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A company that has made 35-million radiators, intercoolers, A/C condensers, and other cooling system components probably knows how to build stuff for performance use. CSF Radiator has applied that experience to radiators, fluid coolers, and intercooler cores for high performance and racing. Summit Racing is a major stockist of their products.

CSF air-to-air intercooler cores are designed for folks who want to fabricate a custom-fit intercooler. They are available in cross-flow and vertical-flow designs in multiple sizes.

Summit Racing also carries CSF’s Magnum Series intercooler cores; at 6in wide they’re the world’s thickest cores and are rated up to 1400bhp. If that More >


Pioneer reckons that they have changed the game with the latest, compact class D GM-D duo of four channel amplifiers. Both the GM-D8704 and its bigger brother, the GM-D9704, can muster Pioneer’s famous open and smooth sound concept, yet do so with efficiency and volume levels you don’t ever really require in a car.

System matching is simple because both amps can be bridged to offer serious power output over two channels at 2Ω resistance, or run in four-channel mode to kick out 100w RMS (4Ω) 4x150w RMS (2Ω) for the 8704, or 4x130w RMS (4Ω) and 4x200w RMS (2Ω).

When bridged More >


I’m a paid-up fan of the work of automotive clay modeller, Paul Goldsmith. The man is a genius as far as I am concerned.

We also like his body conversion work based around MGF. Indeed, we built one of his Abster kits as a project car for TKC Magazine.

His latest creation, the RSG has been unveiled and it’s another winner, as far as I can see. This one is based on both MGF and TF and is another restyle that retains the character of the original cars, which in the TF’s case is now 14-years young and beautifully and tastefully lifts More >


Don’t just mask smells, destroy them!  he latest version of Autoglym’s Odour Eliminator is a car care classic with deep roots seated in getting rid of nasty niffs and the wafts of eau-de-pet that can all too often make any vehicle a chore to inhabit.

Why is Odour Eliminator handy? Well, if your social circle is starting to dwindle because your car smells like old socks, Odour Eliminator is the ultimate ‘spray and walk away’ tool to eradicate bad smells in an instant.

Overcome the post gym pong of gung-ho pilates! Don’t let your proboscis get the better of you, equip yourself More >


GAZ dampers come with some of the best anti-corrosion finishes on the market and GAZ

Gold coil-overs are finished with a black zinc-plating to ensure that they remain corrosion free well into the future.

However, GAZ recognises that although they may be protected against corrosion they can still get clogged with mud, dirt and dust; this can hinder adjustment, as well as making it an unpleasant job.

Now GAZ is offering a simple solution in the form of durable fabric covers, available in three sizes to fit all GAZ dampers and coil-overs.

The covers are simple to fit with a Velcro-type fastening and will More >


Tilton stockists Merlin Motorsport say that you can now fully service or repair most Tilton products, saving the need and expense of replacing a whole part.  See – TILTON BRAKE PARTS & SPARES

These include, but are not limited to – 74- and 75-series master cylinder reservoirs, different length master cylinder push rods, three-chamber reservoir gaskets, spare reservoir caps, cap seals and cap internal baffles, 74-,75-,76-series master cylinder service kits, proportioning valve service kits, pedal box pedal pads in different sizes and more.

More from call them on 01249 7892 101 ENDS.


Multi V-belts are commonly used on the auxiliary drive systems on modern motor vehicles. It is important to ensure that all the pulleys are correctly aligned, to avoid premature belt wear and ensure maximum belt life. This new multi v-belt pulley alignment tool (part number 7644) from Laser Tools provides an easy visual check of pulley alignment. Use it before fitting a new belt.

This is a visual checking tool that comprises an alignment pointer and a marked alignment checking segment. These are designed to fit snugly into the V-grooves of the pulleys on the crankshaft, auxiliary components (alternator or air-con More >


Halfords has announced that it has secured the rights to be the exclusive UK retailer for an exciting new range of car care products from McLaren Racing.

The ethos of precision, performance and protection underpins the range of eighteen products, mirroring McLaren Racing’s relentless pursuit of excellence. The range sports the striking papaya orange associated with the team, and is an extensive line-up offering the home enthusiast a total car care solution.

Included within the range in 500ml bottles are glass cleaner, Sealant, Polish, Waterless Wax, Hydro-Seal, Snow Foam, Wash & Wax, Quick Detailer and Leather Cleaner with prices starting at £9 More >


In order to securely attach rubber or silicone water hose to rigid aluminium tubing the end of the tubing must be beaded.

The new Aeroflow Performance 3/8in Pipe Beading Tool is compact enough to be used on tubing that has already been installed.

The tool produces a properly positioned and perfectly radiused bead on 3/8in ID aluminium tubing with wall thicknesses from .035in to .065in.

The product retails from £35.99 inc VAT with more details 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


This highly compact portable hot and cold high pressure washer from Machine Mart is great for really effective cleaning of vehicles, caravans, bikes and patios. With a hot jet of up to 80°C this unit rapidly dissolves dirt or grime with ease.

The ‘Harry Hot Wash’ is also easy to transport and store due to its upright design and compact size, and combined with its economical diesel-powered water-heating system, is ideal for when time is of the essence.

This model is provided with an extra-long 8m high pressure hose and fitted with a hose and lance holder combined with handy wheels for More >