Another new product that has impressed me this week is a vivid green snow-foam from Alien Magic, called Gamma. It also has a lovely mint fragrance too!

It’s a no-touch snow-foam containing amongst other ingredients, hyper surfactants and premium super polymers.

When applied it creates an abundance of thick green foam. The liquid, when poured from the bottle, appears semi-thick in consistency, and once mixed with water and dispensed from a cannon or gun coats your car in thick foam.

My car was dirty so I let it dwell on the surface to allow it to encapsulate dirt, salt, road debris and fresh contaminants, lubricating the surface and guiding the crud safely down and off for a scratch-free wash.

Gamma is a safe, biodegradable formula that leaves no residue when rinsed away. It removes traffic film, dirt, road debris and salt effectively. I was well-impressed. A 500ml bottle costs just £10.99.

The very nice people at Alien Magic are offering totalkitcar readers a generous 10 per cent discount., have a browse around and if you place an order use the code ‘TKC10’ to get your discount. You can also call them on 01908 382 103 ENDS.