Don’t just mask smells, destroy them!  he latest version of Autoglym’s Odour Eliminator is a car care classic with deep roots seated in getting rid of nasty niffs and the wafts of eau-de-pet that can all too often make any vehicle a chore to inhabit.

Why is Odour Eliminator handy? Well, if your social circle is starting to dwindle because your car smells like old socks, Odour Eliminator is the ultimate ‘spray and walk away’ tool to eradicate bad smells in an instant.

Overcome the post gym pong of gung-ho pilates! Don’t let your proboscis get the better of you, equip yourself with the perfect spray for the job – whether smoker, pet owner, exercise enthusiast or even just a believer in keeping any vehicle smelling tip top, now is the time to embrace Odour Eliminator with open sinuses.

One of the more challenging aspects of a poor-smelling car interior is how best to remove the smell, especially when new ‘clouds’ of odour tend to be emitted when sections of the predominantly fabric upholstery are compressed, for example when they’re sat upon. It’s a surprisingly tricky conundrum and one which has been a thorny issue for the car care aficionados for years.

Odour Eliminator has been carefully formulated with Fragrance Release Technology, which deposits encapsulated fragrance into the interior fabrics. Thanks to the ingenious tech, these pleasant-smelling particles are re-activated each and every time the fabric in question is sat upon, releasing a fresh burst of fragrance, which lasts for weeks.

It’s sold in a handy, 500ml spray bottle, which means that it’s a spray and forget item. If combined with Autoglym’s fantastic Interior Shampoo, this duo for fabric freshness is completely unstoppable and a bargain at just £8.70.

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