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Welcome to totalkitcar online…If it’s January then it must be time for the Autosport International show, and we’ll be Birmingham’s ‘sunny’ NEC this week.

The kitcar industry will be well-represented as always with the likes of MEV, Severn Sportscars and Great British Sportscars, flying the flag along with the 750 Motor Club hosting several kitcar manufacturers of a motorsport bent such as Aardvark, Spire, AB Performance, Aries and Mittell (who’ll be launching a new model at the show).

There are always kitcar manufacturers to be found waving the flag at Autosport International

Plenty of horsepower at Autosport

You’ll always find curiosities of a specialist nature at Autosport International, like the Deep Sanderson Twini designed by the late Chris Lawrence.

If you can’t make it, we’ll have all the kitcar-related right here for you next week.

Thursday and Friday are trade days, with public days being Saturday and Sunday with adult tickets at £39 on-the-door and children at £25. More information from www.autosportinternational.com.











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We’ve got plenty of good stuff again this issue, dear reader and here’s just a sample …

Iconic Autobody 386 Brian Hale of DNA Automotive has been working hard on his 356 Speedster-inspired 386 based on Porsche Boxster. We drove it.
Rage Motorsport Comet Rage Motorsport is well-known for their range of off-road buggies and has just launched a kit-form version of their Comet. We sent Rob Hawkins to Blyton Park to try it out.
McSorley Locost A very special Locost called the McSorley complete with a B-Series engine with an added supercharger.
Reader’s Drives Andy Mansi’s 20-year old Mirage is still an eyecatcher.
INDUSTRY GREATS – Allard We all know about Sydney Allard’s car making exploits but he and his son Alan opened one of the UK’s earliest speedshops and also pioneered drag racing in the UK.
It’s all in the Detail Nigel Dean is back and writing his excellent tech tips ONLY in TKC MAG!
The TKC Mag guide to Jaguar Replicas Here’s a guide to every Jaguar replica ever made in the UK. We think. It’s a monster!
Healy Enigma V8 The MX-5-based Enigma is a superb kit. Here’s the V8 version.
From the Archives – KVA The late Ken Attwell has an assured place in UK kitcar history thanks to his GT40 replicas, although there was more to him than that.
‘Miscellaneous’ Round-Up Our guide part-work reaches the world of the miscellaneous, the kit that is hard to categorise…
Automotive Sporting Heritage Suffolk-based company who can refurbish, create and fabricate pretty much anything you want.
Fury Supercharged Despite being nearly thirty-years-old the Fury is still box-fresh. Add a supercharger to it and you have a mega-performer.
Introducing – BB Classics You might not have heard of Bad Boy Classics but we predict you soon will.



Last design from the legendary, late designer, Frank Costin with input from Simon Garrett, and Bill Barranco, then of IAD.

After a false start, it was intended to produce replicas of a previous Costin design, the Costin-Nathan. However, a new direction was taken and the first pre-production prototype appeared in 1993.

The car was powered by a Rover K-Series engine with a triangulated spaceframe providing the underpinnings.

Prototype number two was bought by Chris Holloway and SVA’d in 2004, with Joe Tavani of Sayers Common, West Sussex-based Specialist Automotive, doing some work on Chris’ car. He was so taken with it that he has revised it further to run on MGF mechanicals and put it back into production, following a positive reception at the Detling kit car show in 2007.

Sadly, the project didn’t proceed much further and seems to have been withdrawn from sale around 2009.

Costin Ltd 1990-95

Specialist Automotive 2007-2009

Approx 4 made

SNIPPETS 1……..Gunther Schleyer of CCK Kempten in Germany has been waving the kitcar flag in Germany for many years, representing manufacturers such as Caterham, Westfield and BAC at various times.

Gunther is an expert in the field of registering UK kitcars in most areas of Europe and he’ll be at the Autosport International this coming weekend, based on the SCS stand (E572) within the Engineering show on Thursday and Friday.

Once again, he’ll be on hand to answer questions from anyone interested in the subject of “European approval for individual vehicles”!

TKC/totalkitcar friend Gunther Schleyer of CCK Kempten, took this image of his TKC limited edition rucksack at Sofia airport in Bulgaria recently…

CCK is available at the show together with their emission specialist on all four days.

They have been active for over 45-years in German and European single and small series type approval, including Euro 6 compliance!

Gunther told me: “They offer their services to all manufacturers, regardless of whether their vehicles are equipped with four, six or eight cylinder engines!

“It´s easier and cheaper than you think! It can be done for less than 15 per cent of the cost of a complete Certificate of Conformity (CoC)  approval. Get a footprint into the European market even after Brexit!

As well as representing a good number of British specialist car manufacturers, in Germany and beyond, CCK also help develop new products, too.

“There are plenty of petrolheads in Germany and other parts of Europe looking out for driving sensations provided by British sportscars!”


SNIPPETS 2……..The British Motor Museum will celebrate 60-years of the iconic Mini with a number of special events throughout the year. Starting with three weeks of ‘Mini Madness’ family activities during the Easter school holidays followed by two special events in August.

On Saturday, August 3 there will be an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Mini Mosaic (quantity of cars spelling a word). Organisers are looking for over 600 classic Mini’s and variants to spell out the phrase ‘Mini 60’.

We’re delighted to support this great charity at TKC Mag/totalkitcar – get it checked out boys.

Filming of the attempt will be taken from the air providing evidence which will then be submitted in pursuit of a new world record. Eligible vehicles, which must have been produced between 1959 and 2000, can include the Clubman, Clubman Estate, Countryman and Cooper.

However, others, including umpteen Mini-based kitcars such as the Scamp, Minijem and Mini Marcos, Cox GTM, etc are also eligible in addition to Mini Moke, Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet.

Tom Caren, show manager at the British Motor Museum said: “As the British Motor Museum is home to the first and last classic Mini’s it is only fitting for us to host several events to celebrate the milestone anniversary of this iconic car. We welcome owners of all classic Minis, even Minivans and pick-ups, to be part of an attempt at a new Guinness World Record – a fitting tribute to one of Britain’s most popular little cars.”

Entry for the world record attempt is just £7 per vehicle which also includes entry to the Museum and the National Metro & Mini Show for the driver and one passenger on both days. Tickets are required for each additional passenger which can also be purchased online. When purchasing your tickets please remember to tick the appropriate box to say you wish to take part in the World Record attempt. Visit www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events to book your tickets.

Visitor tickets and vehicle entry for the National Metro & Mini Show are also available online and are discounted in advance.

If you enter your vehicle before May 31, you will be in with a chance of winning a Laser Tools Six Drawer Top-Chest worth over £400. Visitors to both events will also be able to explore over 300 of the museum’s historic British vehicles which date from the 1900s to the present day.

For more information visit www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/national-metro-and-mini-show.

SNIPPETS 3……..Caterham Cars has added user-friendly car configurator to their website, where you can create the exact specification of Seven that your heart desires.

In other Caterham developmentsCaterham Motorsport will host its first-ever multi-class endurance race, Caterham Motorsport Team Enduro, on Saturday, March 16 at Silverstone, to act as the curtain raiser for the 2019 motorsport season.

Created in partnership with the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC), the unique race format will see a mix of drivers from Roadsport, 270R and 310R become teammates and race their own cars in ‘Super Teams’.

To ensure a level playing field on the race track, the ‘Super Teams’ must meet a specific driver grading total determined by their positions from past championships. In team selection, if a driver has gathered frequent podium finishes, they must pair themselves with a driver from the other end of the grid and also a mid-grid runner.

Caterham Motorsport Team Enduro will take to the Silverstone National circuit with each driver having a maximum session time of thirty minutes, alongside a minimum track-time limit to ensure all team members have an equal part to play in the final results.

Simon Lambert, Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer at Caterham Motorsport, said: “While there are other multi-class race events out there this will be the first that sees different class cars come together to race in a relay style race. It’s an exciting opportunity for our drivers to take part and warm-up ahead of another year of exciting racing while getting to know those taking part in other Caterham championships.”

For further information and an entry form please email BRSCC via dominic@brscc.co.uk

The Caterham Motorsport Team Enduro event will be supported by BRSCC races for saloon and sportscars, giving drivers an excellent opportunity for a competitive pre-season shakedown in two 15-minute races.  More details and entry forms will be available from the BRSCC office.


Thanks for letting me know that you’ve been enjoying these fun, little album tips. They are intended to bring you some great music – often, admittedly, of a ‘crunchy’ guitar blues-rock variety – including some stuff that you may not have heard before, or even forgotten about, while also being easy to find on Apple Music or Android equivalent.

Remastered version of Foghat’s 1974 album, ‘Rock and Roll Outlaws’ caught my ear this week. It’s one of the band’s best, in my view, if not one of their most critically acclaimed, but class tracks like ‘Eight Days on the Road’, ‘Chateau Laffite ’59 Boogie’ and the title track. Well worth a listen as is the rest of Foghat’s seventies catalogue.


We’ve been receiving some very positive feedback over this fun weekly beer-orientated item. It’s our real ale recommendation as with over 1500 micro-breweries in the UK, you won’t struggle to find a local artisan, with some of them truly tiny. Fact is cask ale drinkers are spoilt for choice. Let us also point out that we definitely DON’T condone drink/driving rather than enjoying a pint in moderation during your leisure time.

One of my favourite breweries is Larkins, founded in 1986 by – and still run by – Bob Dockerty and the Chiddingstone, Kent-based micro produce some great beers. I had a few pints of their Traditional tawny, session ale recently, which isn’t unusual.

A smooth pint of 3.4% ABV, it has a pleasing balance of Larkins’ own hops and malt and it’s a staple at many of the pubs in the vicinity and has been for many years. More from www.larkinsbrewery.co.uk. Incidentally, Chiddingstone’s other claim to fame is being the village where Subbuteo was invited and then, for many years, manufactured.

So, until next Friday (January 18), I’ll leave you to enjoy the site pausing to wish you a great seven days.  Enjoy your winter driving but please take care out on the road.

Best regards