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warm welcome to totalkitcar online … I’ve heard mixed reviews about last weekend’s Autosport International Show at the NEC. It certainly seemed to have a smaller footprint than in recent years, but the organisers had moved the halls around, which may have had something to do with that.

This Polish-made Bugatti Veyron replica caused a stir on the Total Headturners stand at Autosport International. Most of the mechanicals are Audi-sourced including the 4.2-litre twin-turbo engine. Powerful, for sure, but I don’t think it can reach the 1001bhp of the original! It was yours for £250,000.

Regardless of that the app on my phone still told me that I’d walked a long way come day’s end. The kitcar was well represented, albeit with fewer manufacturers there this year, but the likes of Westfield Sports Cars (www.wetsfield-sportscars.couk) and Great British Sports Cars (www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk) put on very good displays.

Westfield with the Chesil sharing space with ‘conventional’ Westies and the company reports great response to the Speedster-flavoured model. The company also gave a sneak peek of the forthcoming ST4 model, which is aimed at the European fully built market and can be sold in all countries.

Cool Westfield stand at Autosport International last weekend

Meanwhile, GBS had their Zero Gen 2 model taking pride of place and they report that response to that has been incredibly encouraging, while progress with the all-new Auriga model continues apace.

Next year’s Autosport International show takes place on January 14-17, 2020 at the NEC. More from www.autosportinternational.com.


Really liking this 387 from Iconic Autobody Vehicle Developments. Based on Porsche 987 (Mk2) Boxster, hence the model name. It’s a refreshingly modern take on the Speedster theme, much like the PGO Cevennes in France, which uses BMW Mini components. www.iconicautobody.com

AB Performance had one of their Arions on the 750 Motor Club stand at the Autosport show. It makes a great track car but is also superb fun on the public highway. Just ask the ‘rocking rev’ Gary Gotham!

There’s something really cool about this 911, I think




A lovely image of a Hawk Stratos currently under build in Italy


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We’ve got plenty to entertain you with this issue kicking off with the exclusive first look at the new JFG SS from AK Sports Cars, a pastiche of the classic XK SS. We also bagged a drive of the middle of the range Caterham Seven R360, a look at the Rhubarb from New Zealand, a customer-built Equilibrium Sonic7, powered by a VAG 1.8-litre turbocharged engine from a Seat Cupra R.

We also have a brace of Cobra replicas – bother readers’ cars – one a gorgeous GD 427, the other a Pilgrim Sumo with a great backstory. Amongst everything else, we also feature the history of sixties specialist car marque, Piper Cars.

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Surely one of the most exclusive kitcars ever produced was this glorious replica of a Maserati 250F, which came from Squadron Leader Cameron Millar produced between 1972-1996 under the CM Cars banner (albeit with a 12-year gap somewhere in there). 

Of the twelve produced most were sold as fully built cars BUT Millar definitely offered them in kit form. I don’t think they were sold as two grand chassis/body starter kits though, to be fair! 

He was probably one of the greatest authorities on the 250F in the world and his cars were totally exquisite and are accepted in all the right circles and are FIA-compliant.

I’m really hoping that the bloke standing next to me on the Yokohama stand at Autosport was just winding his mate up when he suggested he’d like a set of those trees with the Chelsea motif on!

Millar bought his first one in Australia in 1964 and set about painstakingly restoring it. Others wanted replicas of his car and he bought all the remaining 250F parts from ex-Maserati works team Scuderia Centro Sud, which included all the original chassis jigs.

Even Grand Prix legend, Juan-Manuel Fangio was smitten enough to buy one (number three). 

Millar built Tipo 1-spec versions, Lightweights and even three of the ‘Piccolo’ variant. I think the first seven built are the most desirable of the desirables as they used the Centro Sud parts including original engines and chassis.

Grand Prix Metalcraft built the beautiful aluminium bodies for Millar.

SNIPPETS 1………The first GBS Cars & Coffee event of 2020 will take place on Saturday, March 21.

The Christmas Cars & Coffee event raised £225.95 for the Cancer Research UK Charity, and they also collected for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance

More details from https://www.greatbritishsportscars.com/my-events.

We’re delighted to support this great charity at TKC Mag/totalkitcar – get it checked out boys.

SNIPPETS 2……..The iconic Ace café in London has announced the date of their ‘Kit Car’ day will be Saturday, September 12 – 11am-4pm.

The world-famous venue can be found at Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD. Find out more via 0208 961 1000 or www.acecafe.com.

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Back in 2003, we published the totalkitcar Almanac, so this is a ‘sixteen years later’ Mk2 version, I guess. In a nutshell, it’s a round-up of every kitcar you can currently buy in the UK all listed in categories. You can buy a copy HERE (UK)EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS HERE or alternatively, if you live anywhere else in the world (such as Australia, North America and Japan etc) CLICK HERE.


Thanks for letting me know that you’ve been enjoying these fun, little album tips. They are intended to bring you some great music – often, admittedly, of a ‘crunchy’ guitar blues-rock variety – including some stuff that you may not have heard before, or even forgotten about, while also being easy to find on Apple Music or Android equivalent.

I always liked the Marshall Tucker Band. Always a bit more melodic than southern rock mates The Outlaws, Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet. Led by brothers, Tommy and Toy Caldwell they were never afraid to stick a flute or fiddle into their sound.

I’m told that live they were superb and this set released in 2017 – although recorded much earlier – certainly highlights that, containing classics like ‘Heard It In A Love Song’, ‘Fire On The Mountain’ and the stunning ‘Can’t You See’. Well worth checking out as it’s a great listen.


We’ve been receiving some very positive feedback over this fun weekly beer-orientated item. It’s our real ale recommendation as with over 1750 micro-breweries producing over 7500 beers, in the UK, you won’t struggle to find a local artisan, with some of them truly tiny.

Fact is cask ale drinkers are spoilt for choice. Let us also point out that obviously, we definitely do NOT condone drink/driving rather than enjoying a pint in moderation during your leisure time. 

Established in 1790, Harvey’s Brewery of Lewes, East Sussex can hardly be described as new boys or indeed as a micro, but their beers are great. My all-time favourite is Sussex Best, which is a superbly balanced bitter of 4% ABV.

For me, it has everything I could ever want from a pint. More from www.harveys.org.uk

So, that’s about it from me for this week, so until next Friday, January 24, I’ll leave you to enjoy the site, pausing just to wish you a great seven days.

Enjoy your winter driving, but please take care out on the roads. 

Best regards