New body conversion kit from long-established classic restorers, Shire Motor Services of Wellingborough is this classic Mustang-style body conversion kit. It’s called the Wild Stag GT3.

Created by James Billson, it uses an unusual donor car in the shape of the Triumph Stag and because it is based on that car’s chassis it is IVA-exempt.

According to Howmanyleft, there are still over 5000 Stags on the road, which is a pretty good percentage of the total that was sold between 1970-1978 (approximately 25,000 made).

James has yet to announce prices but with Stag donors fetching £1000 for a scabby one to £2000 for a half decent example, it should be an affordable DIY build. James is also considering using BMW 4-litre V8s and the German company’s peachy straight six, although the Stag comes with a V8 as standard.

We’ll have more on this intriguing arrival soon. More from 01933 278 364 or ENDS.