100-1458 FDPA

Owning a vehicle that’s powered by a tank of flammable liquid carries a risk and sometimes things go wrong. Likewise cooking in a campervan is a typical holiday task, but it only takes one rogue spark and it could all end in tears.

For those who like to be prepared should the worst happen Heritage Parts Centre have stocked up with a full complement of portable extinguishing equipment, to add to their existing range of ‘fitted’ systems from DAUS and BlazeCut.

From Fire Blankets for kitchen blazes, Fire Retardant spray to treat soft furnishings through to a choice of fire extinguishers, including one specifically designed for lithium-ion battery fires caused by smartphones, tablets or other tech-gadgets.

With extinguishers starting at just £12.50, it’s not expensive to play it safe.

If you’d like some extra advice the team at Heritage can talk through your options depending on how you use your vehicle and the types of fire that could cause a threat to your pride and joy.

Shop online at www.Heritagepartscentre.com or give them a call on 01273 444 000 ENDS.