When a ‘proper’ ratchet is on the job there’s a feeling of security and unquestionable control that lesser tools simply don’t possess. The Matador Z90 ratchet is one such tool. A tool that instantly gains trusts the moment the 90-tooth ratchet mechanism spins with high quality, multi-tooth click.

It’s only when you hold a quality tool like this that you’re instantly aware of its heavy-duty engineering heritage, a past that this German-made ratchet can be very proud of given that Matador started out in a former hammer mill in the early 1900s.

That’s not to say the Z90 can’t hold its own in the modern world, far from it – this new-age, hard-wearing ratchet delivers maximum power and engagement and relies upon just 4 degrees of swivel angle to engage the teeth and start turning, so it’s possible to spin a bolt even when movement is severely restricted. Available in classic ¼ inch (115mm long), 3/8in (210mm long) and ½in (280mm long) socket sizes it’s the all-rounder for every and any application.

Generating around 50 per cent more torque than is required to meet the DIN standard for ratchets, the Z90 will still keep going even when others have long given up, bent or even deformed.

There are no frills about its shape and design, it is classic in form with some aggressive details and shaped to allow for easy direction change, simple hanging with the loop, and also tactile handling courtesy of the rubberised grip and soft zone.

The extremely robust square shank is made from CNC-machined Chrome Vanadium for extra resilience and robustness, so no surprise really that it sets new standards for Matador and is known affectionately as, ‘The Boss’ within the factory because it was 1919 when Matador first presented the first ever reversible ratchet to market.

Matador’s continual quest for better drive technology has led to the Z90 being a bit of a flagship product for the German purveyors of tool tech.

Not even afraid to publish the general torque figures that each of the range if capable of online, Matador holds no secrets when it comes to freeing bolts. The ¼in version is capable of producing 93Nm of torque, the 3/8in version can generate up to 303Nm and the big daddy ½in can produce a whopping 770Nm. When checked against the required DIN values they’re all significantly above par in every respect.

The Z90 retails at £45.19 and is available via www.damar.biz ENDS.