Are you thinking about rebuilding a Gen III Hemi – or maybe a new build? Does your engine need more airflow than your current air cleaner can provide? Or do you want to prevent the tyres on your off-road machine, trailer, or lawn mower from blowing out? Summit Racing can help.

Why spend a lot of time looking for a decent 5.7-litre Hemi block when you can get one of Summit’s machined and ready for your build? These stock, 2003-08 non-VVT blocks are inspected, oven-cleaned, and mag-tested for cracks.

Approved blocks get their main bearing journals align-honed, the cam journals line-bored, and the cylinders bored and finish-honed to 3.927in diameter using torque-plates to assure bore roundness and sealing. They even have new cam bearings installed and a fresh coat of paint applied.

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