One of the most versatile tools you should have in your toolbox is a die grinder. This Air Pencil Die Grinder from Laser Tools (part number 7149) adds even more versatility with its ultra-slim profile and lightweight, making for great manoeuvrability and suitable for intricate work.

By its very nature, an air-powered die grinder is quite bulky and it’s connected up to a heavy workshop compressed air-line. However, this air pencil is small, light and compact; and it’s connected to the workshop air-line by 1.4-metres of super-thin and very flexible hose, making it easy to use even in really tight locations with limited access.

Although it weighs just 200gm, performance is not compromised, as the air pencil spins up to 70,000 rpm.

Designed for use with the Laser Tools Tungsten Carbide Burr sets (part numbers 6988 and 6989), the air pencil die grinder has numerous uses, from finishing off weld beads, removing rust and corrosion, enlarging or slotting previously drilled holes, to porting and polishing of cylinders heads.

The securing collet accepts attachments with 1/8in or 3mm shafts and two spanners are provided to tighten the collet onto the attachment. Works with a recommended air pressure of 90psi (6.2-bar).

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist. The 7149 Air Pencil Die Grinder is typically priced at £173.74 inc VAT.

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