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If ever the term ‘really useful’ could be applied to a precision screwdriver set, then this is the one! This 108-piece set from Kamasa Tools (part number 56121) is so much more than just a screwdriver set.

Being a precision screwdriver line-up, it is ideal for a number of different uses, including computers, phones, electronics, etc, but as well as including 90 (yes, 90!) precision bits, it also comes with a number of very useful accessories.

The list of bits is extensive: 10 x Phillips, 8 x PzDrive, 2 x Tri-wing, 14 x Flat, 8 x Star (5 sided), 20 x Star More >


Most nitrous oxide kits come from America and their fittings usually aren’t compatible with our Gen II NOS bottles or BOC NOS bottles.

Now, thanks to Aeroflow, the problem has been solved. It has just released a pair of Nitrous Bottle Adaptors to fit the -04 AN and -06 AN-threads commonly found on US nitrous kits, so that they will accept UK/European gas bottles.

The adaptors are produced from aluminium and are CNC-machined for a precision fit.

They retail from £23.99 each inc VAT. For more details contact 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


Here’s one aimed primarily at our North American readers …

Mobil 1 5W-30 and 15W-30

Mobil 1’s 5W-30 and 15W-30 grades are full synthetic motor oils that provide exceptional protection against engine wear even under extreme conditions. They will help keep your crate engine running like new by reducing sludge, deposit build-up, and minimising oil breakdown.

Mobil 1 flows as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit—no worries about oil starvation at engine start-up—and can withstand temperatures up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit.

Chevrolet Performance recommends Mobil 1 5W-30 for these crate engines:

  • 350/290
  • 350 HO
  • Ram Jet 350
  • SP350/357 and SP350/385
  • ZZ6, carbureted and EFI
  • HT383
  • SP383
  • L96 Connect and Cruise Package
  • LS3 and LS3 E-ROD
  • LS7
  • LS376/515 and More >


BIG news at the end of last week was that Westfield Sports Cars has purchased the Chesil Speedster project lock, stock and barrel.

Developed from Chris Boyle’s Street Beetle project it was purchased by Peter Bailey in 1991 and the name changed to ‘Chesil’ primarily due to the company’s location right on Dorset’s Chesil Beach on England’s Jurassic Coast.

Not many better places to go to take a test drive, that’s for sure.

Over the next 13-years or so Bailey developed the Chesil Speedster into one of the foremost kitcars in the UK definitely becoming the 356 replica that most aspired to. Basically, More >


Latest kit to join the Classic Coachworks stable is the Z75 from Old No 7 (sister company to Tribute Automotive) which is again a BMW Z3-based body conversion that turns the venerable German two-seater into a pastiche of an exotic delicacy.

The photos show the first car under build, but it’s enough to give a tempting flavour of what’s to come.

With Tribute/Old No 7’s reputation for innovation and value for money and Classic Coachworks’ fine car building skills and customer service, it’s sure to be as popular as the existing 250 Koupe and Kali and there’ll be fixed head and convertible More >


DEI TIG Torch Covers protect expensive TIG welding cables while not feeling heavy or cumbersome. They are made from a lightweight and flexible PET monofilament and multifilament combination to provide exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance and are able to handle temperatures of up to 175 degrees C with a 260 degrees C melting point.

The self-closing split sleeve design makes for easy installation and self-binding silicone tape to secure the ends is included.

DEI TIG Torch Covers meet SAE ARP 1536A and ISO 6722 Abrasion ratings and have a SAE J 369 Flammability rating of ‘Self Extinguishing’.

The covers have a 1.905cm I.D. and a 33% overlap More >


This is the latest model fuse-box as used on all Classic Minis built after 1976 and all MG Midget/Sprites fitted with the 1275cc engine.

It is simple and easy to replace or upgrade from the earlier version. This box has the advantage of having four fuses in place of the earlier version that only had two.

Later model cars used the extra fuses for accessories. If you are upgrading from the two-fuse type you can spread the load or add accessories or simply keep as spares (fuses are not included but are also available from Mini Spares)!

The original fuse boxes that were fitted More >


When replacing a water auto-choke carburettor with a manual choke version an installer has to source a choke cable and then join the heater pipes together; these tasks are often laborious and expensive. The new Auto-Choke to Manual Conversion Kit from Webcon solves both problems.

Webcon part number 4504800000 contains a top-quality British made 57in choke cable, a mounting bracket and screws, plus a specifically designed 16mm aluminium heater pipe connector and clips. The Webcon Auto-Choke to Manual Conversion Kit is priced at just £35.84 inc VAT.

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


More >


A company that has made 35-million radiators, intercoolers, A/C condensers, and other cooling system components probably knows how to build stuff for performance use. CSF Radiator has applied that experience to radiators, fluid coolers, and intercooler cores for high performance and racing. Summit Racing is a major stockist of their products.

CSF air-to-air intercooler cores are designed for folks who want to fabricate a custom-fit intercooler. They are available in cross-flow and vertical-flow designs in multiple sizes.

Summit Racing also carries CSF’s Magnum Series intercooler cores; at 6in wide they’re the world’s thickest cores and are rated up to 1400bhp. If that More >


Pioneer reckons that they have changed the game with the latest, compact class D GM-D duo of four channel amplifiers. Both the GM-D8704 and its bigger brother, the GM-D9704, can muster Pioneer’s famous open and smooth sound concept, yet do so with efficiency and volume levels you don’t ever really require in a car.

System matching is simple because both amps can be bridged to offer serious power output over two channels at 2Ω resistance, or run in four-channel mode to kick out 100w RMS (4Ω) 4x150w RMS (2Ω) for the 8704, or 4x130w RMS (4Ω) and 4x200w RMS (2Ω).

When bridged More >