One of the best wheel cleaners I’ve come across comes from TDG Car Care and is their Blueberry Wheels Concentrate, which in my view is quite simply amazing.

It’s an acid-free product, designed, created and hand-poured by the manufacturer that takes out grime and crud that at this time of year cling to your wheels for fun.

Over the Festive period, I did a bit of detailing – just for a change! – and one of my cars had been assaulted by mud and filth on some East Sussex lanes that seemed to be etched on.

A quick shake of the bottle (you can use it neat, but it is a concentrate, so a 5:1 water/product dilution rate works well) spray it on and leave to dwell. I skipped the agitation part (it was a cold day and my fingers were feeling delicate) and reached for the Worx Hydroshot with Turbo nozzle fitted and was amazed at the results.

It lifted the dirt clean away left the wheels gleaming. At £10.99 for a 500ml bottle, I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

More information from ENDS.