This is the latest model fuse-box as used on all Classic Minis built after 1976 and all MG Midget/Sprites fitted with the 1275cc engine.

It is simple and easy to replace or upgrade from the earlier version. This box has the advantage of having four fuses in place of the earlier version that only had two.

Later model cars used the extra fuses for accessories. If you are upgrading from the two-fuse type you can spread the load or add accessories or simply keep as spares (fuses are not included but are also available from Mini Spares)!

The original fuse boxes that were fitted by Rover from 1976 on are no longer obtainable. There are many cheap copies available but MiniSpares resolved the problem by remanufacturing the fuse box themselves. The result is the real thing and the only choice for the discerning classsic Mini or MG Midget owner.

Order as part number RTC440A at £6.30 inc VAT

Lost your fuse box cover? Mini Spares can supply a cover on its own as part number 518995A at £3.60 inc VAT.

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