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DEI’s Easy Loom™ Split Line Sleeving Master Kit contains everything you need in one convenient kit to add protective split-line sleeves to an entire vehicle and is ideal for wrapping wiring harnesses for an EFI conversion.

DEI’s Easy Loom Split Line Sleeve Master Kit protects exposed wires, hoses and cables from heat and the elements. This can be especially important for high performance turbocharged vehicles where swings in engine bay temperature are common.

The kit also provides the means to create and maintain a tidy engine bay, thus minimising the risk of damaged wiring as well as making fault finding easier.

Self-wrapping Easy More >


Great to see the marvellous 595S take its bow at last weekend’s Autosport International.

I’m LOVING this

We’ve been following the little car’s gestation period over the last couple of years and know full well the efforts, blood, sweat and tears that Bespoke Vehicle Developments’ boss Mark Hill and his partner Shelley have poured into the project.

If it looks familiar that’s because Mark acquired the rights to the 595 Barchetta designed by Professor Peter Stevens in the nineties and marketed for a time by the Dove Motor Company. Originally, it was based understandably enough on a cut-down Fiat 126 platform.

Although visually similar, More >


Another aspect of Bespoke Vehicle Developments business is their VIN plate stamping and part marking operation. This superb service offers many benefits – not to mention security enhancements – to kitcar owners and manufacturers especially as BVD offers a mobile service too.

They can mark any service – plastic, aluminium, steel etc – with a permanent, indelible dot pen marker so this is potentially great news for trailers and other identification purposes. You can send tell Mark what you require or alternatively he offers a mobile service too.

He can also supply DVLA-approved stamped VIN plates from a selection of templates or More >


Making its debut at last week’s Autosport International was the latest offering from Steve ‘Sport’ Griffiths of Severn Classics, which is a replica of the Audi Sport Quattro Group B rally car.

The original is a rally legend that debuted in 1980 and driven in competition by top-line drivers such as Michèle Mouton, Hannu Mikkola and Stig Blomqvist.

Severn’s replica features a GRP body and uses the Pie Valley Minx chassis meaning a well-tested frame that brings various MGF components such as front wishbones, although Sport’s Quattro, known as Scutellata, has fabricated rear wishbones and either an Audi V6 engine or a More >


There really is a great deal of activity going on at AB Performance and Aries Motorsport these days and the companies have raced into 2018.

Although Andy Bates’ and Phil Edwards’ operations remain separate they work extremely closely together and even share the same – newly extended and refurbished – site in deepest Suffolk (Aries has just relocated from South Wales) and they have lots of developments coming on-stream this year, which we’ll bring you the EXCLUSIVE on in TKC Mag and here, of course.

Not content with building a new (second) workshop and developing new models like the Escala an as More >


The AlcoSense Ultra uses exactly the same professional 200mm2 fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US and European Police breathalysers, taking accuracy, features and ease of use to a new level and is the culmination of three years of research and development.

The Ultra uses a professional grade sampling system to ensure that only deep lung air (the most accurate part of the breath) is measured by the sensor. It also uses additional professional-grade sensors to measure the blow pressure, flow rate and volume of breath exhaled and takes a reading when one-litre of air has been exhaled ensuring that the most accurate sample is always More >


As the cold weather continues to bear down, car storage specialist, Windrush founder, Tim Earnshaw shares his top ten tips on protecting your vehicle over winter. With over a decade of experience at the pinnacle of car storage, a world-class reputation and years of experience in Formula 1, Tim Earnshaw is uniquely qualified in explaining the art of car storage at the highest level.

Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all contaminants – It sounds obvious, but washing a car just before storage ensures all impurities are removed. You don’t want to leave any contamination in place when storing a vehicle for any More >


This new temporary tyre repair kit (part number 6806) is ideal for repairing punctures on tubeless tyres fitted to agricultural and off-road vehicles. The repair plugs allow tubeless tyres to be repaired without removing the tyre from the wheel.

Simply find and remove the object that is causing the puncture from the tire; then use the supplied reamer tool to clean out the puncture hole. Fit the repair plug (15 are supplied) to the insertion hook tool and coat the plug with rubber solution. Push the repair plug through the puncture hole until about 10-15mm remains outside the tyre. Then remove More >


For many years, Webcon has supplied the finest quality DCOE mounting cups and grommets individually to allow some flexibility in the carburettor’s mounting. These are now available in handy complete carburettor sets. The cup washers are manufactured to a very specific thickness and depth and are yellow passivate coated. The grommets are manufactured to Webcon’s very specific levels of hardness and flexibility. Both parts are designed to offer outstanding performance in the most demanding of conditions and should not be confused with inferior versions that are on the market.

Part number 9900557100W4 is priced at £10.89 inc VAT.

Available directly from Webcon More >


Valid until February 28, 2018, Sealey’s latest promotion contains hundreds of products, which are featured at superb offer prices throughout the 48-pages, saving you up to 74 per cent.

Here are a few of the deals on offer. On the front cover, Sealey has their 2000CJX – 2tonne Combination Trolley Jack.  A single-piece hydraulic unit with a heavy base design which is fitted with a safety overload valve and pump-through-valve to prevent the handle locking at maximum ram extension.  Incorporating heavy-duty castors and fitted with brakes, this jack is perfect as a quad or bike lift as well as a standard jack. More >