A company that has made 35-million radiators, intercoolers, A/C condensers, and other cooling system components probably knows how to build stuff for performance use. CSF Radiator has applied that experience to radiators, fluid coolers, and intercooler cores for high performance and racing. Summit Racing is a major stockist of their products.

CSF air-to-air intercooler cores are designed for folks who want to fabricate a custom-fit intercooler. They are available in cross-flow and vertical-flow designs in multiple sizes.

Summit Racing also carries CSF’s Magnum Series intercooler cores; at 6in wide they’re the world’s thickest cores and are rated up to 1400bhp. If that still isn’t enough, Summit has ultra-efficient water-to-air cores rated for up to 2000bhp.

CSF Racing Radiators are not pimped-up OEM parts. Instead of industry-standard ‘O-shaped’ welded tubes, CSF forms its radiator tubes into a ‘B’ shape and furnace-brazes them down the middle.

This divides each tube into halves, providing the efficiency of two smaller tubes versus one large tube in the same amount of space. That increases heat transfer surface area and allows the use of thinner, lighter aluminium to save weight.

CSF uses high-efficiency, multi-louvered fins precisely aligned to maximise airflow through each radiator core. Fin specifications are calculated for each application, and tested for maximum heat rejection efficiency in CSF’s wind-tunnel lab.

You even get a choice of end tank designs. The OEM-style radial tanks are fully TIG-welded and give you a sleek, smooth look. The deep-drawn tanks are stamped to mimic OEM plastic end tanks. They need less welding and are considered the strongest tanks available.