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Aimed at the classic car scene, this one will still be useful for kitcar enthusiasts.

If you are having problems matching the paint on a classic Triumph or MG, Moss Europe is now offering a complete range of colours that have been carefully blended to be an exact match to the original paint as used by the factory.

Moss can supply paint in either aerosol or brush-on format. The aerosols come in 400ml cans at £17.20 and the brush-on paints are available in 125ml cans with a brush in the cap at £11.20.

They can supply colours for the following: MG T Type More >


The fourth model from motorcycle-powered sports-racing car manufacturer Mittell Cars is set to be revealed on the 750 Motor Club stand at the 2019 Autosport International Show, this week (Jan 10-13, 2019 – stand 2280, Hall 2).

The MC-41R is the first ‘slicks and wings’ offering from the Hampshire-based constructor and is set to contest the full 2019 Bikesports Championship with Scott Mittell behind the wheel.

The MC-41R will offer central-seat sports-racing car architecture, powered by a Suzuki GSXR1000 superbike engine. The new car is designed to go head-to-head with the Radical SR3 and PR6 models that currently dominate in Bikesports, yet More >


Unscrew rounded screws at a single stroke – that’s the promise and that is exactly what it delivers. The Matador Screw IT! extractor promises to do exactly what it claims.

How many times have you had to walk away from a job because of a cross-threaded or damaged screw? In the increasingly budget-conscious world of manufacturing the first cost-cutting exercise generally occurs with fastenings, screws and bolts. That’s where this ultra-handy Screw-IT! tool from Matador proves an essential item for every toolbox on the planet – no self-respecting DIY-er or mechanic should be without this uber-useful bit of kit.

You know how it More >


When you next pop into your local motor factors, pick up a handy box of multi-purpose microfibre cleaning cloths from Connect Workshop Consumables (part number 37310). These are multipurpose microfibre cleaning cloths that trap dust and debris. Perfect for the garage, workshop and home to clean and trap dirt without leaving smears or damaging paintwork.

The dispenser box of 50 enables individual cloths to be taken at ease when required and keeps remaining cloths away from the workshop environment until required. The 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent polyamide construction makes them soft but very strong — they are More >


Speed and efficiency — two of the most important things when it comes to quick turnarounds on repairs. Laser Tools understands that sometimes traditional tools can be time-consuming — there must be a quicker way? That’s why they’ve developed the pull-back rapid-action ratchet. This ratchet redefines speed and effectiveness wherever you would use a conventional ratchet handle. The 3/8in inch drive spins more than 360-degrees with a simple pump of the patented pull-back grip. Two ratchet lengths are available: part number 7376 (350mm) and part number 7377 (230mm).

Simply attach your socket or driver, then secure onto the fastener that needs More >


AutoMeter’s Elite Series Digital gauges feature LED-backlit numeric readouts that can be displayed in one of seven colours, making them easy to read at a glance.

Elite Series Digital gauges have durable stepper motors and are microprocessor-controlled for accurate readings. You can program the LED numerical and radial sweep readouts in one of seven colours—and what’s more, you can program the gauges to flash or change colour when user-set parameters are reached. Now you’ll know at a glance when water temperature gets too high, oil pressure plummets, or when you reach the proper shift-point.

All gauges except the tachometer and speedometer have More >



Here’s one that could be of interest if you have a tired engine in your car…

Car parts distributor Randstad Ltd recently hosted a unique one-off event for motorists, giving their engines a free deep clean, while highlighting the pitfalls of a clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF), causing drivers to be potentially hit by replacement costs of up to several thousands of pounds.

Randstad’s industry-leading engine carbon cleaning brand TerraClean recently launched the competition on social media, giving away over £10,000 worth of services. The contest attracted hundreds of applicants, with 100 winners being drawn. Despite the wet and windy elements, 90 More >


The latest project from talented French designer, Philippe Chalot (ex-Sbarro and AC3 356 replica), is a very clever Alpine A110 replica based on a Smart Roadster. A nifty concept along the lines of the much-missed Michalak, in my view.

Using the complete drivetrain and underpinnings from the Smart, the superbly-named Smarlinette is available in kit form priced at €16,540 (approximately £14,919, although dependent on the exchange rate, obviously), which buys you the GRP and polyester body components (front and rear sections, bumpers, bonnet and boot-lid), hinges, all lights, mirrors rear screen and includes the cost of dismantling and servicing your Smart More >


One of the best wheel cleaners I’ve come across comes from TDG Car Care and is their Blueberry Wheels Concentrate, which in my view is quite simply amazing.

It’s an acid-free product, designed, created and hand-poured by the manufacturer that takes out grime and crud that at this time of year cling to your wheels for fun.

Over the Festive period, I did a bit of detailing – just for a change! – and one of my cars had been assaulted by mud and filth on some East Sussex lanes that seemed to be etched on.

A quick shake of the bottle (you More >


During the same car care detailing session that spawned the TDG Blueberry Wheels news item also yielded this one, Luxury Suds shampoo from ADS Car Care, another of my favourite brands.

It is one of a line-up of shampoos from the East Sussex brand that also features shampoos with heady watermelon, purple grape and sweet shop flavours – the company loves a Body Shop or Lush-style scent on their products.

The Luxury Suds product has a strawberry whiff that could cause you a problem if you parked it next to a glass containing a Strawberry Crusha milkshake, so take care! Other brands More >