With over 1000 kits sold the Fury is not only one of the finest kitcar around it is also a decent seller in specialist car terms.

Designed by Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits in 1991, it has kept a low-profile in recent years, although Fury Sportscars, run by Steve Hughes in Cranbrook, Kent, are very much still around.

They earn the largest portion of their crust from general kit-building and restoration work these days but they are also kept busy with spare parts and remedial work on older examples of the Fury.

It’s the sort of kitcar that puts a smile on your face and a versatile one too, which although exceptional on-track, it makes a superb roadcar too. Engine choice is varied from K-Series, Ford Zetec and myriad superbike engines.

Body/Chassis kits cost £6700 and to build a Fireblade-powered Fury you’d need a DIY budget of around £10,000, with £15,000 more than likely being required to build a Zetec-powered car.

A truly great kitcar that still looks as good as it did in 1991 and performs even better.

A new website is under construction (www.furysportscars.co.uk)but you can find them on Facebook by searching ‘Fury Sports Cars’ or get them on 01580 713 777 ENDS.