Here’s one that could be of interest if you have a tired engine in your car…

Car parts distributor Randstad Ltd recently hosted a unique one-off event for motorists, giving their engines a free deep clean, while highlighting the pitfalls of a clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF), causing drivers to be potentially hit by replacement costs of up to several thousands of pounds.

Randstad’s industry-leading engine carbon cleaning brand TerraClean recently launched the competition on social media, giving away over £10,000 worth of services. The contest attracted hundreds of applicants, with 100 winners being drawn. Despite the wet and windy elements, 90 motorists’ vehicles were given the unique decarbonising service, by a team of over 30 people including 11 independent TerraClean dealers who had volunteered to be part of the event.

Following the TerraClean service, a survey that was carried out by an independent company in which motorists provided feedback, revealed that over 95 per cent noticed a difference in the performance of their car in the test drive, with 80 per cent of them reporting their engine to be quieter.

Furthermore, all said they would recommend the service to a friend and almost all of them said they were likely to have the service again at some time in the future. However, only around 50 per cent of the owners knew there were services available to specifically clean vehicle diesel particulate filters (DPFs), reflecting a need to ensure the public know that these highly expensive components can be cleaned. Too many are being advised to replace with a new one, which is unnecessary or even total removal, which in most cases renders the vehicle illegal for use on public roads.

Martin Dowd, managing director of Randstad who was part of the team which planned and coordinated the event said: “We have clearly demonstrated through the technical results and the feedback via the survey that TerraClean provides a noticeable, meaningful, value for money proposition.”

Providing a range of solutions, TerraClean’s 500-strong service centre network is the UK’s leading provider of engine decarbonising and also DPF cleaning. Over a period of time, ash residue builds up within the DPF, but can also be removed via a simple, one-off vehicle cleaning process. When blockages occur, they can compromise engine performance. What’s more, they can cost thousands of pounds to replace, leading to motorists having them removed.

Dowd added “Awareness around DPF legislation is still very low and so we recognise our responsibility in bringing this to the attention of motorists. With our DPF cleaning solution, motorists can avert the need for costly replacement and revive their DPF.”

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