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There are few more dispiriting feelings than stepping out of your house on a crisp, cold winter morning, only to find that your car has been almost entirely encased in ice and frost!

Freeing your car from winter’s grip can be both time-consuming and bone-chilling, neither of which are exactly ideal when you’re about to set off on a morning commute! If this sounds familiar then worry not, as Autoglym have you very well covered with their ‘winter twins,’ Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash and De-Icer.

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash

Dirty windscreens can be annoying at best, downright dangerous at worst, distracting you from the road More >


Before the introduction of the MPI in 1997, Minis universally suffered from oil leaking past the clutch case gasket.

Even new Minis suffered from this problem and were ‘corrected’ under warranty, but the problem often returned again.

In 1997, the clutch case and block gaskets were changed to a modern-day technology Klinger-type material in an attempt to eradicate the oil leaks.

Mini Spares now offers a Klinger material clutch housing gasket as part number GUG705563GM, replacing 22A2237B, to help prevent oil leaks.

The gasket measures 31 thou (0.81 mm) thick, but compresses to the correct size when fitted and torqued to 18lbs per sq More >


We would like to think that our cherished cars and motorcycles never drip oil, but alas, that’s not always the case.

An old piece of cardboard or even a plastic tray can be messy and unsightly, but Laser Tools has an alternative: their stainless-steel drip tray (part number 7352) is just the job.

The tray is usefully sized at 600mm long, 400mm wide and 48mm deep; it is manufactured from Type 201 stainless steel, which is exceptionally tough and strong. It will slip easily under the lowest sportscar, looks professional if your car is on display, and is very easy to clean.

It More >


Ooh nice

Southport-based Europa Engineering, run by Richard Winter has long been producing replicas of classic Lotus Europa 47 and 62S models, while he’s also a leading supplier of parts for Lotus’ ‘car for Europe’.

For several years, Richard, who has one of the most exquisite collections of classic motorcycles I’ve ever seen, has been wanting to take things more slowly and with that in mind, a new company called Lotus Supplies has taken over the parts side of the business.

Run by Nick Walker and erstwhile Europe Engineering customer, Dave Smith, Lotus Supplies, the pair are long-term car modifiers and Lotus enthusiasts More >


Two useful new additions to the toolbox; these power extension bars from Laser tools (parts numbers 7470 3/8in drive and 7471 1/2in drive) are 500mm long and designed to be driven by a cordless drill fitted with a quick-chuck.

The special extended length lets you get into these hard to access areas, particularly useful if you’re working under the car and having to reach up under wheel arches, rear axles, etc, to reach an elusive fastener. And releasing and removing the fastener takes seconds when using a cordless drill.

Both extension bars are manufactured from chrome vanadium 6150 spring steel, a material More >


I like to think that I’m serious about my car detailing and can usually have a sixth sense when it comes to rubbish products, of which the market is crowded.

When the UK importers of Nu Finish – The Once A Year Car Polish asked me if I’d like to try the product out, I must confess to fearing the Doc Holliday was in town. However, I’ll always give a car care product the benefit of the doubt until I’ve tried it.

As it happens, Nu Finish turned up at the right time. I hate seeing my cars dirty and after almost More >


Aeroflow’s Cushioned P-Clamps are available in DASH- sizes ranging from -03 to -32 and are suitable for both hard-line and braided hose and are available in blue, black, and silver finishes.

Sizes -03 to -06 are supplied in packs of ten and sizes -08 to -32 are supplied in packs of five.

Retail prices start £13.19 inc VAT per pack.

For more details contact Brown & Geeson on 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.



Webcon has announced the introduction of a 5in (125mm) air-horn for the Weber 48IDA carburettor.

This extra-long air-horn is perfect for kitcars, hot rods or mid-engined historic racing cars that use Weber 48IDA carburettors on American V8 engines and where height is not restricted.

Each air-horn is precision-manufactured from lightweight aluminium to ensure a perfect fit into the carburettor. The air-horns can be ordered as part number 5284055000.

Meanwhile, Air Horn 5284055000 is sold individually and retails at £41.95 each inc VAT.

For further details contact 01932 787c100 or visit ENDS.


The GXE1002RACE Powerlite Lightweight Race Alternator is identical to Mini Spare’s GXE1002 competition alternator but with a larger pulley to prevent overcharging on race cars which spend the majority of their time running at high RPM.

The alternator is suitable for all pre-1997 Mini A-Series-powered cars and weighs just 3.2kg with an output of 55-amps.

It has been designed as a direct bolt-on replacement on pre ’97 Minis; however, a multi-position mounting bracket means that it is also ideal for other race cars, custom cars and kitcar applications. It does not take the standard Mini alternator plug so a small amount of More >


Rally Design has announced not one but two new Ford Blackline helical LSDs (limited slip differentials).

Both are competitively priced at £594 inc VAT. The unit that suits the Ford Fiesta ST180-IB6 (part no HLF016) considerably improves the grip and handling of this otherwise rapid vehicle.

They also have a limited quantity of USA Ford units (part no HLF017), available in 28- or 31-spline, and the 9in Ford axle is often utilised in high-power applications.

More from 01227 792 792 or ENDS.