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Back in 1985, Lee Noble caused quite a stir when he launched his World Endurance Carinspired Ultima Mk1 on an unsuspecting kitcar world. He soon followed it up with his interpretation of the legendary 330 P4, arguably one of the top three Italian exotics ever produced.

The Noble P4 marketed by Lee’s Kitdeal company sold around 150 of the kits before he shelved the project eventually selling it to Deon in 1992. In 1995 the project moved again to Neil Foreman of NF Autos, originally a customer of Lee’s and purchaser of one of the first kits.

Neil and his son, Matt More >


If you’ve been to Stoneleigh since 2009 you might have seen a very special-looking Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar wearing aluminium body panels, wearing an ‘MB1’ moniker.

It’s the handiwork of Martin Batho, a sheet metal worker from Nuneaton and was based on the trusty Locost chassis, featuring a mix of Ford Sierra and Triumph Spitfire components. Martin says that he would regularly get requests for body panels, which unusually he could satisfy because unlike a lot of ‘specials’ builders he’d created full tooling for his car.

Martin’s previous day job saw him work on all manner of projects from the mundane to Jaguar More >


Caterham Cars enjoyed one of its best years in 2016 with this special edition of the Seven, the Sprint, selling out (rather aptly) in just seven days!

Caterham Cars, who celebrate 60-years of the Seven this year, has started 2017 the way they left off in 2016 and is currently holding 600 firm orders on their books. The manufacturer expects to build 540 Sevens in 2017 and 575 in 2018, which would put them on the limit of their production capacity at the factory in Dartford (Crayford actually but don’t tell anyone!).

CEO Graham Macdonald has returned to the original ‘one-man-one-car’ build More >


Sad to hear that Zenos Cars has gone into administration although at the time of writing it was hoped that a saviour could be found to enable the Norfolk manufacturer to continue trading.

Their problems have been attributed to a recent downturn in trade with a cancelled overseas order not doing them any favours.

Co-founded by Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards, both ex-Caterham Cars, Zenos debuted their E10 model at Autosport International in January 2014, with Ford 2-litre GDI power, although that was soon joined by an EcoBoost version.

When Ali left – although he remained a shareholder, Edwards was in sole charge More >


Solve all your garage and workshop vehicle positioning problems with the new Hy-Jacks from Power-TEC (part number 92438). These seem like a good way of moving vehicles in confined areas; once fitted, they let the vehicle roll easily in any direction. Two Hy-Jacks permit a full 180-degree vehicle pivot, four Hy-Jacks give full manoeuvrability.

Sold in pairs, they lift the vehicle in seconds. The product is positioned around the tyre, then a few pumps of the hydraulic foot pedal progressively lifts the vehicle tyre between the rollers until the tyre lifts smoothly and quickly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tyre; More >


GTechniq is one of my favourite car care brands and they make a wide range of products that do exactly what they say on the labels. No fancy colours or bubble gum smells.

For example, their G2 Liquid Crystal V3 sounds a bit scientific but is actually a fiendishly-clever product that helps your car’s bodywork stay clean for longer by giving it protection against both dirt and UV.

Fast and easy to use, G2 is the performance coating of choice among many professional detailers. A 500ml bottle costs £19 and is available from ENDS.


Welcome to totalkitcar online…

A WARM welcome to totalkitcar online………..Soul-heartening trip to various parts of Yorkshire this was heartening for the soul. One of my visits was to Bogg Brothers in East Lutton, a few miles off the A64 York-Scarborough road, run by Steve and Pete Bogg although their dad, Dave, equally as well-known as ‘Boggy’ is still to be found working his magic on his rolling road.

Lurking in the company’s large workshop were some superb specialist cars, including a GSM Delta. A car owned by Dave, a JBA Falcon is for sale. It might not be the best in terms More >


Now here is a FANTASTIC product and one that is absolutely ideal for totalkitcar/tkc mag readers and kitcar enthusiasts in general. Have been using one a dual camera Blink system for a while now and it WORKS.

It concerns Blink, the affordable, wire-free, home security and HD video monitoring system, that it is now available in the UK.

Blink is a battery-powered home security and HD video monitoring system that’s simple to set up and use, giving peace of mind to people who worry about the security of their property while away. It provides a watchful eye and one-click connection to the More >


Non-silicone based brake fluids absorb moisture over their service life and braking efficiency and safety is greatly reduced. As the level of moisture in the brake fluid increases, the boiling point gets lower, and the fluid cannot safely perform its vital function. Therefore the fluid should be tested, and the most efficient and accurate method of testing it is to actually measure its boiling point. The Laser Tools Brake Fluid Boiling Point Tester (part number 6802) is designed to measure the boiling point of brake fluid very quickly and with digital accuracy.

It works on all grades of brake fluid, the More >


Sealey is introducing their new CP1200 Power Tool series where one battery fits all. The 12V Series has been designed to make everyday tasks quick and easy. The quality slim, stylish and lightweight tools are powered by one interchangeable lithium battery that packs a punch.

Lithium-ion battery technology delivers better power and performance over traditional nickel-cadmium batteries. The Tools feature ergonomic composite housings with soft grips, making them comfortable and easy-to-use.

The range consists of the following options

CP1204- 3/8inSq Drive Impact Wrench 80Nm – body only

CP1201- Hammer Drill/Driver – body only

CP1202- 3/8inSq Drive Ratchet Wrench 45Nm- body only

CP1203-1/4in Hex Drive Impact Driver More >