aeroflow’s new Carburettor Inlet Rail Kits provide greater flexibility to any fuel system and include provision for adding extra gauges or auxiliary lines.

The kits are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the requirements of individual systems. As well as improving the looks of the engine compartment these fuel feed lines have been specifically designed for carburettor based fuel systems and are available in a choice of blue and red, all black or silver finishes with prices from £89.99 inc VAT.

For more details call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


Wonder Wheels Original wheel cleaner has been around for years and although these days caustic and aggressive-smelling products aren’t as popular as they once were with new-fangled ‘bleeding’ fall-out removers being the new big thing.

However, Wonder Wheels is still pretty effective at removing road dirt, grease and a variety of other crud like pesky brake dust, although I’ve also found it to be particularly effective at removing carbon from chrome-type exhaust tips (we’ll be doing that test in a future issue of TKC Mag).

The instructions on the bottom actually advise that you should remove the wheels so as not to More >


Measuring ‘toe’ is quick and simple with the B-G Racing Aluminium Toe Plates.

Simply rest one of these high-strength, lightweight plates flat against the tyre on each side of the vehicle and use the 3.5-metre magnetic tape measures provided to accurately measure the toe.

Kicked-out bottoms hold the plates flat against the wheels, while the tapes feature strong magnetic ends that attach to the slots to securely hold the tapes in place while working.

They are produced from T6 aluminium with a durable black powdercoated finish and priced at £107.99 inc VAT. A protective carry bag is available separately to keep the Toe More >


With around 450 Pembletons sold it could be described as a successful three-wheeler (there is a four-wheeler variant too) and it remains available, which is good. A delightful little trike that conjures up the spirit of twenties motoring.

The man behind the Pembleton kits is Phil Gregory although when I was asked about three years ago by his son, Guy if I felt that there was a market for a high-quality fully built-only version of the three-wheeler, it took me about a split second to tell him ‘do it’.

Since then the operation has been slightly revised with Phil concentrating on the More >



One of the best pre-wash snowfoams on the market, in my opinion, is Iron X Snow Soap and is related to the South Korean company’s Iron X fallout remover.

Snow Soap was formerly known as Snow Gel and once your vehicle has been decontaminated will help it resist iron particles and grime although it has the added benefit of being used as a foam and fired at your car via a foam lance or you can also just apply it directly to your wash mitt a la Meguiar’s Wash Plus.

It is pH neutral and offers high lubricity and like its iron More >


Chipex, the purveyor of the world’s leading car touch-up paint kit, has uniquely developed three new car care products, which after comprehensive testing have now been launched, comprising of; Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screen Wash, Factory Finish Interior and Dashboard Cleaner and Uber Super Concentrate Car Shampoo.

The new car care products have been created using the latest and most technologically advanced chemistry available; each blended to a unique formulation to give the best results possible without compromise.

The Aquaphobic Rain-Repelling Screen Wash boasts an innovative readily biodegradable water-repelling formula that doesn’t just clean your windscreen superbly, it forms a protective barrier. This prevents rainwater from building up More >


You know how it is. You’re balancing a wheel on the hub or on the studs and as the road wheel wobbles about, it can be very fiddly getting the wheel bolt or nut to start threading squarely without cross threading or disappearing into a deep recess.

This wheel nut locating wrench set from Laser Tools (part number 7037) makes life easier –just use one before the standard wheel nut socket and torque wrench to squarely locate the nut or wheel bolt and spin it up hand-tight.

The set includes four locating wrenches – three commonly used standard hex profiles, 17, 19 More >


Sealey has launched their NEW 56-page Summer Promotion, which has nearly 600 products on offer inside, over thirty of which are new. It also contains products with up to 59 per cent discount off list price and is valid until September 30, 2018.

Sections contain ranges of pressure washers, fans, storage solutions, garden and leisure items as well as vehicle service, motorcycle, bicycle and bodyshop tools. There are pages featuring jacking and lifting devices, hand, air and power tools in addition to welding, workshop, vacs and valeting products, plus many, many more.

For further details or to view Sealey’s range visit More >


Webcon has increased its range of replacement Weber carburettor top cover assemblies with the addition of the following references…

3173402600 – suits the ever-popular Weber 45DCOE9 as fitted to Aston Martin and Coventry Climax engines and costs £116.03 inc VAT

3173411400 – suits the Weber 40DCOE138 as fitted to Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2-litre engines and costs £109.24 inc VAT

Both kits are supplied complete with gasket, float and needle valve.

Available 01932 787 100 or visit


The BG Racing 6-to-3 Hole Steering Wheel PCD Adaptor comes pre-drilled with 6x70mm, 3×44.07mm and 3×50.8mm PCD bolt patterns to enable racing steering wheels to be used with the majority of aftermarket hub kits. 

The adaptor is perfect for those wanting to fit a NASCAR-style wheel to an existing 6x70mm hub or for those wanting to make use of a 3×50.8mm PCD steering wheel in a vehicle equipped with a standard 6x70mm hub.

B-G Steering Wheel Spacers are produced from high-quality aluminium with an elegant black anodised finish and laser etched ‘B-G’ logo and are simple to fit using the fixing screws More >