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This new range from Clarke is ideal for buffing and polishing metal and composite surfaces to a bright lustre finish. They are available now from Machine Mart.

These units feature a robust cast iron base with rubber feet that reduce vibration. They can also be bolted to a workbench to make them even easier to use.

The range consists of two models, CBB150 (150mm diameter) and CBB200 (200mm diameter).

With a built-in motor delivering 250W of power and 2850rpm combined with bearing balanced machine shafts, these buffers offer excellent performance.

They even come with some accessories to help get you started – a stitched More >


Great to see that Bulgarian manufacturer, Aero Master is doing very nicely with their outrageous Bentley LMP Le Mans pastiche.

What’s more, they’ve already sold one in the UK and having seen the quality of the kit I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The body package includes all the GRP parts and costs €7500 with their standard package, which adds the chassis at €11,520. To this, you would need a few items including the bespoke windscreen and huge LMP rear wing.

Imagine rocking up to the supermarket in one of these!

Add paint and of course, the GM LS V8 engine and you More >


The ‘rounded-off’ nut or bolt is the scourge of the mechanical workshop. Particularly on exhaust components, a corroded and seized nut or bolt defies all attempts to remove it, and if using a spanner or ill-fitting socket, the flats of the fastener soon get rounded-off, making things worse. What to do?

Well, you could get out the angle grinder or better still, reach for this ingenious new Damaged Nut/Bolt Extractor Set from Laser Tools (part number 7524).

This set is made up of a set of cleverly designed hexagon bolt and nut extractor adaptor caps. These specially hardened caps fit over the More >


Another cool product from Merlin Motorsport is this Bosch Electric Water Pump.

It’s actually branded as a Davies, Craig item but is actually made by Bosch, this little water pump is ideal for fitting into the heater hoses of your cooling system.

If you are still using a conventional mechanical water pump, this pump can be used to boost the water flow around the engine and can then be left on after the engine is shut down to help prevent heat soak as the coolant temp can be known to creep up after the engine is shut down due to it not More >


Choosing the right high-performance oil for a GM LS Gen III, Gen IV, or Gen V engine doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration—not when the folks at Driven Racing Oil made it so darn easy. They’ve combined the proper Driven synthetic oil with the most efficient WIX XP filter to do a complete oil change and keep your engine fully protected – especially at higher revs.

The Oil Change Kits come one of two types of Driven oil depending on the application:

LS30 oil is a 5W30 synthetic, high zinc racing oil that protects engines with aggressive cam profiles, and also provides More >


Sealey has just launched its new 56-page Summer promotion.  It is packed with around 600 great deals on their tools and equipment and also contains discounts up to 55 per cent off list prices.

There are 25 sections in total, including Hand, Power and Air Tools, Toolchest Combos, Lifting and Towing, Machine Shop stuff, Motorcycle Tools, Flooring, Vacs, Valeting and Pressure Washer sections.

For further details or to view Sealey’s range visit their new website or alternatively call their Customer Service Department on 01284 757 500. Copies of the Summer Promotion are available from your local stockist, or you can view or More >


100-1458 FDPA

Owning a vehicle that’s powered by a tank of flammable liquid carries a risk and sometimes things go wrong. Likewise cooking in a campervan is a typical holiday task, but it only takes one rogue spark and it could all end in tears.

For those who like to be prepared should the worst happen Heritage Parts Centre have stocked up with a full complement of portable extinguishing equipment, to add to their existing range of ‘fitted’ systems from DAUS and BlazeCut.

From Fire Blankets for kitchen blazes, Fire Retardant spray to treat soft furnishings through to a choice of fire extinguishers, More >


AKSS is a new Jaguar XKSS replica – a collaboration between AK Sports Cars and JFG Classics

The first all-new project to come from AK Sports Cars Peterborough workshop since 1991 is this Jaguar XKSS replica, which was unveiled in rolling chassis form at Stoneleigh last month.

To be 100 per cent accurate it will actually be sold via AK’s new sister company, JFG Classics, a joint venture between AK MD, Jon Freeman, classic car nut, Neil Johnson and mechanical engineer, Andy Green.

The XKSS, although sometimes overshadowed by its sister the D-type, is a truly revered classic in its own right, with More >


Steve Milburn of Speed3 Automotive has made a few changes of late. The County Durham-based company has sold their MG TF-based Mini project to Birch Motorsport leaving them to concentrate on their Metro 6R4 replica called ‘The Rep’, which uses a Metro/Rover 100 bodyshell and mechanicals with kit prices starting at £7950.

The company has also announced a new kit called Project 3, which is so-called because is it their er, third project!

It is intended as a rebody package for Champion Locost or later Haynes Roadster kits although a standalone kit complete with spaceframe chassis will also be available.

Prices have yet More >


Now you can get an Eddie Motorsports S-Drive Serpentine Pulley Drive System in the company’s extra-shiny Bright Clearcoat Finish.

It’s a high-gloss polished-finish sealed with Eddie’s ultra-durable Fusioncoat clearcoat used in the marine industry.

Nobody is going to outshine your engine compartment with an S-Drive system under your bonnet – and Eddie Motorsports says it costs no more than a system without the clearcoat.

The S-Drive systems work every bit as good as they look, too. Engine accessories – water pump, alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor – are driven by a six- or eight-rib serpentine belt depending on the application.

The pulleys and More >