Since 2008, Precision Turbo and Engine customers have compiled over 119 world championships and set over 256 world records. That’s 375 good reasons to bolt a Precision Turbo hairdryer on your car. Summit Racing carries a full line of Precision Turbo turbochargers, including these:

Entry Level Turbochargers

Precision Turbo’s Entry Level turbochargers can feed engines making 385 up to 1,250 horsepower at the rear wheels without busting your budget. The Entry Level turbos feature MFS (Machined from Solid) billet aluminium compressor wheels.

Unlike a cast wheel, an MFS compressor wheel is machined with more aggressive blade designs to deliver more airflow. An MFS wheel is also stronger and far more resistant to cracking and fatigue at higher pressure levels.

Entry Level turbochargers rated up to 600 horsepower are available with several T3 turbine housing options. Turbos rated 625bhp and up have T3 and T4 housing options.

GEN2 Turbochargers

The GEN2 turbochargers were designed with the hardcore enthusiast in mind. They feature Precision Turbo’s exclusive Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) forged aluminium wheels on both the compressor and turbine sides.

The CEA wheels are more efficient, can handle higher boost levels, and deliver boost with less turbo lag than similarly-sized turbos with older wheel designs.

Going one step up, the GEN2 XPR turbochargers feature an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing Centre Housing Rotating Assemblies (CHRA).

The design combines the centre housing and compressor backplate assembly into a one-piece, forged aluminium assembly, making the turbo stronger and more durable while providing a faster transient response.

The XPR turbos come with a compressor cover ballistic blanket, speed sensor provision (in the compressor cover), and a speed sensor to monitor turbo shaft speed.


The mechanical wastegates feature investment cast stainless steel valve bodies for consistent performance and accurate boost control.

They are available with a standard bolt- or clamp-style flange (depending on model) for easy mounting. The PTE wastegates are compatible with most aftermarket manual or electronic boost controllers and are available in 39, 40, 46, and 66mm sizes.

The Pro Series wastegates are designed for use with CO2-based boost control systems and offer quicker response time. The wastegates are fully-adjustable and are compatible with most aftermarket manual and electronic boost controllers.

Other features include:

  • Investment cast stainless steel valve bodies with stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges
  • Internal nickel-chromium alloy internal valves
  • Stabilizing ‘precision pins’ prevent the inlet and outlet flanges from spinning
  • Three individual ports (one on top, two on bottom)

Several different 17-7 precipitation hardened springs for boost adjustment are available for both types of wastegate.

Summit Racing also carries these Precision Turbo and Engine products:

  • Factory Upgrade turbos for 2.3-litre Ecoboost engines and 2002-18 Subaru 2.0L and 2.5L
  • LS Series turbochargers for GM LS engines
  • GEN1 and GEN2 Pro Mod turbochargers
  • Blowoff valves