Welcome to totalkitcar online…

Welcome to totalkitcar online……. with Ford engines powering so many kitcars, in the past, present and into the future, the EcoBoost range of engines was seen as the future, for many years to come.

However, that hasn’t turned out to be the case. EcoBoost came in various ‘strengths’ – 1-litre ‘Fox’(three varieties up to 140bhp), 1.6-litre (150-200bhp), 2-litre (200-301bhp) and 2.3-litre (270-385bhp).

Changes have been made already with the 1-litre remaining available for now, the 1.6-litre replaced by a new three-cylinder 1.5-litre ‘Dragon’ (150-200bhp), 2-litre gone about to be replaced by a new variant known as ‘Maverick’ and the 2.3-litre version, also due to go.

EcoBoost 1-litre

Ford EcoBoost 2.3-litre

There’s also a four-cylinder 1.5-litre variant producing up to 181bhp.

I’m also told that Duratec has gone as has 1.6-litre Sigma, while the supply of Zetec 1.8s and 2-litres, is beginning to run dry.

When it comes to EcoBoost V6 (Cyclone) engines change has been happening there, too. A 2.7-litre Nano unit delivers around 330bhp, a 3-litre between 350-450bhp and the 3.5 recently updated into a second generation. That one has a wide band of strengths available from 320bhp right up to 647bhp when in Ford GT-spec.

There’s also a brand new 3.3-litre producing between 290-320bhp. Confusingly, Ford badges these engines as Duratec V6 … 





TKC March/April 2019 is out NOW via mail order, all digital platforms and good newsagents, along with some tragic ones, too, no doubt!

We’ve got plenty of good stuff again this issue, dear reader and here’s just a sample …

Ultima Evolution Graham Barnes set out to self-build one of the finest Ultimas ever seen. The result is a spectacular LS7 V8-powered delight delivering 700bhp…
Hall’s Garage J.E.M Hall’s Garage already produces the Tifosi range of Midget conversions, but their new J.E.M model could be their best yet.
Triking – Type 4 Any three-wheeler enthusiast recognises the importance of the Triking. Their new Type 4 version is longer and wider and just as superb
The Savonita Affair A cargo-ship-load of new cars set sail from an Italian port in the early sixties – that was just the beginning.
INDUSTRY GREATS – NG Cars Little did Nick Green know back in the early eighties when he created his NG Cars marque what a story he was starting
It’s all in the Detail More tips and tricks from Nigel Dean this issue and thanks for telling us you’re enjoying his excellent tech tips. ONLY in TKC MAG!
Prova Designs We sent Rob Hawkins to catch up with the UK’s leading purveyor of Countach replicas.
  The MX-5-based Enigma is a superb kit. Here’s the V8 version.
From the Archives Some more cars of interest from the TKC Mag/totalkitcar archive
‘Replicas’ Round-Up Our guide part-work reaches the world of the miscellaneous, the kit that is hard to categorise…
Banbury Flocking Services Flocking is a neat, quick and affordable way to lift any interior or anything else for that matter
We Think You’ll Like – Blaster Side Kick Here’s a cracking little gadget
Introducing – Worx Hydroshot A handy little device recommended by the editor….



An American kit made by, Fiberfab that was originally introduced in 1971 as a nut-for-nut copy of an MG TD before they discovered in 1975 that the VW Beetle and the classic MG shared the same wheelbase and the switch was made.

In the UK, local newspaper journalist, Colin Lucas, lived close to the American airbases of Lakenheath and Mildenhall and liked the American way of life, while also being a kitcar enthusiast. One day he heard about the Migi and visited the manufacturer’s base in the USA and although initially sceptical about a Beetle-based MG, the prospect of being a car manufacturer grew on him and he formed a business with his friend, car dealer (Zastava and Yamaha motorcycles), Mike Richards, who ran Carter Street Garage.

They based their business at Richards’ premises in Fordham (near Ely) in Cambridgeshire. The quality of the product wasn’t that bad and their first demonstrator was painstakingly built by a lovely chap called ‘Old George’, using a 1970 1500cc VW Beetle as the donor. The kit was a bit pricey however at £3495 in 1982 (approximately £8264, today) and this probably did for it, ultimately. They did, however, have a superb name for their kit package – the Getaway Special!

Once Fordham Engineering decided that car making wasn’t for them, the Migi was taken under the Sandbach Replica Cars banner for a couple of years without much success. Just when we thought that the Migi was done and dusted in the UK, along came Classic Cars of Titchfield) for another go in 1991.

In all, the three companies probably did a total of 25 sales between them.

SNIPPETS 1………New owners club dedicated to all things Exo Sports Cars has just been launched and will make their official show debut at the National Kit Car Motor Show on May 5/6.

To find out more visit www.exo-owners.co.uk.

SNIPPETS 2………Tiger Racing has announced that they will be hosting an open day at their Wisbech HQ on Saturday, August 31, all welcome. Head for – Tiger Racing; Unit 10, Anglia Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 2TY– Tel: 01945 466 200 www.tigerracing.com. 

Tiger Racing’s Open Day takes place on May 21

SNIPPETS 3……… Investindustrial has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Morgan Motor Company Ltd, the 110-year old specialist sportscar manufacturer. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed, and it is expected to complete in April 2019. The Morgan family will continue to act as stewards for the brand and retains a minority shareholding.

Meanwhile, for the first time in its history, the management team and all employees will become shareholders in the business. The investment is executed without financial debt, and Morgan will have a positive net cash position upon closing of the transaction. The investment in Morgan is made by a separate fund (with a different strategy) from Investindustrial V L.P. (whose investment subsidiaries hold a stake in Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC).

Founded in 1909, Morgan continues hand-build their cars in its historic factory in Malvern, UK, which is visited by more than 30,000 enthusiasts each year. With revenues of £33.8 million and a net profit of £3.2 million in 2018, the company sells around 700 cars per year.

Dominic Riley, Chairman, Morgan Motor Company, commented: “The past two years have been the most successful in our company’s 110-year history. However, to really fulfil Morgan’s full potential and secure our long-term future, both the family and management team, felt it was essential to bring in a strategic partner. A partner that shares our vision for Morgan and has the expertise, financial resources and track record of success in the automotive world, to make it happen. That partner is Investindustrial.”

Jill Price, Peter Morgan’s daughter and longest-serving Morgan family director commented: “Having very carefully considered all options for the future success of Morgan, the family concluded that this new ownership structure and Mr Bonomi and Investindustrial, have the pedigree and resources to secure the long-term future of Morgan. It was important for the family to retain a shareholding, and we are delighted that our loyal management team and workforce will now also have a stake in the business.”

We’re delighted to support this great charity at TKC Mag/totalkitcar – get it checked out boys.

Additional information is available at www.investindustrial.com or www.morgan-motor.co.uk.


Thanks for letting me know that you’ve been enjoying these fun, little album tips. They are intended to bring you some great music – often, admittedly, of a ‘crunchy’ guitar blues-rock variety – including some stuff that you may not have heard before, or even forgotten about, while also being easy to find on Apple Music or Android equivalent.

I really like and recommend, Nashville band, The Steel Woods, with their mix of country and hard-edged rock. Definite elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd in their songs and indeed, sound. The whole album is a cracker but, if I’m pushed, stand out tracks for me are ‘All of These Years’, ‘Blind Lover’, ‘The Catfish Song’ and a nice cover of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers track, ‘Southern Accents’. Check them out …


We’ve been receiving some very positive feedback over this fun weekly beer-orientated item. It’s our real ale recommendation as with over 1750 micro-breweries producing over 7500 beers, in the UK, you won’t struggle to find a local artisan, with some of them truly tiny. Fact is cask ale drinkers are spoilt for choice. Let us also point out that we definitely DON’T condone drink/driving rather than enjoying a pint in moderation during your leisure time.

One of the several micro-breweries located close to TKC Towers is 1648 Brewing in East Hoathly and a recent trip out saw me sample a couple of pints of their La Brunette, a deep chestnut bitter of 4.2% ABV, with a definite hit of red berries, with a gentle, yet lasting bitterness. Well recommended. More from www.1648brewing.co.uk.

That’s about it from me until next Friday (March 22), so I’ll leave you to enjoy the site pausing just to wish you a great seven days. Enjoy your driving but please take care out on the roads.

Best regards