Unscrew rounded screws at a single stroke – that’s the promise and that is exactly what it delivers. The Matador Screw IT! extractor promises to do exactly what it claims.

How many times have you had to walk away from a job because of a cross-threaded or damaged screw? In the increasingly budget-conscious world of manufacturing the first cost-cutting exercise generally occurs with fastenings, screws and bolts. That’s where this ultra-handy Screw-IT! tool from Matador proves an essential item for every toolbox on the planet – no self-respecting DIY-er or mechanic should be without this uber-useful bit of kit.

You know how it is, a job beckons involving screws that have been over tightened or left to corrode for years and there’s no other option but to give it that extra twist or apply just that little bit too much torque to any Phillips, Flathead, Pozi-Drive and Hex head screw. Next thing you know the head has twisted and there’s zero bite left even with the best possible screwdriver on the market.

Simply hammer this nifty little contraption home into the rounded screw head, twist with the usual force and then await the satisfying pop as it comes free – it really is that simple. There’s no need for any additional equipment to lug around in a toolbox, simply keep this screwdriver-sized item handy and be prepared for all M2.5 – M6 screws that prove troublesome.

As a cost-effective, German-made solution to this age-old problem, it’s a vital addition to any arsenal. Loosen nearly all damaged, unhardened and even rusty screws without the need for laborious thread repair tools. Save hours trying to drill out unsightly screw heads and capitalise upon the instant, time-saving this tool affords.

As damaged and rounded screw heads are no longer the exception the injected impact cap, 2c moulded handle grip and specially hardened tip makes it the perfect tool for getting out of trouble.

Don’t down tools, hustle out some expletives and decide to make ‘another’ cup of tea, get on with the job thanks to Matador and it’s continued innovative thinking. Let no home improvement, car restoration or engineering project stand in your way, be the king (or queen) of any frozen thread that halts progress – stand tall and be proud when the screw that no one else can budge bends to your expert touch.

The item is available from www.damar.biz at a cost of just £13.15 inc VAT ENDS.