Coolant Seal is a product developed by Power Maxed, the vehicle care brand, as part of their maintenance range.

The product is designed to be poured into the cooling system as a quick, pour-and-go solution to coolant leaks. Containing carbon-fibre for a flexible, hard-wearing seal, Coolant Seal provides a permanent repair and protection against future leaks in the cooling system of any vehicle.

By using carbon-fibre instead of copper, Coolant Seal is resilient to normal engine operating temperatures, sealing the leak for life, and with a money-back guarantee for ultimate reassurance. Just one bottle treats up to a 4-litre engine.

The carbon-fibre from the Coolant Seal is drawn into the leak in layers, making a sturdy, resilient repair to the damaged area. Any remaining Coolant Seal can remain in the cooling system to seal future leaks as they happen. The unused carbon-fibre will continue to flow around the cooling system to seal any future leaks.

Coolant leaks can be a sign of a blown head gasket; other symptoms include white steam from the exhaust, white liquid around the oil filler cap, and loss of power. Coolant Seal will not fix a blown head gasket but Steel Seal ( can.

Power Maxed Coolant Seal is available for just £9.99 from most automotive retailers or online at Stockists can also order in bulk from 01789 330668 ENDS.