These new heavy-duty coil spring compressors from Rally Design will make a potentially dangerous job a lot easier and safer.

My late father, a motor mechanic all of his life, lost the movement in his right thumb when a spring ‘let go’ and I vividly recall the damage it did to his hand. Not a pretty sight for a lad of six to witness.

The Rally Design kit is of high-quality and suitable for home and professional workshop use. It includes a safeguard brace to prevent accidental slippage of the tool rotating around the coil and also ensures parallel operation.

The compressors have a working range of 23mm-280mm and maximum capacity as a pair of 1200kg and use with a 19mm socket or spanner. The item has an RRP of £45.84 and is available now from or you can call them on 01227 792 792 ENDS.