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When I saw a rare dry day over the Christmas period, I decided to give the brand new and unique HydroSlick product from Chemical Guys a test out. I’m glad I did.

Described as a hyperwax that doesn’t actually contain any wax, it blew me away with its ease of application, lustrous shine and hydrophobic (beading) ability.

Chemical Guys say that it is a ceramic hyperwax that uses a suspension gel that can be used on paint, glass, headlights and chrome. Basically, all-around your car.

They also say that in an ideal world it should be left for a minimum 30-seconds before removing More >


Whether fitting electrical accessories or repairing a wiring harness, it can be a real problem trying to pass wires or cables through from the engine bay or boot into the passenger compartment. Or when carrying out wiring harness repairs it can be a real struggle passing a new wire through box sections or behind trim panels. Laser Tools offers two solutions: the wire insertion toolset (part number 7618) and the wire guide tool (part number 7775).

Harness bulkhead grommets are designed to seal against dirt and water ingress and getting another wire through there can be quite a challenge. The new More >


Great new product from the marvels of rust removal and control, Rustbuster, is Eco Cleaner Rust Remover, which is an environmentally-friendly bio-degradable cleaner that can be used on steel, stainless steel and even masonry.

It is a single-component water-based jelly-like solution that removes rust, mill-scale, green algae and limestone.

Depending on the severity and the type of corrosion removal takes between 4-24-hours  to do its thing.


A 500ml bottle costs £11.14 inc VAT with a 1-litre bottle at £20.28 inc VAT.

Find out more at or via 01775 761 222 ENDS.


Great to see a retro classic that is still available. The new A100 Walkman® A Series better-known as the Sony Walkman is a 16gb music player that at first glance looks just like the original tape cassette player but in reality, is all-new and able to cope with modern forms of music delivery.

Priced at either £320 or £400 for the 40th-anniversary edition, it is available now. More from ENDS.


I do like innovative modes of transport and the very clever Brompton range of folding bicycles is a brilliant piece of kit.

The latest addition to the Brompton range is the Explore Special Edition that is aimed at those who want to go on the odd adventurer on the diminutive bicycle. For a start, it features a 28-litre travel bag, saddle pouch, a Brooks Cambium C17 all-weather saddle and six-gears aimed at climbing.

Prices start at £1525 and more information is available from ENDS.


Here’s a nice one for the garage or office. It’s called the Monty DAB and DAB+ digital radio and Bluetooth speaker with unique acoustic innovations such as analogue sound processing in a choice of stylish wooden cases with an exposed grain finish. Priced at £99.99.

More from ENDS.



If you like a bit of touring in your car and like a car blanket these new throws/blankets from Tom Lane might be attractive to you. Made from pure new wool and measuring 150cm x 180cm a variety of designs are available all priced at £60.

More information from ENDS.


Burton Power is now offering fully reconditioned Bosch electronic type distributor kits for the Ford SOHC Pinto engine, an engine used by the shed load in kitcars, of course.

The distributors are fitted with an integral electronic ignition module bolted to the distributor body. Each distributor has a modified advance curve to suit fast road/rally specification and is non-vacuum.

Each kit is supplied complete with constant energy coil and wiring harness (when using on vehicles fitted with a ballast resistor, the ballast must be by-passed to provide 12v at the coil).

The kits are supplied with a straight cap. The approximate static ignition More >


If you’re well organised and like to keep your tools neat, tidy and clean, then these two magnetic tool organisers are sure to appeal. Part number 7530 takes 34 different tools including bits, bit drivers, socket adaptors, universal joints, etc. Part number 7531 is a magnetic bit organiser that holds 43 different bits and adaptors, specifically designed for 10mm shank automotive bits. It keeps all these fiddly bits and adaptors in one easily accessible place. (note: the tools and bits are not included!)

Both organisers feature powerful magnets that hold the tools and bits securely but are also strong enough to More >


For over 40 years, the Weber Marelli crank sensor type SEN8D from Webcon has been the benchmark in terms of outstanding performance and an unbeatable price. However, as of November 2019, production in Italy ceased so they are now no longer available.

Webcon is thus delighted to announce that, following extensive testing, it has sourced a superb quality replacement for the ‘SEN8D’ and these are now available for immediate delivery.

The sensor is branded ‘Webcon’ to avoid confusion with non-Webcon-approved, unbranded versions and is available under a new part number: WSS075W.

Just like its predecessor it is extremely competitively priced at just £37.20 More >