Autoglym has recently launched InstaDry, a different type of automotive drying towel, which they claim has astounding performance. The amount of water that is removed from the car seems disproportionate to that held in the cloth.

The InstaDry has great parentage, being the product of two well-established giants from different worlds of cleaning solutions. Autoglym has partnered with Vileda (have a look at ‘er indoors’ cleaning gear in the cupboard under the sink!) to introduce this hydrophilic cloth into the world of car care.

The PVA-coated microfibre-type cloth reduces drying time with its super absorbency. It holds a dear grip on water, so it cannot escape back onto the surface of your vehicle, leaving nothing but a satisfying streak-free finish behind.

The cloth’s unique coating also helps to release any trapped dirt, leaving significantly fewer particles in the cloth after rinsing. Like a chamois, it’s stiff when dry, but unlike a chamois, it requires no ‘breaking in’.

Simply run it under the tap, easily wring it out and you’re good to go from first use. You’ll find yourself feeling like there’s something left to do because you get around your vehicle so quickly, but there’s not! You can just stand back and look at the perfect reflection of your proud, beaming expression after a job well done!

InstaDry has an RRP of £12.99 and like all of car care products it can be bought online at, or at most leading car care retailers, including Halfords ENDS.